Netherlands - Eerste Divisie


FC Volendam


MVV Maastricht




halftime (1:0)
»Game details
Date Friday 9th November 2018
Time 20:00 CET
Venue nameKras Stadion
90'   in Xavier Mbuyamba
90'   out Tuur Houben
90'   Maxime Gunst
90'   Nick Runderkamp
85'   Jerome Deom
83'   in Nick Runderkamp
83'   out Cas Peters
79'   out Boy Deul
79'   in Teije ten Den
73'  Assist Lars Reck
73'   out Jari Vlak
73'   in Rodney Antwi
73'   Anthony van den Hurk
71'   Marco Tol
68'   in Nino Everaers
68'   out Dogan Can Golpek
67'   in Lars Reck
67'   out Joeri Schroyen
67'   Luc Mares
51'   Boy Deul
51'  Assist Nick Doodeman
49'  Assist Anthony Berenstein
49'   Darryl Baly
40'   Kevin Visser
15'  Assist Robin Schouten
15'   Boy Deul

Goalkeeper: Mitchel Michaelis

Defence: Marco Tol
Defence: Robin Schouten
Defence: Mohamed Betti
Defence: Darryl Baly

Midfield: Nick Doodeman
Midfield: Jari Vlak
Midfield: Kevin Visser
Midfield: Anthony Berenstein
Midfield: Boy Deul

Forward: Cas Peters

Substitute player: Gijs Smal
Substitute player: Rodney Antwi
Substitute player: Nick Runderkamp
Substitute player: Barry Lauwers
Substitute player: Alex Plat
Substitute player: Paul Kok
Substitute player: Teije ten Den
Substitute player: Ties Evers
Substitute player: Enzo Stroo
Substitute player: Nordin Bakker
Goalkeeper: Luuk Koopmans

Defence: Dimitri Lavelee
Defence: Maxime Gunst
Defence: Marnick Vermijl
Defence: Luc Mares

Midfield: Jerome Deom
Midfield: Koen Kostons
Midfield: Tuur Houben

Forward: Dogan Can Golpek
Forward: Anthony van den Hurk
Forward: Joeri Schroyen

Substitute player: Nino Everaers
Substitute player: Xavier Mbuyamba
Substitute player: Lars van Meurs
Substitute player: Raoul Last
Substitute player: Dimmy Kool
Substitute player: Lars Reck
Substitute player: Gilles Deusings
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FC VolendamMVV Maastricht
LOST in last 3 Eerste Divisie's games.WON in last 2 Eerste Divisie's games.
NOT WON in last 11 Eerste Divisie's games.NOT LOST in last 4 Eerste Divisie's games.

16.League position11.
  1pts.Last five games  8pts.
  0pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.


under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
29th Mar 19 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieMVV Maastricht : FC Volendam 1:1
09th Nov 18 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieFC Volendam : MVV Maastricht 3:2
12th Mar 18 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieFC Volendam : MVV Maastricht 2:2
29th Oct 17 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieMVV Maastricht : FC Volendam 2:1
28th Apr 17 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieFC Volendam : MVV Maastricht 3:1
28th Oct 16 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieMVV Maastricht : FC Volendam 1:2
20th Sep 16 Netherlands - KNVB CupFC Volendam : MVV Maastricht 8:7
06th May 16 Netherlands - Eredivisie QualificationFC Volendam : MVV Maastricht 1:2
02nd May 16 Netherlands - Eredivisie QualificationMVV Maastricht : FC Volendam 2:1
06th Mar 16 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Volendam : MVV Maastricht 0:1
18th Oct 15 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueMVV Maastricht : FC Volendam 3:1
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FC Volendam
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13.1.MVV Maastricht0:2FC TwenteMore details about MVV Maastricht-<b>FC Twente</b> game
International - Club Friendlies 2019
06.1.Bursaspor1:2MVV MaastrichtMore details about Bursaspor-<b>MVV Maastricht</b> game
Netherlands - Eerste Divisie 2018/2019
23.12.MVV Maastricht1:2CambuurMore details about MVV Maastricht-<b>Cambuur</b> game
14.12.NEC Nijmegen0:1MVV MaastrichtMore details about NEC Nijmegen-<b>MVV Maastricht</b> game
07.12.RKC Waalwijk3:1MVV MaastrichtMore details about <b>RKC Waalwijk</b>-MVV Maastricht game
30.11.MVV Maastricht1:1Jong AZ AlkmaarMore details about MVV Maastricht-Jong AZ Alkmaar game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FC Twente35244765:3176
2Sparta Rotterdam361911674:4268
3Go Ahead Eagles361961162:5163
4Jong PSV361791074:5760
5Almere City FC361851358:5459
6FC Den Bosch361691160:4957
7TOP Oss361681243:4056
9NEC Nijmegen361591268:5954
10RKC Waalwijk361651562:5553
11MVV Maastricht3614111147:4853
12Jong Ajax351571369:6052
13Roda JC Kerkrade3614101256:5652
14FC Eindhoven361391451:4448
16FC Volendam369121544:6039
17FC Dordrecht36991853:8136
18Jong AZ Alkmaar365121942:6527
19Helmond Sport36492336:6721
20Jong FC Utrecht36472544:8819
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off  

