China - Super League Grp. B


Hebei CFFC


Tianjin Teda




halftime (2:0)
»Game details
Date Monday 17th August 2020
Time 14:00 CEST
Venue nameSuzhou Olympic Sports Centre
RefereeNing Ma from China
84'   in Senwen Luo
84'   in Huaze Gao
84'   out Mohamed Buya Turay
84'   out Qiuming Wang
78'   out Marcao
78'   in Yuhao Zhao
76'   out Ruofan Liu
76'   in Yuanjie Su
76'   out Jiakang Hui
76'   in Taoyu Piao
74'   Jiakang Hui
64'   in Weijun Xie
64'   out Hao Guo
62'   out Hongbo Yin
62'   in Xuesheng Dong
47'   Haifeng Ding
46'   in Yingjie Zhao
46'   out Jiarun Gao
45'   penalty Marcao
36'  Assist Mohamed Buya Turay
36'   Ricardo Goulart
32'   in Zhi Xiao
32'   out Frank Acheampong

Goalkeeper: Yaxiong Bao

Defence: Haifeng Ding
Defence: Hang Ren
Defence: Ximing Pan
Defence: Chengdong Zhang

Midfield: Qiuming Wang
Midfield: Samir Memisevic
Midfield: Hongbo Yin

Forward: Marcao
Forward: Ricardo Goulart
Forward: Mohamed Buya Turay

Substitute player: Liu Jing
Substitute player: Xuesheng Dong
Substitute player: Huaze Gao
Substitute player: Wenjun Jiang
Substitute player: Yuhao Zhao
Substitute player: Senwen Luo
Substitute player: Yu Zhang
Substitute player: Junzhe Zhang
Substitute player: Shipeng Luo
Substitute player: Wenyi Chi
Substitute player: Tianyuan Xu
Substitute player: Gang Feng

Coach: Feng Xie
Goalkeeper: Jia Du

Defence: Yang Liu
Defence: Felix Bastians
Defence: Jiarun Gao

Midfield: Hao Rong
Midfield: Yue Song
Midfield: Kaimu Zheng
Midfield: Hao Guo

Forward: Frank Acheampong
Forward: Ruofan Liu
Forward: Jiakang Hui

Substitute player: Shangkun Teng
Substitute player: Yingjie Zhao
Substitute player: Yumiao Qian
Substitute player: Yuanjie Su
Substitute player: Wangsong Tan
Substitute player: Shiwei Che
Substitute player: Weijun Xie
Substitute player: Tianyi Qiu
Substitute player: Jingxuan Lan
Substitute player: Zhenghao Wang
Substitute player: Taoyu Piao
Substitute player: Zhi Xiao

Injured: Tenglong Lei
Injured: Johnathan

Suspended: Honglue Zhao

Coach: Uli Stielike
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Hebei CFFCTianjin Teda
WON in last 3 Super League Grp. B's games.DRAW in last 1 Super League Grp. B's games.
NOT LOST in last 4 Super League Grp. B's games.NOT WON in last 14 Super League Grp. B's games.

Hebei CFFC webWebsitesTianjin Teda web
4.League position8.
  10pts.Last five games  2pts.
  13pts.last 5 home/away only  0pts.

