Botswana - Premier League


Gaborone United


Sankoyo Bush Bucks

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Date Thursday 29th March 2018
Time 14:30 CEST
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Gaborone UnitedSankoyo Bush Bucks
WON in last 1 Premier League's games.WON in last 2 Premier League's games.
NOT LOST in last 4 Premier League's games.NOT DRAW in last 5 Premier League's games.

5.League position11.
  6pts.Last five games  6pts.
  6pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

2 on Gaborone United

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
12th Jan 19 Botswana - Premier LeagueGaborone United : Sankoyo Bush Bucks 1:1
26th Sep 18 Botswana - Premier LeagueSankoyo Bush Bucks : Gaborone United 1:1
29th Mar 18 Botswana - Premier LeagueGaborone United : Sankoyo Bush Bucks 2:2
20th Nov 17 Botswana - Premier LeagueSankoyo Bush Bucks : Gaborone United 3:2
11th Feb 17 Botswana - Premier LeagueGaborone United : Sankoyo Bush Bucks 1:1
14th Jan 17 Botswana - Premier LeagueSankoyo Bush Bucks : Gaborone United 0:3
06th May 16 Botswana - Premier LeagueGaborone United : Sankoyo Bush Bucks 1:0
05th Dec 15 Botswana - Premier LeagueSankoyo Bush Bucks : Gaborone United 0:3
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Gaborone United
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Sankoyo Bush Bucks
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26.9.Sankoyo Bush Bucks1:1Gaborone UnitedMore details about Sankoyo Bush Bucks-Gaborone United game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Township Rollers30206457:3166
3Orapa United FC301410644:2752
5Gaborone United301112751:3845
6Botswana Defence Force XI301012840:2942
7Sharps Shooting Stars301012843:4142
8Black Forest301011928:2841
9Centre Chiefs309111033:4138
10Extension Gunners309101134:3337
11Sankoyo Bush Bucks30981331:3635
12Security Systems30981326:3635
13Police XI308111139:5035
15Uniao Flamengo Santos30581725:4323
16Gilport Lions30252321:6911
 relegation relegation  

2Township Rollers1594231:1831
3Orapa United FC1575325:1426
4Botswana Defence Force XI1575323:1326
5Black Forest1674514:1125
7Extension Gunners1564521:1522
8Gaborone United1548321:1720
9Sharps Shooting Stars1547416:1719
11Sankoyo Bush Bucks1544715:1616
12Security Systems1535711:1814
13Police XI1535721:2814
14Centre Chiefs1535718:2914
15Uniao Flamengo Santos152498:1710
16Gilport Lions14121113:315
1Township Rollers15112226:1335
4Orapa United FC1575319:1326
5Gaborone United1574430:2125
6Centre Chiefs1566315:1224
7Sharps Shooting Stars1565427:2423
8Security Systems1563615:1821
9Police XI1556418:2221
10Sankoyo Bush Bucks1554616:2019
11Black Forest1437414:1716
12Botswana Defence Force XI1537517:1616
13Extension Gunners1536613:1815
14Uniao Flamengo Santos1534817:2613
16Gilport Lions1613128:386

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Township Rollers540112:612
4Centre Chiefs52307:39
5Sharps Shooting Stars52218:78
6Black Forest52213:28
7Orapa United FC52215:38
8Police XI52216:58
9Security Systems52124:67
10Botswana Defence Force XI52127:47
11Sankoyo Bush Bucks52038:86
12Gaborone United51314:56
14Uniao Flamengo Santos51137:84
15Extension Gunners51134:74
16Gilport Lions51047:203

2Orapa United FC532011:211
4Township Rollers53119:510
5Security Systems52304:29
6Black Forest53023:49
7Extension Gunners52215:48
8Centre Chiefs52217:78
9Sharps Shooting Stars52127:77
10Uniao Flamengo Santos52125:57
11Botswana Defence Force XI52127:57
12Gaborone United51316:56
13Sankoyo Bush Bucks51138:84
14Police XI51139:124
15Gilport Lions51047:163
1Township Rollers54019:412
2Centre Chiefs53116:210
4Orapa United FC52215:38
6Sankoyo Bush Bucks52125:67
7Gaborone United52126:67
8Sharps Shooting Stars51319:96
9Security Systems52035:96
10Black Forest51317:76
11Police XI51315:66
12Uniao Flamengo Santos51139:114
14Extension Gunners51044:103
15Botswana Defence Force XI50324:63
16Gilport Lions50053:170

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