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FK Spartaks




halftime (0:0)
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Date Wednesday 4th November 2020
Time 13:00 CET
68'  Own Seydina Keita
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FK LiepajaFK Spartaks
WON in last 2 Virsliga's games.WON in last 3 Virsliga's games.
NOT LOST in last 4 Virsliga's games.NOT DRAW in last 8 Virsliga's games.

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5.League position6.
  10pts.Last five games  12pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  10pts.

6 on FK Liepaja

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:1
»Head to Head matches
04th Nov 20 Latvia - VirsligaFK Liepaja : FK Spartaks 0:1
25th Oct 20 Latvia - VirsligaFK Spartaks : FK Liepaja 0:0
16th Sep 20 Latvia - VirsligaFK Liepaja : FK Spartaks 3:2
22nd Aug 20 Latvia - VirsligaFK Spartaks : FK Liepaja 2:2
21st Sep 19 Latvia - VirsligaFK Spartaks : FK Liepaja 4:2
05th Jul 19 Latvia - VirsligaFK Liepaja : FK Spartaks 2:2
12th May 19 Latvia - VirsligaFK Spartaks : FK Liepaja 1:0
30th Mar 19 Latvia - VirsligaFK Liepaja : FK Spartaks 0:1
04th Nov 18 Latvia - VirsligaFK Liepaja : FK Spartaks 1:0
01st Sep 18 Latvia - VirsligaFK Spartaks : FK Liepaja 2:2
30th Jun 18 Latvia - VirsligaFK Liepaja : FK Spartaks 1:1
04th May 18 Latvia - VirsligaFK Spartaks : FK Liepaja 2:2
»Latest games
FK Liepaja
Latvia - Virsliga 2020
29.11.FK Jelgava0:7FK Liepaja
26.11.FK Liepaja5:0FK Tukums 2000
23.11.FK Liepaja1:1Valmiera FC
20.11.FK Liepaja1:0RFS
Latvia - Cup 2020
08.11.FK Liepaja1:0Ventspils
Latvia - Virsliga 2020
04.11.FK Liepaja0:1FK Spartaks
25.10.Ventspils0:2FK Liepaja
04.10.Riga FC2:1FK Liepaja
28.9.FK Liepaja3:0FS Metta/LU
20.9.BFC Daugavpils0:4FK Liepaja
16.9.FK Liepaja3:2FK Spartaks
12.9.FK Liepaja3:1FK Jelgava
29.8.FK Tukums 20000:5FK Liepaja
22.8.FK Spartaks2:2FK Liepaja
16.8.Valmiera FC1:1FK Liepaja
12.8.FK Liepaja1:1Ventspils
08.8.RFS3:0FK Liepaja
03.8.FK Liepaja1:4Riga FC
30.7.FS Metta/LU2:1FK Liepaja
26.7.FK Liepaja1:1BFC Daugavpils
22.7.FK Jelgava1:5FK Liepaja
16.7.FK Liepaja2:2FK Tukums 2000
FK Spartaks
Latvia - Virsliga 2020
29.11.BFC Daugavpils1:3FK Spartaks
26.11.FK Spartaks7:0FK Jelgava
04.11.FK Liepaja0:1FK Spartaks
01.11.FK Spartaks2:4FK Tukums 2000
25.10.Valmiera FC0:1FK Spartaks
17.10.FK Spartaks1:2Ventspils
03.10.RFS2:1FK Spartaks
27.9.FK Spartaks1:2Riga FC
20.9.FS Metta/LU1:1FK Spartaks
16.9.FK Liepaja3:2FK Spartaks
12.9.FK Spartaks3:3BFC Daugavpils
29.8.FK Jelgava2:3FK Spartaks
22.8.FK Spartaks2:2FK Liepaja
17.8.FK Tukums 20000:2FK Spartaks
12.8.FK Spartaks2:3Valmiera FC
08.8.Ventspils1:1FK Spartaks
03.8.FK Spartaks1:1RFS
30.7.Riga FC4:2FK Spartaks
26.7.FK Spartaks2:0FS Metta/LU
22.7.BFC Daugavpils0:2FK Spartaks
18.7.FK Spartaks4:1FK Jelgava
07.7.FK Spartaks1:1FK Tukums 2000
03.7.Valmiera FC2:2FK Spartaks
29.6.FK Spartaks1:3Ventspils


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Riga FC27230460:2169
3Valmiera FC27138647:3347
5FK Liepaja27126957:3442
6FK Spartaks27117953:4440
7FK Jelgava27641719:6422
8BFC Daugavpils27551730:4820
9FS Metta/LU27441922:5516
10FK Tukums 200027351921:7014
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   relegation relegation  

1Riga FC14120232:1236
4Valmiera FC1373324:1124
5FK Liepaja1464426:1922
6FK Spartaks1344529:2316
7FK Jelgava1442814:3614
8BFC Daugavpils1433813:2312
9FS Metta/LU1332812:2211
10FK Tukums 200014221010:358
1Riga FC13110228:933
3FK Spartaks1473424:2124
4Valmiera FC1465323:2223
5FK Liepaja1362531:1520
7BFC Daugavpils1322917:258
8FK Jelgava132295:288
9FK Tukums 20001313911:356
10FS Metta/LU14121110:335

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Riga FC540111:412
3FK Spartaks540114:512
5FK Liepaja531114:210
6Valmiera FC522110:58
7FK Tukums 200052037:126
8BFC Daugavpils51133:74
9FK Jelgava50142:221
10FS Metta/LU50053:140

2Riga FC540110:412
3Valmiera FC531110:310
4FK Liepaja531110:210
5FK Tukums 200052125:67
7FK Spartaks511314:114
8BFC Daugavpils51133:94
9FK Jelgava51134:164
10FS Metta/LU50143:91
1Riga FC54018:412
2FK Liepaja540119:212
5FK Spartaks53117:410
6Valmiera FC51316:66
7FK Jelgava51132:114
8FK Tukums 200051044:173
9BFC Daugavpils50144:111
10FS Metta/LU50052:130

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