Sweden - Superettan


Halmstads BK


IK Frej Taeby




halftime (0:1)
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Date Saturday 9th June 2018
Time 16:00 CEST
90'   Hoeskuldur Gunnlaugsson
90'   Andreas Bellander
84'   out Pontus Silfwer
84'   in Isac Harrysson
83'   Kosuke Konishita
83'  Assist Gabriel Gudmundsson
82'   Thomas Boakye
78'   out Mattias Bouvin
78'   in Philip Wistroem
72'   Marcus Mathisen
71'   in Oscar Petersson
71'   out Jonathan Svedberg
69'   in Kostas Stafrothanasopoulos
69'   out David Zlotnik
68'   Dusan Jajic
68'  Assist David Zlotnik
46'   in Andreas Bellander
46'   out Nsima Peter
30'   Mattias Bouvin
30'  Assist Joakim Runnemo

Goalkeeper: Malkolm Nilsson

Defence: Marcus Mathisen
Defence: Hoeskuldur Gunnlaugsson
Defence: Thomas Boakye
Defence: Alexander Berntsson

Midfield: Jonathan Svedberg
Midfield: Johan Oremo
Midfield: Pontus Silfwer

Forward: Tryggvi Hrafn Haraldsson
Forward: Kosuke Konishita
Forward: Gabriel Gudmundsson

Substitute player: Isac Harrysson
Substitute player: Simon Andersson
Substitute player: Isac Larsson
Substitute player: Rasmus Wiedesheim-Paul
Substitute player: Oscar Petersson
Goalkeeper: Hampus Elgan

Defence: Marcus Hansson
Defence: Jakob Glasberg
Defence: Martin Falkeborn
Defence: Marcus Degerlund

Midfield: Mattias Bouvin
Midfield: Adam Graden
Midfield: David Zlotnik
Midfield: Joakim Runnemo
Midfield: Dusan Jajic

Forward: Nsima Peter

Substitute player: Philip Wistroem
Substitute player: Joseph Ceesay
Substitute player: Linus Dahlgren
Substitute player: Andreas Bellander
Substitute player: Amadeus Soegaard
Substitute player: Luca Gerbino Polo
Substitute player: Kostas Stafrothanasopoulos
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Halmstads BKIK Frej Taeby
LOST in last 3 Superettan's games.WON in last 3 Superettan's games.
NOT DRAW in last 4 Superettan's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 Superettan's games.

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4.League position10.
  4pts.Last five games  10pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

10 on Halmstads BK

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:0
»Head to Head matches
09th Jun 18 Sweden - SuperettanHalmstads BK : IK Frej Taeby 2:2
08th Aug 16 Sweden - SuperettanHalmstads BK : IK Frej Taeby 1:0
18th Jun 16 Sweden - SuperettanIK Frej Taeby : Halmstads BK 5:2
20th Feb 16 Sweden - Cup Group 2Halmstads BK : IK Frej Taeby 2:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Falkenbergs FF19124340:2140
3AFC Eskilstuna1998226:935
4Halmstads BK1994629:2431
5Oesters IF1884630:2528
7IK Brage1877426:2528
8Oergryte FF1876531:2427
10IK Frej Taeby1864829:3422
11Joenkoepings Soedra19541017:2619
13Landskrona BoIS1845925:2517
14Varbergs BoIS FC1836923:3315
16IFK Vaernamo18331215:3412
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1AFC Eskilstuna1064019:422
3Halmstads BK952214:1017
4Falkenbergs FF952215:917
5IK Frej Taeby1043316:1815
6Oergryte FF942317:1114
7IK Brage942316:1614
10Landskrona BoIS1024415:1510
12Varbergs BoIS FC1023512:189
13Oesters IF81439:117
14Joenkoepings Soedra101457:157
16IFK Vaernamo91269:165
1Falkenbergs FF1072125:1223
2Oesters IF1070321:1421
5Halmstads BK1042415:1414
6IK Brage935110:914
7Oergryte FF934214:1313
8AFC Eskilstuna93427:513
9Joenkoepings Soedra940510:1112
13Landskrona BoIS821510:107
14IFK Vaernamo92166:187
15IK Frej Taeby821513:167
16Varbergs BoIS FC813411:156

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Oesters IF532010:311
3IK Frej Taeby531112:810
5AFC Eskilstuna52304:29
6IK Brage52127:107
7Falkenbergs FF52129:77
8IFK Vaernamo52127:67
11Landskrona BoIS51137:84
12Halmstads BK51135:74
13Varbergs BoIS FC50416:94
15Oergryte FF50325:73
16Joenkoepings Soedra50144:101

2AFC Eskilstuna54109:113
3IK Frej Taeby53209:511
4Halmstads BK53119:710
5Falkenbergs FF531110:610
8IK Brage53027:89
10Oesters IF51315:46
11Landskrona BoIS51138:94
12Varbergs BoIS FC50328:123
13Oergryte FF50236:92
14Joenkoepings Soedra50234:102
16IFK Vaernamo50145:111
1Oesters IF540115:712
3Falkenbergs FF531111:510
4IK Brage52216:68
6IK Frej Taeby521211:107
7Joenkoepings Soedra52034:56
9IFK Vaernamo52035:106
11Landskrona BoIS51137:74
12Halmstads BK51137:94
13AFC Eskilstuna50412:34
14Oergryte FF50326:103
15Varbergs BoIS FC50327:93

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