Japan - J. League 3


Fukushima United


Azul Claro Numazu

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Date Monday 16th July 2018
Time 8:00 CEST
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Fukushima UnitedAzul Claro Numazu
DRAW in last 1 J. League 3's games.WON in last 1 J. League 3's games.
NOT WON in last 2 J. League 3's games.NOT DRAW in last 2 J. League 3's games.

12.League position4.
  7pts.Last five games  7pts.
  3pts.last 5 home/away only  8pts.


under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
29th Nov 20 Japan - J. League 3Fukushima United : Azul Claro Numazu 1:0
19th Sep 20 Japan - J. League 3Azul Claro Numazu : Fukushima United 0:2
04th Aug 19 Japan - J. League 3Azul Claro Numazu : Fukushima United 2:4
24th Mar 19 Japan - J. League 3Fukushima United : Azul Claro Numazu 0:1
16th Jul 18 Japan - J. League 3Fukushima United : Azul Claro Numazu 1:1
20th May 18 Japan - J. League 3Azul Claro Numazu : Fukushima United 0:0
»Latest games
Fukushima United
Japan - J. League 3 2020
20.12.Kamatamare Sanuki3:2Fukushima United
13.12.Fukushima United1:2Gainare Tottori
09.12.Fujieda MYFC1:0Fukushima United
05.12.Kagoshima United3:2Fukushima United
29.11.Fukushima United1:0Azul Claro Numazu
22.11.Imabari FC1:2Fukushima United
18.11.Fukushima United2:2YSCC
14.11.Kataller Toyama2:3Fukushima United
08.11.Fukushima United0:0SC Sagamihara
03.11.Grulla Morioka2:1Fukushima United
28.10.Gamba Osaka U230:0Fukushima United
25.10.Fukushima United1:0Nagano Parceiro
18.10.FC Gifu1:2Fukushima United
11.10.Fukushima United2:3Roasso Kumamoto
07.10.Fukushima United3:0Cerezo Osaka U23
03.10.Vanraure Hachinohe2:3Fukushima United
26.9.Fukushima United0:2Blaublitz Akita
22.9.Fukushima United0:2Imabari FC
19.9.Azul Claro Numazu0:2Fukushima United
13.9.Fukushima United1:4Kagoshima United
09.9.Fukushima United0:2FC Gifu
05.9.SC Sagamihara3:2Fukushima United
02.9.Fukushima United2:4Gamba Osaka U23
29.8.Cerezo Osaka U231:2Fukushima United
Azul Claro Numazu
Japan - J. League 3 2020
20.12.Azul Claro Numazu3:2Kataller Toyama
13.12.Azul Claro Numazu2:1YSCC
09.12.SC Sagamihara1:0Azul Claro Numazu
06.12.Azul Claro Numazu1:2Gamba Osaka U23
29.11.Fukushima United1:0Azul Claro Numazu
22.11.Azul Claro Numazu1:0Nagano Parceiro
18.11.Fujieda MYFC1:0Azul Claro Numazu
15.11.Azul Claro Numazu3:1Kagoshima United
08.11.Cerezo Osaka U230:2Azul Claro Numazu
03.11.Azul Claro Numazu1:1Gainare Tottori
31.10.Roasso Kumamoto1:0Azul Claro Numazu
25.10.Azul Claro Numazu0:0Blaublitz Akita
18.10.Imabari FC0:0Azul Claro Numazu
11.10.Grulla Morioka1:0Azul Claro Numazu
07.10.Azul Claro Numazu1:0Vanraure Hachinohe
03.10.Azul Claro Numazu3:1Kamatamare Sanuki
27.9.FC Gifu3:1Azul Claro Numazu
22.9.Azul Claro Numazu5:0Cerezo Osaka U23
19.9.Azul Claro Numazu0:2Fukushima United
12.9.Gainare Tottori1:0Azul Claro Numazu
06.9.Azul Claro Numazu1:1FC Gifu
02.9.Blaublitz Akita3:1Azul Claro Numazu
30.8.Azul Claro Numazu0:3Roasso Kumamoto
22.8.Kagoshima United3:2Azul Claro Numazu


