Indonesia - Soccer Championship A


Gresik United


Bali United Pusam

halftime (0:0)
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Date Sunday 27th November 2016
Time 10:15 CET
82'   Aku Sukadana Pratama
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Gresik UnitedBali United Pusam
LOST in last 2 Soccer Championship A's games.DRAW in last 1 Soccer Championship A's games.
NOT DRAW in last 6 Soccer Championship A's games.NOT WON in last 4 Soccer Championship A's games.

17.League position12.
  3pts.Last five games  5pts.
  1pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.


over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:2
»Head to Head matches
12th Nov 17 Indonesia - Liga 1Bali United Pusam : Gresik United 3:0
31st Jul 17 Indonesia - Liga 1Gresik United : Bali United Pusam 1:3
27th Nov 16 Indonesia - Soccer Championship AGresik United : Bali United Pusam 0:1
01st Aug 16 Indonesia - Soccer Championship ABali United Pusam : Gresik United 1:1
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Gresik United
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Persipura Jayapura34208653:2768
3Madura United34187956:4061
4Sriwijaya FC341511862:3956
5Persib Bandung341510945:3355
6PSM Makassar341661252:4654
7Bhayangkara FC341591050:3454
8Semen Padang341571246:3452
9Persepam Madura United21102:14
9Pusamania Borneo341481262:4150
10Mitra Kukar3413101147:4349
11Perseru Serui341371438:5146
12Bali United Pusam3410101436:5240
13Persiba Balikpapan34981738:5235
14Persija Jakarta348111525:4235
15Persela Lamongan34981740:5935
16Barito Putera34891740:5033
17Gresik United34781930:6329
18PS TIRA34752237:7526
 relegation relegation  

1Semen Padang17151136:1046
2Persib Bandung17134031:843
3Madura United17133140:1742
4Perseru Serui17125027:541
6Persipura Jayapura17124133:1340
7Sriwijaya FC17115136:1638
8Pusamania Borneo17106145:1636
9Mitra Kukar17113330:1936
10PSM Makassar17103429:1833
11Bhayangkara FC1793527:1430
12Barito Putera1784521:1328
13Persela Lamongan1784525:1928
14Bali United Pusam1768324:1926
15PS TIRA1772824:3123
16Gresik United1757517:2022
17Persija Jakarta1764715:2322
18Persiba Balikpapan1756623:2521
19Persepam Madura United10100:01
1Persipura Jayapura1784520:1428
2Bhayangkara FC1766523:2024
4PSM Makassar1763823:2821
5Madura United1754816:2319
6Sriwijaya FC1746726:2318
7Pusamania Borneo17421117:2514
8Bali United Pusam17421112:3314
9Persiba Balikpapan17421115:2714
10Mitra Kukar1727817:2413
11Persija Jakarta1727810:1913
12Persib Bandung1726914:2512
13Gresik United17211413:437
14Persela Lamongan17141215:407
15Semen Padang17061110:246
16Perseru Serui17121411:465
17Barito Putera17051219:375
18PS TIRA17031413:443
19Persepam Madura United11002:13

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Persipura Jayapura550013:415
2Persib Bandung532012:311
3Semen Padang53119:610
4Persela Lamongan53118:810
5Sriwijaya FC531114:1010
6Barito Putera52306:49
8PSM Makassar53029:79
9Perseru Serui52038:196
10Madura United520310:76
11Bali United Pusam51225:75
12Bhayangkara FC51227:65
13Persiba Balikpapan51226:85
14Persija Jakarta51223:55
15Pusamania Borneo511310:84
16Persepam Madura United21102:14
17Gresik United51042:93
18Mitra Kukar51046:83
19PS TIRA50144:181

1Persib Bandung550014:215
2Pusamania Borneo541021:613
3Perseru Serui54108:113
5Madura United541015:413
6Persela Lamongan541011:713
7Persipura Jayapura54109:313
8Mitra Kukar540110:512
9Semen Padang54019:612
10Sriwijaya FC532010:711
11Barito Putera53114:210
12Bhayangkara FC531110:310
13PSM Makassar53117:510
14Bali United Pusam51318:96
15Persija Jakarta51222:45
16PS TIRA51136:124
17Persiba Balikpapan50327:123
18Persepam Madura United10100:01
19Gresik United50142:91
1PSM Makassar540110:512
2Persipura Jayapura53119:410
4Bali United Pusam52037:96
5Persiba Balikpapan52034:66
6Sriwijaya FC512210:95
7Persib Bandung50414:54
8Persija Jakarta51133:64
9Persepam Madura United11002:13
10Gresik United51043:103
11Bhayangkara FC50323:53
12Barito Putera50236:112
13Semen Padang50234:72
14Pusamania Borneo50143:71
15Mitra Kukar50145:121
16Persela Lamongan50144:131
17PS TIRA50054:160
18Perseru Serui50054:220
19Madura United50052:80

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