Germany - Regionalliga West


FC Koeln II


SC Wiedenbrueck

halftime (1:2)
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Date Saturday 5th August 2017
Time 14:00 CEST
60'   Aygun Yildirim
48'   Stipe Batarilo-Cerdic
24'   Anas Ouahim
16'   Oliver Zech
11'   Pierre Merkel
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FC Koeln IISC Wiedenbrueck
LOST in last 1 Regionalliga West's games.LOST in last 2 Regionalliga West's games.
NOT WON in last 4 Regionalliga West's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Regionalliga West's games.

14.League position7.
  5pts.Last five games  4pts.
  11pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.
»Head to Head matches
02nd Dec 17 Germany - Regionalliga WestSC Wiedenbrueck : FC Koeln II 2:1
05th Aug 17 Germany - Regionalliga WestFC Koeln II : SC Wiedenbrueck 1:4
18th Mar 17 Germany - Regionalliga WestSC Wiedenbrueck : FC Koeln II 2:3
10th Sep 16 Germany - Regionalliga WestFC Koeln II : SC Wiedenbrueck 1:3
02nd Apr 16 Germany - Regionalliga WestFC Koeln II : SC Wiedenbrueck 1:2
18th Oct 15 Germany - Regionalliga WestSC Wiedenbrueck : FC Koeln II 4:3
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FC Koeln II
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07.3.Westfalia Rhynern1:0SC WiedenbrueckMore details about <b>Westfalia Rhynern</b>-SC Wiedenbrueck game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1KFC Uerdingen342210268:2476
2Viktoria Koeln 190434219485:3672
4Borussia Dortmund II341510955:4655
5SV Roedinghausen341651376:6353
6Alemannia Aachen341581159:4753
7SC Wiedenbrueck341571255:4852
8SC Verl341117647:3350
10RW Essen341213955:4349
12Borussia Moenchengladbach II3411101349:4943
13Bonner SC341081647:6238
14FC Koeln II341071749:6237
15Fortuna Duesseldorf II341061842:5936
16FC Wegberg-Beeck34772037:7828
17TuS Erndtebrueck34682028:6726
18Westfalia Rhynern34542529:9319
 promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

1KFC Uerdingen17125035:1141
2Viktoria Koeln 190417106149:1936
3SV Roedinghausen17102538:2632
6FC Koeln II1784536:2828
7Alemannia Aachen1784533:2528
8SC Verl17610126:1428
9Borussia Dortmund II1776428:2627
10SC Wiedenbrueck1775525:2026
12RW Essen1764725:2422
13Bonner SC1754823:3319
14Fortuna Duesseldorf II1753921:3018
15Borussia Moenchengladbach II1745821:2717
16TuS Erndtebrueck17431015:3315
17FC Wegberg-Beeck17431016:3315
18Westfalia Rhynern17421117:4314
1Viktoria Koeln 190417113336:1736
2KFC Uerdingen17105233:1335
3Borussia Dortmund II1784527:2028
4RW Essen1769230:1927
6SC Wiedenbrueck1782730:2826
7Borussia Moenchengladbach II1775528:2226
8Alemannia Aachen1774626:2225
9SC Verl1757521:1922
10SV Roedinghausen1763838:3721
13Bonner SC1754824:2919
14Fortuna Duesseldorf II1753921:2918
15FC Wegberg-Beeck17341021:4513
16TuS Erndtebrueck17251013:3411
17FC Koeln II17231213:349
18Westfalia Rhynern17121412:505

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1KFC Uerdingen550019:415
2Viktoria Koeln 1904541020:813
3RW Essen532010:311
5SV Roedinghausen531113:710
7SC Verl52215:58
8Bonner SC52126:57
10FC Wegberg-Beeck52039:146
11Fortuna Duesseldorf II51224:75
12FC Koeln II51225:65
13SC Wiedenbrueck51134:124
14Alemannia Aachen51136:124
15TuS Erndtebrueck51043:113
16Borussia Dortmund II50324:103
17Borussia Moenchengladbach II50239:142
18Westfalia Rhynern50143:121

1KFC Uerdingen541013:313
2SV Roedinghausen540112:412
4FC Koeln II532012:611
5RW Essen53118:610
7Viktoria Koeln 1904523016:99
8SC Verl52307:39
9SC Wiedenbrueck52034:96
10Bonner SC52038:116
12Borussia Dortmund II51227:105
13Borussia Moenchengladbach II512212:75
14TuS Erndtebrueck51133:94
15Alemannia Aachen51138:144
16FC Wegberg-Beeck51043:153
17Fortuna Duesseldorf II50233:102
18Westfalia Rhynern50051:150
1KFC Uerdingen550018:415
2Viktoria Koeln 1904541013:313
3Bonner SC53119:510
4Borussia Dortmund II52307:59
5RW Essen52308:29
7SC Verl52217:58
8SV Roedinghausen521211:167
9Alemannia Aachen52037:86
11SC Wiedenbrueck51228:115
12Fortuna Duesseldorf II51135:84
13FC Koeln II51136:74
14Borussia Moenchengladbach II51136:114
15TuS Erndtebrueck51045:93
16FC Wegberg-Beeck51048:123
18Westfalia Rhynern50142:141

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