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FC Ryukyu32206670:4066
2Kagoshima United32169746:3557
3Gainare Tottori32158961:4753
4Azul Claro Numazu321410840:2952
5Thespakusatsu Gunma321571037:3552
6Gamba Osaka U23321381153:4347
7Cerezo Osaka U23321371247:3646
8Blaublitz Akita321271337:3543
9SC Sagamihara321261442:5342
10Nagano Parceiro3210111139:3741
11Kataller Toyama321251541:5041
12Fukushima United329131036:4340
13Grulla Morioka321241641:5640
14FC Tokyo U23321061638:4536
16Fujieda MYFC321041832:4834
17Giravanz Kitakyushu32691722:4227
 promotion promotion  

1FC Ryukyu16124041:1540
2Gamba Osaka U2316104232:1534
3Azul Claro Numazu1694319:1131
4Kagoshima United1693424:1930
5SC Sagamihara1692520:1929
6Gainare Tottori1692534:2429
7Thespakusatsu Gunma1674519:1725
8Grulla Morioka1673624:3224
9Fukushima United1666421:2024
10Kataller Toyama1672724:2323
11FC Tokyo U231663721:2021
12Fujieda MYFC1663714:1621
13Nagano Parceiro1656524:1721
14Blaublitz Akita1655619:1820
15Cerezo Osaka U231654720:1819
17Giravanz Kitakyushu1644813:2316
1Cerezo Osaka U231683527:1827
2Kagoshima United1676322:1627
3Thespakusatsu Gunma1683518:1827
4FC Ryukyu1682629:2526
5Gainare Tottori1666427:2324
6Blaublitz Akita1672718:1723
7Azul Claro Numazu1656521:1821
8Nagano Parceiro1655615:2020
9Kataller Toyama1653817:2718
10Grulla Morioka16511017:2416
11Fukushima United1637615:2316
13FC Tokyo U231643917:2515
14Gamba Osaka U231634921:2813
15SC Sagamihara1634922:3413
16Fujieda MYFC16411118:3213
17Giravanz Kitakyushu162599:1911

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Gainare Tottori53209:611
2SC Sagamihara53114:510
3FC Tokyo U2353026:49
4Cerezo Osaka U23530213:49
5Kagoshima United53026:49
6Grulla Morioka53027:79
7Nagano Parceiro53026:59
8Kataller Toyama52217:68
9Azul Claro Numazu52126:57
10Fukushima United52129:107
11FC Ryukyu521211:127
12Blaublitz Akita52127:87
13Thespakusatsu Gunma51228:105
14Gamba Osaka U2351137:104
15Fujieda MYFC51043:73
16Giravanz Kitakyushu50232:62

1SC Sagamihara55006:115
2FC Ryukyu550017:315
3Gamba Osaka U2353117:510
4FC Tokyo U2353116:410
5Cerezo Osaka U23531110:110
6Kagoshima United53117:510
7Gainare Tottori531110:610
8Fujieda MYFC53026:69
9Thespakusatsu Gunma52309:79
10Grulla Morioka52126:97
11Kataller Toyama52127:77
12Giravanz Kitakyushu51313:46
13Nagano Parceiro51224:55
14Azul Claro Numazu51136:94
15Fukushima United51047:123
17Blaublitz Akita50326:103
1Cerezo Osaka U23530210:69
2Thespakusatsu Gunma53025:59
3Azul Claro Numazu52217:48
4Gainare Tottori522111:118
5Kataller Toyama52217:68
6FC Tokyo U2352127:67
7Nagano Parceiro52125:67
8FC Ryukyu52129:117
9Grulla Morioka52036:76
10Blaublitz Akita52035:66
11Fukushima United51224:75
12Gamba Osaka U2351139:114
13Kagoshima United51134:114
14Fujieda MYFC51136:74
16SC Sagamihara50145:121
17Giravanz Kitakyushu50142:61

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