1Sparta Rotterdam18142247:1944
2FC Twente18121529:1537
3Go Ahead Eagles18113434:1736
4Jong PSV18104437:2334
5FC Den Bosch1895436:2532
6NEC Nijmegen1895440:2432
7Almere City FC18102631:2132
8Jong Ajax1794438:2731
9Roda JC Kerkrade1887334:2131
11RKC Waalwijk1884633:2928
12TOP Oss1884620:2128
14MVV Maastricht1865723:2623
15FC Volendam1864824:2722
16FC Eindhoven1856727:2421
17FC Dordrecht1845925:4017
18Helmond Sport18441024:2916
19Jong AZ Alkmaar1836924:3015
20Jong FC Utrecht18431125:4015
1FC Twente17123236:1639
2MVV Maastricht1886424:2230
3TOP Oss1884623:1928
4Go Ahead Eagles1883728:3427
5FC Eindhoven1883724:2027
6Almere City FC1883727:3327
7Jong PSV1875637:3426
8RKC Waalwijk1881929:2625
9FC Den Bosch1874724:2425
11Sparta Rotterdam1859427:2324
12NEC Nijmegen1864828:3522
14Jong Ajax1863931:3321
15Roda JC Kerkrade1863922:3521
16FC Dordrecht1854928:4119
17FC Volendam1838720:3317
18Jong AZ Alkmaar18261018:3512
19Helmond Sport18051312:385
20Jong FC Utrecht18041419:484

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1NEC Nijmegen540110:1012
2Almere City FC540112:412
3FC Dordrecht532013:1011
5Jong Ajax530210:119
7RKC Waalwijk522113:98
8MVV Maastricht52216:68
9Roda JC Kerkrade52215:78
10TOP Oss52217:48
11Sparta Rotterdam52127:87
12FC Twente52123:57
13Jong PSV52038:76
14Go Ahead Eagles52037:106
15FC Den Bosch51227:95
16FC Eindhoven51227:85
17Jong AZ Alkmaar51138:84
18Jong FC Utrecht51137:114
19Helmond Sport51046:133
20FC Volendam50146:131

2Sparta Rotterdam54019:612
3NEC Nijmegen540112:512
4Almere City FC540112:412
5Jong PSV531110:610
6FC Twente53117:110
8TOP Oss53114:310
9Go Ahead Eagles53028:69
10RKC Waalwijk522113:118
11FC Den Bosch522112:88
12FC Dordrecht522110:108
13FC Eindhoven522113:68
14Roda JC Kerkrade51406:57
15Helmond Sport52128:77
16Jong Ajax513111:146
17MVV Maastricht51315:76
18Jong AZ Alkmaar51229:85
19Jong FC Utrecht51045:123
20FC Volendam50055:120
1FC Twente53118:610
3Jong Ajax53028:59
5Sparta Rotterdam52219:58
6RKC Waalwijk521210:77
7NEC Nijmegen52127:107
8FC Dordrecht521210:167
9Go Ahead Eagles52127:87
10Almere City FC52126:97
11MVV Maastricht51226:95
12TOP Oss51226:75
13FC Eindhoven51226:75
14Jong PSV51136:84
15Roda JC Kerkrade51044:133
16FC Volendam50323:103
17Jong AZ Alkmaar50231:42
18Jong FC Utrecht50238:142
19FC Den Bosch50143:131
20Helmond Sport50054:140

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