Australia - NPL Youth Western


Floreat Athena U20


Cockburn City U20

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Date Tuesday 1st May 2018
Time 14:00 CEST
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Floreat Athena U20Cockburn City U20
WON in last 1 NPL Youth Western's games.WON in last 4 NPL Youth Western's games.
NOT LOST in last 3 NPL Youth Western's games.NOT LOST in last 8 NPL Youth Western's games.

11.League position5.
  7pts.Last five games  13pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  10pts.

4 on Cockburn City U20

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:2
»Head to Head matches
06th Jul 19 Australia - NPL Youth WesternCockburn City U20 : Floreat Athena U20 1:1
20th Apr 19 Australia - NPL Youth WesternFloreat Athena U20 : Cockburn City U20 0:1
11th Aug 18 Australia - NPL Youth WesternCockburn City U20 : Floreat Athena U20 5:1
01st May 18 Australia - NPL Youth WesternFloreat Athena U20 : Cockburn City U20 2:3
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Floreat Athena U20
Australia - NPL Youth Western 2020
14.3.Perth U203:0Floreat Athena U20
31.8.Floreat Athena U201:2Rockingham City FC U20
24.8.Stirling Lions U203:0Floreat Athena U20
17.8.Floreat Athena U200:0ECU Joondalup U20
10.8.Sorrento U202:1Floreat Athena U20
03.8.Floreat Athena U201:1Perth U20
27.7.Armadale U204:3Floreat Athena U20
13.7.Floreat Athena U201:2Balcatta U20
06.7.Cockburn City U201:1Floreat Athena U20
29.6.Inglewood United U203:3Floreat Athena U20
22.6.Floreat Athena U201:0Bayswater City U20
08.6.Perth Glory U202:2Floreat Athena U20
01.6.Rockingham City FC U200:2Floreat Athena U20
25.5.Floreat Athena U205:0Stirling Lions U20
11.5.ECU Joondalup U203:4Floreat Athena U20
04.5.Floreat Athena U201:2Sorrento U20
27.4.Balcatta U203:1Floreat Athena U20
20.4.Floreat Athena U200:1Cockburn City U20
13.4.Perth U200:4Floreat Athena U20
06.4.Floreat Athena U205:1Armadale U20
30.3.Floreat Athena U203:0Inglewood United U20
23.3.Bayswater City U202:1Floreat Athena U20
16.3.Floreat Athena U200:4Perth Glory U20
04.9.Floreat Athena U206:0Inglewood United U20
Cockburn City U20
Australia - NPL Youth Western 2020
14.3.Sorrento U202:2Cockburn City U20
10.9.Perth U203:1Cockburn City U20
07.9.Perth Glory U203:2Cockburn City U20
31.8.Bayswater City U202:1Cockburn City U20
24.8.Cockburn City U202:1Perth U20
18.8.Perth Glory U204:0Cockburn City U20
10.8.Cockburn City U206:0Armadale U20
03.8.Rockingham City FC U200:1Cockburn City U20
27.7.Cockburn City U200:0Balcatta U20
13.7.Stirling Lions U200:3Cockburn City U20
06.7.Cockburn City U201:1Floreat Athena U20
29.6.ECU Joondalup U204:3Cockburn City U20
22.6.Inglewood United U202:1Cockburn City U20
08.6.Cockburn City U204:0Sorrento U20
01.6.Cockburn City U202:1Bayswater City U20
25.5.Perth U202:3Cockburn City U20
11.5.Cockburn City U201:1Perth Glory U20
04.5.Armadale U200:1Cockburn City U20
27.4.Cockburn City U204:0Stirling Lions U20
20.4.Floreat Athena U200:1Cockburn City U20
13.4.Cockburn City U206:0Rockingham City FC U20
06.4.Balcatta U200:2Cockburn City U20
30.3.Cockburn City U200:1ECU Joondalup U20
23.3.Cockburn City U203:2Inglewood United U20


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1ECU Joondalup U2026194394:2561
2Perth U2026185378:2859
3Bayswater City U2026182689:3656
4Perth Glory U2026182686:4656
5Cockburn City U2026172761:3353
6Subiaco U2026143956:4945
7Balcatta U20261141149:5037
8Sorrento U20261041252:4434
9Forrestfield United SC U2026941349:4631
10Stirling Lions U2026831548:6627
11Floreat Athena U2026821647:7526
12Armadale U2026631735:7821
13Inglewood United U2026621845:8220
14Joondalup United U2026002618:1490

1Perth U2013102144:1432
2ECU Joondalup U2013100352:1230
3Perth Glory U201392253:2629
4Bayswater City U201390441:2227
5Subiaco U201382329:2826
6Cockburn City U201381435:1925
7Floreat Athena U201472529:2523
8Sorrento U201352624:2317
9Balcatta U201352627:2917
10Forrestfield United SC U201343632:2315
11Inglewood United U201250724:2815
12Armadale U201342719:3614
13Stirling Lions U201332816:3211
14Joondalup United U2013001310:550
1ECU Joondalup U201394042:1331
2Bayswater City U201392248:1429
3Cockburn City U201391326:1428
4Perth Glory U201390433:2027
5Perth U201383234:1427
6Balcatta U201362522:2120
7Subiaco U201361627:2119
8Sorrento U201352628:2117
9Forrestfield United SC U201351717:2316
10Stirling Lions U201351732:3416
11Armadale U2013211016:427
12Inglewood United U2014121121:545
13Floreat Athena U2012101118:503
14Joondalup United U201300138:940

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Bayswater City U20550017:415
2Cockburn City U20541016:413
3Perth U20532011:511
4Perth Glory U20530212:59
5ECU Joondalup U20522123:68
6Floreat Athena U20521212:107
7Sorrento U20521217:127
8Balcatta U2052127:127
9Armadale U2052037:126
10Subiaco U2052035:116
11Forrestfield United SC U20512210:65
12Inglewood United U20511315:154
13Stirling Lions U2051139:144
14Joondalup United U2050050:260

1Cockburn City U20550020:415
2Perth Glory U20540123:712
3Bayswater City U20540113:512
4ECU Joondalup U20540126:412
5Subiaco U2053117:810
6Perth U20531111:710
7Forrestfield United SC U20522118:58
8Balcatta U2052217:88
9Floreat Athena U20521212:137
10Inglewood United U20520315:126
11Armadale U2051228:105
12Sorrento U2051227:105
13Stirling Lions U2051136:114
14Joondalup United U2050051:190
1Bayswater City U20540117:712
2Cockburn City U2053118:410
3Perth Glory U20530213:109
4ECU Joondalup U20523010:59
5Perth U2052306:39
6Sorrento U20522118:98
7Subiaco U20520312:116
8Balcatta U2051134:84
9Stirling Lions U2051138:164
10Floreat Athena U20510410:223
11Armadale U2051047:143
12Inglewood United U2050145:231
13Forrestfield United SC U2050054:110
14Joondalup United U2050052:410

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