Austria - 2. Liga


Floridsdorfer AC


Kapfenberger SV

halftime (0:1)
»Game details
Date Friday 3rd August 2018
Time 20:20 CEST
Venue nameFAC-Platz
85'  Assist Paul Mensah
85'   Levan Eloshvili
84'   in Matija Horvat
84'   out Elvedin Heric
75'   in Thomas Sabitzer
75'   out Matthias Puschl
73'   out Oliver Markoutz
73'   in Adolphe Belem
66'   in Daniel Schoepf
66'   out Burak Yilmaz
59'   in Levan Eloshvili
59'   out Giuliano Milici
58'   in Alex Sobczyk
58'   out Ceyhun Tueccar
28'   Marco Gantschnig
28'  Assist Benjamin Rosenberger

Goalkeeper: Belmin Jenciragic

Defence: Maximilian Mayer
Defence: Julian Krenn
Defence: Florian Anderle
Defence: Christian Bubalovic

Midfield: Ceyhun Tueccar
Midfield: Burak Yilmaz
Midfield: Mirnes Becirovic

Forward: Andrej Todoroski
Forward: Oliver Markoutz
Forward: Martin Pajaczkowski

Substitute player: Daniel-Edward Daniliuc
Substitute player: Clinton Bangura
Substitute player: Alex Sobczyk
Substitute player: Adolphe Belem
Substitute player: Daniel Schoepf
Substitute player: Denis Bosnjak
Goalkeeper: Fabian Ehmann

Defence: Marco Gantschnig
Defence: Daniel Rosenbichler
Defence: Benjamin Rosenberger
Defence: Sebastian Feyrer

Midfield: David Sencar
Midfield: Elvedin Heric
Midfield: Lukas Skrivanek

Forward: Paul Mensah
Forward: Giuliano Milici
Forward: Matthias Puschl

Substitute player: Thomas Sabitzer
Substitute player: Franz Stolz
Substitute player: Thomas Maier
Substitute player: Levan Eloshvili
Substitute player: Matija Horvat
Substitute player: Michael Lang
Substitute player: Daniel Racic
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Floridsdorfer ACKapfenberger SV
DRAW in last 3 2. Liga's games.WON in last 1 2. Liga's games.
NOT LOST in last 4 2. Liga's games.NOT LOST in last 2 2. Liga's games.

8.League position4.
  6pts.Last five games  7pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.
»Head to Head matches
03rd Aug 18 Austria - 2. LigaFloridsdorfer AC : Kapfenberger SV 0:2
18th May 18 Austria - Erste LigaKapfenberger SV : Floridsdorfer AC 3:3
30th Mar 18 Austria - Erste LigaFloridsdorfer AC : Kapfenberger SV 0:1
31st Oct 17 Austria - Erste LigaKapfenberger SV : Floridsdorfer AC 4:1
18th Aug 17 Austria - Erste LigaFloridsdorfer AC : Kapfenberger SV 0:3
26th May 17 Austria - Erste LigaFloridsdorfer AC : Kapfenberger SV 3:1
08th Apr 17 Austria - Erste LigaKapfenberger SV : Floridsdorfer AC 0:1
18th Nov 16 Austria - Erste LigaFloridsdorfer AC : Kapfenberger SV 0:1
13th Sep 16 Austria - Erste LigaKapfenberger SV : Floridsdorfer AC 2:0
10th May 16 Austria - Erste LigaKapfenberger SV : Floridsdorfer AC 4:1
18th Mar 16 Austria - Erste LigaFloridsdorfer AC : Kapfenberger SV 0:1
23rd Oct 15 Austria - Erste LigaKapfenberger SV : Floridsdorfer AC 0:1
21st Aug 15 Austria - Erste LigaFloridsdorfer AC : Kapfenberger SV 0:3
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Floridsdorfer AC
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11.8.Kapfenberger SV1:2RiedMore details about Kapfenberger SV-<b>Ried</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
2BW Linz15101433:1631
4Kapfenberger SV1573524:2424
5Austria Lustenau1565426:1623
6Wiener Neustadt1565417:1723
7SV Lafnitz1557319:1722
8Floridsdorfer AC1555518:2120
9FC Liefering1561821:2219
10FC Wacker Innsbruck (A)1546513:1418
11Austria Wien (A)1553721:3218
12FC Juniors OOe1552821:2817
13SK Austria Klagenfurt1536617:2015
14Vorwaerts Steyr1542914:3214
16SV Horn1524917:2910
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

2Kapfenberger SV851216:816
3BW Linz851215:716
5Austria Lustenau842216:1114
6FC Liefering741214:613
7Wiener Neustadt73226:711
8FC Juniors OOe731311:1210
9FC Wacker Innsbruck (A)82336:79
10Austria Wien (A)730415:199
11SV Lafnitz81528:78
12Vorwaerts Steyr72147:167
13SK Austria Klagenfurt71428:77
14Floridsdorfer AC81344:96
15SV Horn80358:163
1BW Linz750218:915
2SV Lafnitz742111:1014
3Floridsdorfer AC742114:1214
6Wiener Neustadt833211:1012
8FC Wacker Innsbruck (A)72327:79
9Austria Wien (A)82336:139
10Austria Lustenau723210:59
11SK Austria Klagenfurt82249:138
12Kapfenberger SV72238:168
13FC Juniors OOe821510:167
14Vorwaerts Steyr82157:167
15SV Horn72149:137
16FC Liefering82067:166

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2BW Linz531112:610
3Vorwaerts Steyr53028:99
5Austria Lustenau52219:58
6Wiener Neustadt52216:58
7SV Lafnitz51403:27
8Kapfenberger SV52126:97
9FC Juniors OOe52039:96
10FC Wacker Innsbruck (A)51315:56
11SK Austria Klagenfurt51317:56
12Floridsdorfer AC51314:36
13Austria Wien (A)51229:135
14SV Horn50325:83
15FC Liefering51046:133

2Kapfenberger SV53119:510
3BW Linz53116:310
4Wiener Neustadt53116:510
5FC Juniors OOe53029:79
7FC Wacker Innsbruck (A)52214:18
8SV Lafnitz51407:37
9Austria Lustenau521212:107
10FC Liefering52127:67
11Vorwaerts Steyr52036:136
12Austria Wien (A)520310:136
13SK Austria Klagenfurt51317:56
14Floridsdorfer AC51223:45
15SV Horn50326:93
1SV Lafnitz54109:313
3Floridsdorfer AC53118:710
4BW Linz530213:89
5Austria Wien (A)52216:78
7SK Austria Klagenfurt52126:77
8Austria Lustenau51226:45
9Wiener Neustadt51225:85
10FC Juniors OOe51138:124
11Vorwaerts Steyr51134:84
12Kapfenberger SV51136:164
14SV Horn51134:94
15FC Wacker Innsbruck (A)50323:73
16FC Liefering51045:113

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