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Hebei CFFC


Jiangsu Suning FC




halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Sunday 22nd July 2018
Time 13:35 CEST
Venue nameLangfang Stadium
RefereeKun Ai from China
90'   out Richmond Boakye
90'   in Tianyi Gao
89'   out Xiang Ji
89'   in Lingfeng Zhang
86'   Zhunyi Gao
81'   in Hong Gui
81'   out Xuesheng Dong
60'   in Pengfei Xie
60'   out Zichang Huang
51'   out Hernanes
51'   in Qiuming Wang
44'   in Wenjie Song
44'   out Tianyuan Xu
34'   Xiaotian Yang

Goalkeeper: Cheng Yang

Defence: Mingjian Zhao
Defence: Zhipeng Jiang
Defence: Yangyang Jin
Defence: Zhunyi Gao

Midfield: Rentian Hu
Midfield: Chengdong Zhang
Midfield: Hernanes

Forward: Tianyuan Xu
Forward: Xuesheng Dong
Forward: Ezequiel Lavezzi

Substitute player: Hong Gui
Substitute player: Wenjun Jiang
Substitute player: Xiaofeng Geng
Substitute player: Ayoub El Kaabi
Substitute player: Wenjie Song
Substitute player: Qiuming Wang
Substitute player: Lin Cui

Coach: Chris Coleman
Goalkeeper: Chao Gu

Defence: Yun Zhou
Defence: Xiaotian Yang
Defence: Ang Li
Defence: Gabriel Paletta

Midfield: Xi Wu
Midfield: Xiaobin Zhang
Midfield: Zichang Huang
Midfield: Xiang Ji

Forward: Richmond Boakye
Forward: Alex Teixeira

Substitute player: Song Wang
Substitute player: Pengfei Xie
Substitute player: Haitao Li
Substitute player: Lingfeng Zhang
Substitute player: Yinong Tian
Substitute player: Tianyi Gao
Substitute player: Boyu Yang

Coach: Cosmin Olaroiu
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Hebei CFFCJiangsu Suning FC
WON in last 1 Super League's games.LOST in last 1 Super League's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 Super League's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Super League's games.

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11.League position5.
  5pts.Last five games  8pts.
  8pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.


under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
22nd Jul 18 China - Super LeagueHebei CFFC : Jiangsu Suning FC 0:0
14th Oct 17 China - Super LeagueHebei CFFC : Jiangsu Suning FC 3:2
03rd Jun 17 China - Super LeagueJiangsu Suning FC : Hebei CFFC 1:2
20th Jul 16 China - Super LeagueJiangsu Suning FC : Hebei CFFC 4:0
02nd Apr 16 China - Super LeagueHebei CFFC : Jiangsu Suning FC 1:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Beijing Guoan18116147:2839
2Shandong Luneng17105228:1435
3Shanghai SIPG FC16103339:1433
4Guangzhou Evergrande1693437:2130
5Jiangsu Suning FC1784524:1828
6Tianjin Teda1773724:2224
7Shanghai Shenhua1765624:2923
8Tianjin Quanjian1764725:2622
9Guangzhou R&F F.C.1764732:3622
10Changchun Yatai1763824:2721
11Hebei CFFC1756623:2621
12Beijing Renhe1756617:2521
13Henan Jianye1753914:2518
14Dalian Yifang18441018:3616
15Chongqing Lifan17431022:3115
16Guizhou Hengfeng17221321:418
 relegation relegation  

1Beijing Guoan1174033:1825
2Shanghai SIPG FC861122:519
3Guangzhou Evergrande861123:719
4Jiangsu Suning FC852115:617
5Shandong Luneng751113:516
6Dalian Yifang943214:1015
7Shanghai Shenhua843113:1015
8Beijing Renhe943213:1315
9Changchun Yatai1042415:1214
10Tianjin Teda841315:1213
11Hebei CFFC93339:912
12Tianjin Quanjian932410:1211
13Guangzhou R&F F.C.932418:2011
14Henan Jianye82246:128
15Chongqing Lifan821512:147
16Guizhou Hengfeng70167:161
1Shandong Luneng1054115:919
2Shanghai SIPG FC842217:914
3Beijing Guoan742114:1014
4Tianjin Quanjian832315:1411
5Jiangsu Suning FC93249:1211
6Guangzhou Evergrande832314:1411
7Guangzhou R&F F.C.832314:1611
8Tianjin Teda93249:1011
9Henan Jianye93158:1310
10Hebei CFFC823314:179
11Shanghai Shenhua922511:198
12Chongqing Lifan922510:178
13Guizhou Hengfeng1021714:257
14Changchun Yatai72149:157
15Beijing Renhe81344:126
16Dalian Yifang90184:261

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Guangzhou Evergrande540118:512
2Shandong Luneng53209:411
3Beijing Guoan532017:911
4Shanghai SIPG FC531112:410
5Tianjin Teda53028:89
6Jiangsu Suning FC52216:58
7Henan Jianye52126:77
8Changchun Yatai52128:77
9Dalian Yifang52038:116
10Hebei CFFC51227:105
11Guangzhou R&F F.C.51229:115
12Beijing Renhe51229:145
13Tianjin Quanjian51139:124
14Guizhou Hengfeng51137:104
15Chongqing Lifan51136:134
16Shanghai Shenhua50326:103

1Guangzhou Evergrande541013:213
2Beijing Guoan541018:913
3Jiangsu Suning FC53207:211
4Shanghai Shenhua53208:511
5Tianjin Quanjian53118:510
6Dalian Yifang53118:410
7Shanghai SIPG FC531110:410
8Shandong Luneng53118:510
9Hebei CFFC52216:58
10Guangzhou R&F F.C.522112:98
11Beijing Renhe522110:108
12Changchun Yatai52128:77
13Tianjin Teda52039:86
14Henan Jianye51134:74
15Guizhou Hengfeng50144:101
16Chongqing Lifan50054:100
1Shandong Luneng53208:411
2Beijing Guoan532012:611
3Tianjin Teda53026:59
4Henan Jianye52126:77
5Guangzhou Evergrande52039:106
6Changchun Yatai52038:96
7Hebei CFFC51228:105
8Tianjin Quanjian51228:115
9Shanghai SIPG FC51228:65
10Guangzhou R&F F.C.51226:95
11Guizhou Hengfeng51136:124
12Jiangsu Suning FC51132:64
13Chongqing Lifan51135:114
14Shanghai Shenhua50235:102
15Beijing Renhe50231:92
16Dalian Yifang50053:130

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