Netherlands - Eerste Divisie


FC Dordrecht


Roda JC Kerkrade




halftime (1:1)
»Game details
Date Friday 15th March 2019
Time 20:00 CET
Venue nameRiwal Hoogwerkers Stadium
90'   out Crysencio Summerville
90'   in Dwayne Green
85'  Assist Mario Engels
85'   Mart Remans
83'   out Daryl Werker
83'   in Tim Vaeyrynen
83'   in Bo Breukers
83'   out Renny Smith
68'   in Oussama Zamouri
68'   out Thomas Schalekamp
63'   in Mart Remans
63'   out Florian Loshaj
63'   in Jannes Vansteenkiste
63'   out Niels Verburgh
58'   Renny Smith
58'  Assist Thomas Schalekamp
54'  Assist Jari Schuurman
54'   Jeremy Cijntje
41'  Assist Thijs Timmermans
41'   Thomas Schalekamp
38'   penalty Mario Engels

Goalkeeper: Bryan Janssen

Defence: Maarten Peijnenburg
Defence: Daniel Breedijk
Defence: Antonio Stankov
Defence: Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill

Midfield: Renny Smith
Midfield: Thijs Timmermans
Midfield: Jari Schuurman

Forward: Crysencio Summerville
Forward: Thomas Schalekamp
Forward: Jeremy Cijntje

Substitute player: Petar Stoskovic
Substitute player: Quincy Hogesteger
Substitute player: Dwayne Green
Substitute player: Lewis Montsma
Substitute player: Oussama Zamouri
Substitute player: Thomas Kok
Substitute player: Bo Breukers
Goalkeeper: Radomir Novakovic

Defence: Niels Verburgh
Defence: Daryl Werker
Defence: Henk Dijkhuizen
Defence: Mitchel Keulen

Midfield: Livio Milts
Midfield: Nicky Souren
Midfield: Florian Loshaj

Forward: Gyliano van Velzen
Forward: Ba-Muaka Simakala
Forward: Mario Engels

Substitute player: Raf Mertens
Substitute player: Pepijn Schloesser
Substitute player: Celestin Djim
Substitute player: Tim Vaeyrynen
Substitute player: Roshon van Eijma
Substitute player: Mohamed El Makrini
Substitute player: Mitchell Paulissen
Substitute player: Tom Muyters
Substitute player: Mart Remans
Substitute player: Jannes Vansteenkiste
Substitute player: Thomas Paumen
Substitute player: Jap Tjong Dico
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FC DordrechtRoda JC Kerkrade
LOST in last 2 Eerste Divisie's games.DRAW in last 1 Eerste Divisie's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 Eerste Divisie's games.NOT WON in last 4 Eerste Divisie's games.

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17.League position13.
  5pts.Last five games  5pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

5 on Roda JC Kerkrade

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:2
»Head to Head matches
30th Jan 21 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieFC Dordrecht : Roda JC Kerkrade 0:5
18th Sep 20 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieRoda JC Kerkrade : FC Dordrecht 4:0
28th Feb 20 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieRoda JC Kerkrade : FC Dordrecht 5:0
15th Nov 19 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieFC Dordrecht : Roda JC Kerkrade 1:1
15th Mar 19 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieFC Dordrecht : Roda JC Kerkrade 3:2
07th Dec 18 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieRoda JC Kerkrade : FC Dordrecht 2:2
»Latest games
FC Dordrecht
Netherlands - Eerste Divisie 2020/2021
19.2.FC Dordrecht2:3NAC Breda
15.2.Jong Ajax1:2FC Dordrecht
30.1.FC Dordrecht0:5Roda JC Kerkrade
22.1.Almere City FC3:0FC Dordrecht
15.1.FC Dordrecht0:0FC Volendam
11.1.FC Dordrecht2:3Jong PSV
02.1.Helmond Sport5:2FC Dordrecht
18.12.MVV Maastricht3:1FC Dordrecht
12.12.FC Dordrecht1:2NEC Nijmegen
06.12.NAC Breda0:1FC Dordrecht
28.11.FC Dordrecht3:1Jong Ajax
19.11.Telstar2:0FC Dordrecht
14.11.FC Dordrecht0:2De Graafschap
09.11.FC Eindhoven5:1FC Dordrecht
03.11.FC Dordrecht0:3Jong FC Utrecht
Netherlands - KNVB Cup 2020/2021
27.10.FC Dordrecht2:4FC Utrecht
Netherlands - Eerste Divisie 2020/2021
23.10.FC Volendam7:1FC Dordrecht
18.10.FC Dordrecht2:2Almere City FC
11.10.Cambuur5:0FC Dordrecht
05.10.TOP Oss2:0FC Dordrecht
25.9.FC Dordrecht2:0Jong AZ Alkmaar
18.9.Roda JC Kerkrade4:0FC Dordrecht
Roda JC Kerkrade
Netherlands - Eerste Divisie 2020/2021
19.2.Helmond Sport1:2Roda JC Kerkrade
15.2.Excelsior1:3Roda JC Kerkrade
05.2.Roda JC Kerkrade5:1Jong PSV
30.1.FC Dordrecht0:5Roda JC Kerkrade
24.1.Roda JC Kerkrade2:1Jong FC Utrecht
15.1.Roda JC Kerkrade1:3De Graafschap
08.1.NAC Breda2:2Roda JC Kerkrade
04.1.Jong AZ Alkmaar0:1Roda JC Kerkrade
20.12.Roda JC Kerkrade0:3Go Ahead Eagles
14.12.Roda JC Kerkrade2:2Helmond Sport
05.12.Jong PSV1:1Roda JC Kerkrade
28.11.Roda JC Kerkrade3:1Excelsior
20.11.NEC Nijmegen1:1Roda JC Kerkrade
14.11.Roda JC Kerkrade2:0MVV Maastricht
09.11.Jong FC Utrecht2:0Roda JC Kerkrade
31.10.Roda JC Kerkrade0:0FC Den Bosch
Netherlands - KNVB Cup 2020/2021
28.10.Roda JC Kerkrade0:2Fortuna Sittard
Netherlands - Eerste Divisie 2020/2021
23.10.Cambuur3:0Roda JC Kerkrade
19.10.Roda JC Kerkrade1:1Telstar
10.10.Almere City FC2:1Roda JC Kerkrade
04.10.Roda JC Kerkrade1:1FC Volendam
29.9.FC Eindhoven3:3Roda JC Kerkrade


