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Germany Regionalliga Bayern 2017/2018 Germany | Regionalliga Bayern | 2017/2018

Regionalliga Bayern facts

Home field is advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.52 points per game.
Draws are less common in this league. 23% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals is above the average. It's 3.16 goals per game!
Number of games with three or more goals is above the average. It's 62% of all games.!
Average league for betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
11860 Muenchen36265587:2783
2Bayern Munich II36228684:4174
3FC Schweinfurt36208879:5268
4VfR Garching361751467:6756
5Nuernberg II361741570:6155
6Ingolstadt II361651568:5753
7VfB Eichstaett3614101255:5652
8Augsburg II361481455:4450
10FV Illertissen3612131150:5049
11SV Schalding-Heining361541759:7249
12TSV Buchbach3612101450:5646
13Greuther Fuerth II361371644:5146
14FC Pipinsried3611111443:6244
151860 Rosenheim369141343:5541
16FC Memmingen361091747:5839
17SpVgg Bayreuth361152053:7938
18SV Seligenporten36991839:5836
19FC Unterfoehring363112236:8720
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11860 Muenchen152147:947
2Bayern Munich II123345:1839
3FC Schweinfurt123345:2139
4Nuernberg II111645:2634
6Augsburg II94530:1931
7VfB Eichstaett86434:2330
8SV Schalding-Heining92733:3229
9FV Illertissen84629:2528
10VfR Garching83733:3327
11Greuther Fuerth II75623:2426
12TSV Buchbach66622:2724
13Ingolstadt II73835:2724
14FC Memmingen64829:3522
15SpVgg Bayreuth711028:3222
16SV Seligenporten56721:2221
171860 Rosenheim48622:2620
18FC Pipinsried36918:3315
19FC Unterfoehring161119:379
11860 Muenchen18113440:1836
2Bayern Munich II18105339:2335
3FC Pipinsried1885525:2929
4VfR Garching1892734:3429
5Ingolstadt II1892733:3029
6FC Schweinfurt1885534:3129
7VfB Eichstaett1864821:3322
8TSV Buchbach1864828:2922
9FV Illertissen1849521:2521
10Nuernberg II1863925:3521
111860 Rosenheim1856721:2921
12SV Schalding-Heining18621026:4020
13Greuther Fuerth II18621021:2720
14Augsburg II1854925:2519
15FC Memmingen1845918:2317
17SpVgg Bayreuth18441025:4716
18SV Seligenporten18431118:3615
19FC Unterfoehring18251117:5011

Latest results

dateround home team away team
12 May38FTSpVgg Bayreuth1:41860 Muenchen
12 May38FTVfB Eichstaett2:0Greuther Fuerth II
12 May38FTBayern Munich II3:1SV Seligenporten
12 May38FTNuernberg II1:3TSV Buchbach
12 May38FTFC Schweinfurt7:2FC Unterfoehring
12 May38FTBurghausen1:11860 Rosenheim
12 May38FTAugsburg II4:1Ingolstadt II
12 May38FTFC Memmingen3:1SV Schalding-Heining
12 May38FTFC Pipinsried3:3VfR Garching
7 May37FTGreuther Fuerth II2:2FC Schweinfurt
5 May37FT1860 Rosenheim1:4FC Memmingen
5 May37FTTSV Buchbach3:0Burghausen
5 May37FTSV Seligenporten0:1Augsburg II
5 May37FTFC Unterfoehring2:2Nuernberg II
5 May37FTFV Illertissen2:1Bayern Munich II
5 May34FTFC Pipinsried0:31860 Muenchen

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Schweinfurt541023:1113
2Bayern Munich II540115:712
3Augsburg II53207:211
4FC Memmingen532013:711
5VfR Garching531114:1210
61860 Muenchen531111:510
8VfB Eichstaett52216:58
9FV Illertissen52215:58
10TSV Buchbach522110:68
11SV Seligenporten52033:66
12FC Pipinsried51227:95
13FC Unterfoehring51229:155
14Greuther Fuerth II51228:95
15SV Schalding-Heining51136:94
16SpVgg Bayreuth51138:154
171860 Rosenheim50235:102
18Nuernberg II50143:121
19Ingolstadt II50055:150

1Bayern Munich II550018:315
21860 Muenchen541015:213
3VfB Eichstaett532010:311
5VfR Garching531112:910
6Augsburg II53117:310
7FC Memmingen53119:610
8Greuther Fuerth II53118:610
9FC Schweinfurt531119:910
10FV Illertissen52127:87
11FC Unterfoehring51317:86
12FC Pipinsried51137:114
13SV Schalding-Heining51136:94
14TSV Buchbach51135:104
15SV Seligenporten51135:54
16Ingolstadt II51047:153
17Nuernberg II51044:83
181860 Rosenheim50233:92
19SpVgg Bayreuth50145:121
1FC Schweinfurt541014:913
21860 Muenchen540114:512
3VfR Garching531110:710
4Bayern Munich II531112:510
5SV Schalding-Heining53027:89
6FC Pipinsried52218:68
7Augsburg II52126:77
8SV Seligenporten52035:96
10VfB Eichstaett51226:115
11FV Illertissen51227:65
12FC Memmingen51227:75
13FC Unterfoehring51135:164
14TSV Buchbach51137:104
15Ingolstadt II51135:84
16Greuther Fuerth II51137:94
17Nuernberg II51133:104
18SpVgg Bayreuth51136:154
191860 Rosenheim50325:73

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1VfR Garching9281533.673.783.72
2SpVgg Bayreuth8969563.3343.67
3SV Schalding-Heining9775423.613.673.64
4Nuernberg II8669473.943.333.64
5FC Schweinfurt8972473.673.613.64
6Ingolstadt II8667443.443.53.47
7Bayern Munich II9272503.53.443.47
8FC Unterfoehring8664473.113.723.42
91860 Muenchen8664393.113.223.17
10VfB Eichstaett8164443.1733.08
11TSV Buchbach8658362.723.172.94
12FC Pipinsried7763402.8332.92
13FC Memmingen7553363.562.282.92
15FV Illertissen83472832.562.78
16Augsburg II7547332.722.782.75
171860 Rosenheim7542332.672.782.72
18SV Seligenporten7553362.3932.69
19Greuther Fuerth II8351232.612.672.64

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team betting index

Teams ordered by SoccerVista tips profitability
Negative number means that team plays less predictable - this team can beat big favourite and lose against weak team. Be very careful when adding this team to your betting slip!

 Total bets Average OddsBetting Index
11860 Muenchen322.4844.4
2FC Unterfoehring323.0427.2
3FC Schweinfurt312.721.6
4VfB Eichstaett302.817.0
5FV Illertissen312.9414.8
6SV Schalding-Heining322.7412.8
7Bayern Munich II323.2210.0
8TSV Buchbach302.759.0
9VfR Garching322.718.8
10SV Seligenporten322.997.2
11Greuther Fuerth II322.855.9
12SpVgg Bayreuth312.985.8
13FC Memmingen302.984.7
151860 Rosenheim312.822.3
16FC Pipinsried313.231.6
17Nuernberg II312.641.3
18Ingolstadt II312.97-1.3
19Augsburg II303.16-5.0

Average betting index at Germany Regionalliga Bayern is 10.24 units. That means: Average league for betting.

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