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Germany Oberliga Flens 2019/2020 Germany | Oberliga Flens | 2019/2020

Oberliga Flens facts

Home field is advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.58 points per game.
In this league draw occurance is very low. 15% of games finish as draw!!!
Number of goals is extremely high. It's 4.29 goals per game!!!
Number of games with three or more goals in these leagues is extremely high. It's 81% of all games.!!!
Favourites usually win in this league.!


Main table plus home and away only tables.
11. FC Phoenix Luebeck20152363:2147
2SV Todesfelde19152251:2147
3TSB Flensburg19123464:3139
4SC Weiche Flensburg II17120549:2636
5SV Eichede20113644:2936
6Luebeck II21113755:4436
7Oldenburger SV21104762:5334
8TSV Bordesholm2094742:3331
9SV Preussen 09 Reinfeld1991937:4328
10Union Neumuenster1973932:4624
11Eutin 082066828:2921
12SV Frisia 03 RL21561031:5921
13Husumer SV19541041:5519
14Inter Tuerkspor Kiel20511429:5416
15TSV Kropp17031417:523
16Eckernfoerder SV18011720:691
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11. FC Phoenix Luebeck90136:727
2SV Todesfelde90026:727
3TSB Flensburg81140:1325
4Luebeck II81232:1825
5SC Weiche Flensburg II60331:1518
6SV Frisia 03 RL53321:2118
7SV Eichede52429:1917
8SV Preussen 09 Reinfeld51319:1616
9Oldenburger SV51434:2916
10TSV Bordesholm44321:1516
11Union Neumuenster42417:1814
12Eutin 0833313:1312
13Inter Tuerkspor Kiel31717:2910
14Husumer SV03412:243
15TSV Kropp0177:171
16Eckernfoerder SV00912:370
11. FC Phoenix Luebeck1062227:1420
2SV Todesfelde1062225:1420
3SV Eichede961215:1019
4SC Weiche Flensburg II860218:1118
5Oldenburger SV1153328:2418
6Husumer SV1251629:3116
7TSV Bordesholm950421:1815
8TSB Flensburg942324:1814
9SV Preussen 09 Reinfeld1040618:2712
10Eutin 081133515:1612
11Luebeck II1032523:2611
12Union Neumuenster931515:2810
13Inter Tuerkspor Kiel920712:256
14SV Frisia 03 RL1003710:383
15TSV Kropp902710:352
16Eckernfoerder SV90188:321

Latest results

dateround home team away team
7 Mar21FTOldenburger SV2:2Union Neumuenster
7 Mar21FTTSB Flensburg5:1Husumer SV
7 Mar21FTTSV Bordesholm7:0SV Frisia 03 RL
7 Mar21FTEutin 080:21. FC Phoenix Luebeck
7 Mar21FTSC Weiche Flensburg II6:3Luebeck II
1 Mar20FTSV Frisia 03 RL2:0Husumer SV
29 Feb20FTInter Tuerkspor Kiel2:3TSB Flensburg
29 Feb20FTLuebeck II0:3SV Eichede
29 Feb20FTTSV Bordesholm1:2Oldenburger SV
29 Feb20FT1. FC Phoenix Luebeck6:1Eckernfoerder SV
22 Feb17FTEutin 083:1SV Preussen 09 Reinfeld
1 Dec19FTEckernfoerder SV1:3SV Preussen 09 Reinfeld
1 Dec19FTSV Todesfelde3:0SV Frisia 03 RL
30 Nov19FTEutin 080:2Inter Tuerkspor Kiel
30 Nov19FTOldenburger SV5:1TSV Kropp
30 Nov19FTTSB Flensburg1:4Luebeck II

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1SV Todesfelde550011:215
21. FC Phoenix Luebeck541017:413
3SV Eichede532013:311
4Oldenburger SV531117:1310
5TSB Flensburg530213:99
6TSV Bordesholm530215:79
7SV Preussen 09 Reinfeld521211:117
8Luebeck II521212:117
9SC Weiche Flensburg II520312:126
10Union Neumuenster51318:96
11Eutin 0851225:75
12SV Frisia 03 RL51134:154
13Inter Tuerkspor Kiel51049:153
14TSV Kropp50143:151
15Husumer SV50146:171
16Eckernfoerder SV50054:200

11. FC Phoenix Luebeck550025:315
2SV Todesfelde550012:315
3TSB Flensburg540117:812
4Oldenburger SV531118:1210
5SV Eichede531118:710
6Luebeck II531111:810
7TSV Bordesholm522112:48
8Union Neumuenster52219:58
9SV Preussen 09 Reinfeld521211:127
10SV Frisia 03 RL52128:107
11SC Weiche Flensburg II520314:126
12Inter Tuerkspor Kiel52037:96
13Eutin 0851226:85
14Husumer SV50148:201
15TSV Kropp50054:90
16Eckernfoerder SV50058:210
1SV Todesfelde540117:812
21. FC Phoenix Luebeck532013:411
3SV Eichede53115:210
4Luebeck II531114:1210
5SC Weiche Flensburg II530210:109
6TSV Bordesholm530214:129
7TSB Flensburg52129:97
8SV Preussen 09 Reinfeld52039:136
9Inter Tuerkspor Kiel52038:156
10Oldenburger SV51228:125
11Eutin 0851227:85
12Union Neumuenster51137:164
13TSV Kropp50237:182
14SV Frisia 03 RL50053:240
15Husumer SV50055:170
16Eckernfoerder SV50054:200

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Oldenburger SV10090766.34.735.48
2Husumer SV10089795.1455.05
3TSB Flensburg10095745.34.675
4Eckernfoerder SV9494835.444.444.94
5Luebeck II9590714.554.94.71
6SC Weiche Flensburg II10088655.113.634.41
7SV Frisia 03 RL9586673.824.84.29
8SV Preussen 09 Reinfeld8979743.894.54.21
91. FC Phoenix Luebeck9580604.34.14.2
10Inter Tuerkspor Kiel9575504.184.114.15
11Union Neumuenster8989843.54.784.11
12TSV Kropp827659354.06
13SV Todesfelde9568423.673.93.79
14TSV Bordesholm9080503.274.333.75
15SV Eichede8570454.362.783.65
16Eutin 089050452.892.822.85

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team betting index

Teams ordered by SoccerVista tips profitability
Negative number means that team plays less predictable - this team can beat big favourite and lose against weak team. Be very careful when adding this team to your betting slip!

 Total bets Average OddsBetting Index
1Eckernfoerder SV1475.7
2TSV Kropp1360.0
3SV Todesfelde1552.7
4TSB Flensburg1540.7
51. FC Phoenix Luebeck1637.5
6Inter Tuerkspor Kiel1628.1
7SV Frisia 03 RL1727.6
8Union Neumuenster1527.3
9SV Preussen 09 Reinfeld1523.3
10SC Weiche Flensburg II1318.5
11Husumer SV1517.3
12Luebeck II1717.1
13Eutin 081615.6
14TSV Bordesholm169.4
15Oldenburger SV172.9
16SV Eichede162.5

Average betting index at Germany Oberliga Flens is 27.64 units. That means: Favourites usually win in this league.

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