Sweden - 2. Division Norra Svealand


Gamla Upsala


IFK Lidingoe




halftime (0:3)
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Date Saturday 25th August 2018
Time 16:00 CEST
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Gamla UpsalaIFK Lidingoe
LOST in last 1 2. Division Norra Svealand's games.DRAW in last 1 2. Division Norra Svealand's games.
NOT WON in last 5 2. Division Norra Svealand's games.NOT LOST in last 5 2. Division Norra Svealand's games.

10.League position3.
  2pts.Last five games  13pts.
  6pts.last 5 home/away only  11pts.

7 on IFK Lidingoe

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:3
»Head to Head matches
25th Aug 18 Sweden - 2. Division Norra SvealandGamla Upsala : IFK Lidingoe 1:3
05th May 18 Sweden - 2. Division Norra SvealandIFK Lidingoe : Gamla Upsala 1:0
07th Oct 17 Sweden - 2. Division Norra SvealandIFK Lidingoe : Gamla Upsala 1:1
17th Jun 17 Sweden - 2. Division Norra SvealandGamla Upsala : IFK Lidingoe 2:1
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Gamla Upsala
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Vasalunds IF26212367:2565
2Karlbergs BK26176350:1557
3IFK Lidingoe26174552:2555
4IFK Stocksund26165570:2753
5FC Gute261421057:4244
6Skiljebo SK26127751:3943
7Sundbybergs IK26961138:4133
7IFK Stockholm00000:00
8Taeby FK26881039:4132
9Valbo FF26771239:4028
10Gamla Upsala26771234:4728
11IFK Mora FK26631732:8021
12Bollnaes GIF FF26391426:5918
13BKV Norrtaelje26381530:4717
14Stroemsbergs IF26341927:8413
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Vasalunds IF13121037:837
2IFK Stocksund13102144:832
3Karlbergs BK1384127:828
4IFK Lidingoe1382325:1026
5FC Gute1380531:2124
6Skiljebo SK1364325:1522
7Sundbybergs IK1353522:2218
8Valbo FF1352625:2317
9Gamla Upsala1351717:2416
10Taeby FK1327420:2513
11BKV Norrtaelje1324717:2510
12IFK Mora FK1322910:418
13Stroemsbergs IF13211011:347
14Bollnaes GIF FF130679:286
15IFK Stockholm00000:00
1IFK Lidingoe1392227:1529
2Karlbergs BK1392223:729
3Vasalunds IF1391330:1728
4IFK Stocksund1363426:1921
5Skiljebo SK1363426:2421
6FC Gute1362526:2120
7Taeby FK1361619:1619
8Sundbybergs IK1343616:1915
9IFK Mora FK1341822:3913
10Gamla Upsala1326517:2312
11Bollnaes GIF FF1333717:3112
12Valbo FF1325614:1711
13BKV Norrtaelje1314813:227
14Stroemsbergs IF1313916:506
15IFK Stockholm00000:00

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1IFK Lidingoe541014:613
2Karlbergs BK540110:312
3Skiljebo SK531115:610
4Vasalunds IF531111:810
5FC Gute530210:99
6IFK Stocksund521213:97
7Sundbybergs IK514011:107
8Stroemsbergs IF513112:146
9Valbo FF51227:65
10Bollnaes GIF FF51229:95
11Taeby FK51137:144
12IFK Mora FK50235:202
13BKV Norrtaelje50236:92
14Gamla Upsala50236:132
15IFK Stockholm00000:00

1Karlbergs BK53207:111
2FC Gute531112:510
3IFK Stocksund523010:19
4Vasalunds IF52306:39
5IFK Lidingoe52218:48
6Skiljebo SK522110:58
7Valbo FF51318:76
8Sundbybergs IK51318:96
9Gamla Upsala51314:76
10Stroemsbergs IF51227:115
11BKV Norrtaelje50413:44
12Bollnaes GIF FF50324:103
13IFK Mora FK50233:192
14Taeby FK50238:162
15IFK Stockholm00000:00
1IFK Lidingoe532012:711
2Vasalunds IF531110:710
3FC Gute531113:810
4Skiljebo SK523015:59
5Taeby FK52216:38
6Karlbergs BK52216:38
7IFK Mora FK51314:66
8Valbo FF51225:45
9Sundbybergs IK50504:45
10Bollnaes GIF FF51226:105
11IFK Stocksund511310:104
12Stroemsbergs IF50416:114
13Gamla Upsala50328:113
14BKV Norrtaelje50236:92
15IFK Stockholm00000:00

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