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halftime (1:0)
»Game details
Date Saturday 9th June 2018
Time 18:00 CEST
90'   in Thomas Lam
90'   out Rasmus Karjalainen
81'   in Berat Sadik
81'   out Tim Vaeyrynen
79'   out Aleksandr Karnitskiy
79'   in Sergey Kislyak
77'   out Robin Lod
77'   in Simon Skrabb
75'   Moshtagh Yaghoubi
68'   out Yuri Kovalev
68'   in Igor Stasevich
64'   in Albin Granlund
64'   out Jukka Raitala
64'   out Denis Polyakov
64'   in Aleksandr Pavlovets
52'   out Glen Kamara
52'   in Rasmus Schueller
46'   out Pyry Soiri
46'   in Igor Shitov
46'   out Sergey Matveychik
46'   in Maksim Volodjko
46'   out Oleg Veretilo
46'   in Stanislav Dragun
46'   out Evgeni Shikavko
46'   in Moshtagh Yaghoubi
8'   Jere Uronen
Goalkeeper: Lukas Hradecky

Substitute player: Berat Sadik
Substitute player: Sauli Vaeisaenen
Substitute player: Juha Pirinen
Substitute player: Henri Toivomaeki
Substitute player: Thomas Lam
Substitute player: Robert Taylor
Substitute player: Anssi Jaakkola
Substitute player: Simon Skrabb
Substitute player: Moshtagh Yaghoubi
Substitute player: Walter Viitala
Substitute player: Rasmus Schueller
Substitute player: Albin Granlund

Starter: Jere Uronen
Starter: Rasmus Karjalainen
Starter: Joona Toivio
Starter: Robin Lod
Starter: Markus Halsti
Starter: Tim Sparv
Starter: Jukka Raitala
Starter: Glen Kamara
Starter: Pyry Soiri
Starter: Tim Vaeyrynen
Goalkeeper: Denis Scherbitski

Substitute player: Maksim Shvetsov
Substitute player: Anton Saroka
Substitute player: Igor Shitov
Substitute player: Igor Stasevich
Substitute player: Aleksandr Pavlovets
Substitute player: Pavel Savitskiy
Substitute player: Maksim Volodjko
Substitute player: Stanislav Dragun
Substitute player: Aleksandr Gutor
Substitute player: Sergey Kislyak
Substitute player: Maksim Shvetsov
Substitute player: Andrey Gorbunov

Starter: Sergey Matveychik
Starter: Evgeni Shikavko
Starter: Aleksei Gavrilovich
Starter: Denis Laptev
Starter: Denis Polyakov
Starter: Maksim Skavysh
Starter: Oleg Veretilo
Starter: Aleksandr Karnitskiy
Starter: Yuri Kovalev
Starter: Dmitry Baga
»Head to Head matches
09th Jun 18 International - FriendliesFinland : Belarus 2:0
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