Iceland - Urvalsdeild


IBV Vestmannaeyjar



halftime (3:0)
»Game details
Date Sunday 25th September 2016
Time 16:00 CEST
Venue nameHasteinsvoellur
90'   out Simon Kollerup Smidt
90'   in Sigurdur Magnusson
85'   Aron Bjarnason
76'   out Rolf Toft
76'   in Dadi Bergsson
75'   out Gunnar Heidar Thorvaldsson
75'   in Elvar Vignisson
70'   in Sveinn Aron Gudjohnsen
70'   out Kristinn Ingi Halldorsson
62'   in Gudjon Petur Lydsson
62'   out Andri Adolphsson
61'   out Hafsteinn Briem
61'   in Devon Griffin
41'   Aron Bjarnason
33'   Aron Bjarnason
10'   Hafsteinn Briem
Goalkeeper: Halldor Pall Geirsson

Substitute player: Devon Griffin
Substitute player: Sindri Snaer Magnusson
Substitute player: Sigurdur Magnusson
Substitute player: Gudmundur Steinn Hafsteinsson
Substitute player: Derby Carrillo
Substitute player: Elvar Vignisson
Substitute player: Soeren Andreasen

Coach: Ian David Jeffs

Starter: Aron Bjarnason
Starter: Andri Olafsson
Starter: Pablo Punyed
Starter: Felix Oern Fridriksson
Starter: Avni Pepa
Starter: Mees Junior Siers
Starter: Hafsteinn Briem
Starter: Simon Kollerup Smidt
Starter: Mikkel Maigaard
Starter: Gunnar Heidar Thorvaldsson
Goalkeeper: Anton Ari Einarsson

Substitute player: Dadi Bergsson
Substitute player: Gudjon Petur Lydsson
Substitute player: Einar Karl Ingvarsson
Substitute player: Sveinn Aron Gudjohnsen
Substitute player: Jon Freyr Eythorsson
Substitute player: Andri Fannar Stefansson
Substitute player: Nikolaj Hansen

Coach: Olafur Johannesson

Starter: Kristinn Ingi Halldorsson
Starter: Orri Sigurdur Omarsson
Starter: Haukur Pall Sigurdsson
Starter: Andri Adolphsson
Starter: Kristian Gaarde
Starter: Rasmus Christiansen
Starter: Andreas Albech
Starter: Kristinn Freyr Sigurdsson
Starter: Rolf Toft
Starter: Bjarni Olafur Eiriksson
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IBV VestmannaeyjarValur
DRAW in last 1 Urvalsdeild's games.WON in last 1 Urvalsdeild's games.
NOT LOST in last 3 Urvalsdeild's games.NOT DRAW in last 2 Urvalsdeild's games.

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9.League position5.
  5pts.Last five games  7pts.
  4pts.last 5 home/away only  8pts.

6 on Valur

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:3
»Head to Head matches
16th Sep 18 Iceland - UrvalsdeildValur : IBV Vestmannaeyjar 5:1
13th Jun 18 Iceland - UrvalsdeildIBV Vestmannaeyjar : Valur 0:1
30th May 18 Iceland - CupValur : IBV Vestmannaeyjar 3:2
27th Aug 17 Iceland - UrvalsdeildIBV Vestmannaeyjar : Valur 2:3
04th Jun 17 Iceland - UrvalsdeildValur : IBV Vestmannaeyjar 2:1
25th Sep 16 Iceland - UrvalsdeildIBV Vestmannaeyjar : Valur 4:0
13th Aug 16 Iceland - CupValur : IBV Vestmannaeyjar 2:0
11th Jul 16 Iceland - UrvalsdeildValur : IBV Vestmannaeyjar 2:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FH Hafnarfjordur22127332:1743
3KR Reykjavik22115629:2038
7Vikingur Reykjavik2295829:3232
8IA Akranes221011128:3331
9IBV Vestmannaeyjar22651123:2723
10Vikingur Olafsvik22561123:3821
12Throttur Reykjavik22351419:5014
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

2Vikingur Reykjavik1172220:1223
3KR Reykjavik1164116:822
4IA Akranes1171317:922
6FH Hafnarfjordur1155116:1020
9Vikingur Olafsvik1142514:1514
10IBV Vestmannaeyjar1133514:1412
12Throttur Reykjavik1123611:249
1FH Hafnarfjordur1172216:723
5KR Reykjavik1151513:1216
6IBV Vestmannaeyjar113269:1311
9IA Akranes1130811:249
10Vikingur Reykjavik112369:209
11Vikingur Olafsvik111469:237
12Throttur Reykjavik111288:265

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1KR Reykjavik550010:215
4Vikingur Reykjavik52217:68
6FH Hafnarfjordur51316:66
8IBV Vestmannaeyjar51227:65
10Throttur Reykjavik51227:85
11IA Akranes51043:83
12Vikingur Olafsvik50234:92

1KR Reykjavik541011:413
3Vikingur Reykjavik53119:610
4IA Akranes53027:49
8FH Hafnarfjordur51316:66
10Throttur Reykjavik51226:95
11IBV Vestmannaeyjar51137:74
12Vikingur Olafsvik50233:72
1FH Hafnarfjordur54019:412
2KR Reykjavik54016:312
8IBV Vestmannaeyjar51224:65
9Vikingur Reykjavik51133:144
10IA Akranes51045:113
11Throttur Reykjavik50234:92
12Vikingur Olafsvik50144:131

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