Germany Oberliga NOFV-Sud 2016/2017 Germany | Oberliga NOFV-Sud | 2016/2017

Oberliga NOFV-Sud description

Home field is advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.55 points per game.
Draws are less common in this league. 21% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals is above the average. It's 3.1 goals per game!
Number of games with three or more goals is above the average. It's 60% of all games.!
Favourites usually win in this league.!

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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1BSG Chemie Leipzig30225369:2171
2Germania Halberstadt30216373:2069
3Bischofswerdaer FV30206462:2166
4BSG Wismut Gera301551048:3750
5Einheit Rudolstadt30147947:3849
6SV Merseburg 9930138942:4547
7FC International Leipzig301110945:3843
8Carl Zeiss Jena II301261259:5042
10Askania Bernburg301041645:5334
11Union Sandersdorf30961542:5833
12Brandenburger SC Sued30881438:5232
13FSV Barleben 191130951641:7132
14SV Schott Jena30651929:5523
15VfL Halle 9630561932:6421
16SSV Markranstaedt30452124:8017
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1Bischofswerdaer FV15114032:637
2BSG Chemie Leipzig15114030:937
3Germania Halberstadt15113141:936
4SV Merseburg 991584323:1828
5FC International Leipzig1583424:1627
6BSG Wismut Gera1582526:1626
7Einheit Rudolstadt1582524:1726
9Brandenburger SC Sued1564522:1822
10FSV Barleben 19111563624:2621
11Union Sandersdorf1562722:2620
12Askania Bernburg1554623:2319
13SV Schott Jena1542917:3114
14VfL Halle 961534818:2913
15Carl Zeiss Jena II15411036:3613
16SSV Markranstaedt15231011:399
1BSG Chemie Leipzig15111339:1234
2Germania Halberstadt15103232:1133
3Bischofswerdaer FV1592430:1529
4Carl Zeiss Jena II1585223:1429
5BSG Wismut Gera1573522:2124
6Einheit Rudolstadt1565423:2123
7SV Merseburg 991554619:2719
9FC International Leipzig1537521:2216
10Askania Bernburg15501022:3015
11Union Sandersdorf1534820:3213
12FSV Barleben 191115321017:4511
13Brandenburger SC Sued1524916:3410
14SV Schott Jena15231012:249
15VfL Halle 9615221114:358
16SSV Markranstaedt15221113:418

Latest results

dateround home team away team
3 Jun30FTEinheit Rudolstadt0:6Bischofswerdaer FVMore details about  -  soccer game
3 Jun30FTAskania Bernburg6:2SSV MarkranstaedtMore details about  -  soccer game
3 Jun30FTBSG Chemie Leipzig3:1SV Schott JenaMore details about  -  soccer game
3 Jun30FTSV Merseburg 990:2Germania HalberstadtMore details about  -  soccer game
3 Jun30FTBSG Wismut Gera5:3FSV Barleben 1911More details about  -  soccer game
3 Jun30FTBrandenburger SC Sued2:1PlauenMore details about  -  soccer game
3 Jun30FTUnion Sandersdorf3:3FC International LeipzigMore details about  -  soccer game
3 Jun30FTCarl Zeiss Jena II2:3VfL Halle 96More details about  -  soccer game
29 May29FTBischofswerdaer FV3:0Carl Zeiss Jena IIMore details about  -  soccer game
28 May29FTVfL Halle 964:1Union SandersdorfMore details about  -  soccer game
28 May29FTFSV Barleben 19115:0Brandenburger SC SuedMore details about  -  soccer game
28 May29FTFC International Leipzig1:2BSG Wismut GeraMore details about  -  soccer game
28 May29FTPlauen1:4SV Merseburg 99More details about  -  soccer game
28 May29FTSV Schott Jena3:7Askania BernburgMore details about  -  soccer game
28 May29FTSSV Markranstaedt3:2Einheit RudolstadtMore details about  -  soccer game
21 May28FTSV Merseburg 992:1Brandenburger SC SuedMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Bischofswerdaer FV550016:115
2BSG Chemie Leipzig550015:415
3Germania Halberstadt550013:215
4Askania Bernburg540119:912
5BSG Wismut Gera531112:810
6VfL Halle 96522111:98
7SV Merseburg 9952038:106
8Einheit Rudolstadt52035:136
9Carl Zeiss Jena II520310:116
10FSV Barleben 1911512211:115
11Union Sandersdorf51226:105
12SSV Markranstaedt51227:165
13FC International Leipzig50419:104
14Brandenburger SC Sued51135:124
15SV Schott Jena50056:150

1Bischofswerdaer FV550015:215
2BSG Chemie Leipzig541010:413
3Germania Halberstadt541018:113
4FSV Barleben 1911531111:610
5Askania Bernburg531113:710
6Einheit Rudolstadt530210:129
7VfL Halle 9652217:68
8Brandenburger SC Sued52219:68
9FC International Leipzig52127:67
10BSG Wismut Gera521210:87
12SV Merseburg 9952035:96
13Union Sandersdorf51137:144
14SSV Markranstaedt51134:134
15Carl Zeiss Jena II510413:173
16SV Schott Jena50055:150
1Germania Halberstadt550011:115
2Bischofswerdaer FV541014:113
3BSG Chemie Leipzig541015:313
4BSG Wismut Gera53027:69
5Askania Bernburg530213:119
6VfL Halle 9652219:88
7Carl Zeiss Jena II52219:58
8Einheit Rudolstadt52127:87
9SV Merseburg 99520310:126
10FC International Leipzig51318:96
11FSV Barleben 191151138:214
12Union Sandersdorf51133:104
13SSV Markranstaedt51135:154
15SV Schott Jena50054:100
16Brandenburger SC Sued50053:170

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1FSV Barleben 19119073503.334.133.73
2Carl Zeiss Jena II8380504.82.473.63
3SSV Markranstaedt8370473.333.63.47
4Union Sandersdorf8363473.23.473.33
5Askania Bernburg8360373.073.473.27
6VfL Halle 968353433.133.273.2
7Germania Halberstadt8060433.332.873.1
8BSG Chemie Leipzig8357402.63.43
9Brandenburger SC Sued7959342.673.333
11SV Merseburg 998355312.733.072.9
12BSG Wismut Gera8053332.82.872.83
13Einheit Rudolstadt7360302.732.932.83
14SV Schott Jena7357273.22.42.8
15FC International Leipzig7753372.672.872.77
16Bischofswerdaer FV7357402.5332.77

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team profit

If you bet on every game team plays. Each bet is 100 units.
 Total profitProfit per game
1SV Merseburg 9900
2FC International Leipzig00
3Bischofswerdaer FV00
4FSV Barleben 191100
5BSG Chemie Leipzig00
6BSG Wismut Gera00
7Askania Bernburg00
8Union Sandersdorf00
9Einheit Rudolstadt00
10VfL Halle 9600
11SV Schott Jena00
12Brandenburger SC Sued00
13SSV Markranstaedt00
14Germania Halberstadt00
15Carl Zeiss Jena II00

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