2 on Hebei CFFC

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:2
»Head to Head matches
23rd Sep 20 China - Super LeagueHebei CFFC : Tianjin Teda 0:0
22nd Sep 20 China - Super League Grp. BTianjin Teda : Hebei CFFC 0:1
17th Aug 20 China - Super League Grp. BHebei CFFC : Tianjin Teda 2:0
08th May 20 China - Super LeagueTianjin Teda : Hebei CFFC 0:0
21st Sep 19 China - Super LeagueHebei CFFC : Tianjin Teda 2:1
19th May 19 China - Super LeagueTianjin Teda : Hebei CFFC 2:0
05th Aug 18 China - Super LeagueHebei CFFC : Tianjin Teda 1:2
03rd Mar 18 China - Super LeagueTianjin Teda : Hebei CFFC 1:1
»Latest games
Hebei CFFC
China - Super League Placement Matches 2020
26.10.Hebei CFFC2:2Shandong Luneng
21.10.Guangzhou Evergrande5:0Hebei CFFC
16.10.Hebei CFFC1:3Guangzhou Evergrande
28.9.Hebei CFFC3:1Qingdao Huanghai
25.9.Wuhan Zall0:2Hebei CFFC
22.9.Tianjin Teda0:1Hebei CFFC
China - Cup 2020
19.9.Wuhan Zall5:4Hebei CFFC
China - Super League Grp. B 2020
15.9.Hebei CFFC3:3Beijing Guoan
11.9.Chongqing Lifan3:1Hebei CFFC
05.9.Hebei CFFC2:0Shanghai SIPG FC
31.8.Shijiazhuang Ever Bright3:1Hebei CFFC
27.8.Qingdao Huanghai1:2Hebei CFFC
21.8.Hebei CFFC3:1Wuhan Zall
17.8.Hebei CFFC2:0Tianjin Teda
12.8.Beijing Guoan3:1Hebei CFFC
07.8.Hebei CFFC2:2Chongqing Lifan
02.8.Shanghai SIPG FC4:0Hebei CFFC
26.7.Hebei CFFC2:2Shijiazhuang Ever Bright
01.12.Wuhan Zall1:2Hebei CFFC
27.11.Hebei CFFC1:3Guangzhou Evergrande
23.11.Dalian Professional FC3:3Hebei CFFC
26.10.Hebei CFFC2:1Guangzhou R&F F.C.
Tianjin Teda
China - Super League Placement Matches 2020
26.10.Dalian Professional FC0:2Tianjin Teda
21.10.Shenzhen FC1:1Tianjin Teda
16.10.Tianjin Teda2:0Shenzhen FC
28.9.Tianjin Teda0:0Wuhan Zall
25.9.Qingdao Huanghai3:0Tianjin Teda
22.9.Tianjin Teda0:1Hebei CFFC
China - Cup 2020
19.9.Tianjin Teda2:0Shijiazhuang Ever Bright
China - Super League Grp. B 2020
16.9.Tianjin Teda1:1Shijiazhuang Ever Bright
10.9.Beijing Guoan2:0Tianjin Teda
06.9.Tianjin Teda1:2Chongqing Lifan
31.8.Shanghai SIPG FC4:1Tianjin Teda
26.8.Wuhan Zall2:1Tianjin Teda
22.8.Tianjin Teda0:2Qingdao Huanghai
17.8.Hebei CFFC2:0Tianjin Teda
11.8.Shijiazhuang Ever Bright3:0Tianjin Teda
06.8.Tianjin Teda1:3Beijing Guoan
02.8.Chongqing Lifan2:2Tianjin Teda
27.7.Tianjin Teda1:3Shanghai SIPG FC
01.12.Tianjin Teda2:0Chongqing Lifan
27.11.Shandong Luneng3:1Tianjin Teda
23.11.Tianjin Teda3:0Shenzhen FC
26.10.Beijing Guoan3:1Tianjin Teda


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Shanghai SIPG FC14102226:1132
2Beijing Guoan1484236:1928
3Chongqing Lifan1473422:1924
4Hebei CFFC1473425:2324
5Wuhan Zall1452716:1617
6Shijiazhuang Ever Bright1445518:2117
7Qingdao Huanghai1424815:2710
8Tianjin Teda1403118:303
 relegation play off relegation play off  

1Shanghai SIPG FC761017:419
2Beijing Guoan760121:618
3Hebei CFFC743017:915
4Chongqing Lifan74219:514
5Wuhan Zall741211:813
6Shijiazhuang Ever Bright732212:1011
7Qingdao Huanghai71248:135
8Tianjin Teda70254:122
1Shanghai SIPG FC74129:713
2Chongqing Lifan731313:1410
3Beijing Guoan724115:1310
4Hebei CFFC73048:149
5Shijiazhuang Ever Bright71336:116
6Qingdao Huanghai71247:145
7Wuhan Zall71155:84
8Tianjin Teda70164:181

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Chongqing Lifan550012:215
2Shanghai SIPG FC54016:312
3Hebei CFFC531110:710
4Beijing Guoan531114:510
5Shijiazhuang Ever Bright51133:104
6Qingdao Huanghai51046:133
7Tianjin Teda50231:72
8Wuhan Zall50141:61

1Hebei CFFC541013:513
2Shanghai SIPG FC541011:313
3Chongqing Lifan54106:113
4Beijing Guoan540117:512
5Shijiazhuang Ever Bright52127:87
6Wuhan Zall52127:77
7Qingdao Huanghai51044:93
8Tianjin Teda50232:62
1Hebei CFFC53027:79
2Shanghai SIPG FC53025:59
3Chongqing Lifan530211:109
4Shijiazhuang Ever Bright51223:75
5Qingdao Huanghai51135:104
6Wuhan Zall51134:54
7Beijing Guoan504110:114
8Tianjin Teda50052:130

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