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FC Twente38255872:3980
2Sparta Rotterdam381912778:4769
3Jong PSV381891177:5963
4FC Den Bosch381891164:4963
5Go Ahead Eagles381961363:5763
6TOP Oss381881248:4062
7Almere City FC381951460:6362
8RKC Waalwijk381851569:5759
9NEC Nijmegen3816101273:6058
11Jong Ajax381681481:6756
12MVV Maastricht3814121249:5354
13Roda JC Kerkrade3814111357:5953
14FC Eindhoven381391652:4848
16FC Volendam389141546:6241
17FC Dordrecht38992054:8436
18Jong AZ Alkmaar387121946:6733
19Jong FC Utrecht38582547:9023
20Helmond Sport384102437:7222
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off  

1Sparta Rotterdam19143249:2145
2FC Twente19122531:1738
3Jong PSV19114439:2337
4Go Ahead Eagles19113535:2136
5FC Den Bosch19105438:2535
6NEC Nijmegen19105444:2435
7Almere City FC19112633:2235
8Jong Ajax19104548:3234
10RKC Waalwijk1994636:3031
11Roda JC Kerkrade1987434:2331
12TOP Oss1994621:2131
14MVV Maastricht1966724:2724
15FC Volendam1965825:2823
16FC Eindhoven1956827:2521
17Jong AZ Alkmaar1946927:3218
18FC Dordrecht19451026:4217
19Jong FC Utrecht19441126:4116
20Helmond Sport19441124:3316
1FC Twente19133341:2242
2TOP Oss1994627:1931
3MVV Maastricht1986525:2630
4RKC Waalwijk1991933:2728
5FC Den Bosch1984726:2428
6Go Ahead Eagles1983828:3627
7FC Eindhoven1983825:2327
8Almere City FC1983827:4127
9Jong PSV1975738:3626
11Sparta Rotterdam1959529:2624
12NEC Nijmegen1965829:3623
13Jong Ajax1964933:3522
14Roda JC Kerkrade1964923:3622
16FC Dordrecht19541028:4219
17FC Volendam1939721:3418
18Jong AZ Alkmaar19361019:3515
19Jong FC Utrecht19141421:497
20Helmond Sport19061313:396

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1NEC Nijmegen541013:613
2TOP Oss541011:213
4RKC Waalwijk531116:1010
5Jong PSV53029:49
6Almere City FC53029:139
7Jong FC Utrecht52219:98
8MVV Maastricht52217:88
9FC Twente52218:88
10Jong AZ Alkmaar52128:97
11Jong Ajax521217:107
12FC Den Bosch52127:77
13Roda JC Kerkrade51224:95
14FC Dordrecht51229:105
15Sparta Rotterdam51138:124
16Helmond Sport51136:124
18Go Ahead Eagles51045:133
19FC Volendam50235:112
20FC Eindhoven50145:101

1Almere City FC550013:215
2TOP Oss54105:113
3Jong PSV540110:412
4NEC Nijmegen540115:512
7RKC Waalwijk531113:910
8Sparta Rotterdam53119:710
9FC Den Bosch522111:88
10FC Twente52214:38
11Jong AZ Alkmaar521211:97
12Jong Ajax521218:167
13FC Dordrecht52129:107
14Helmond Sport52128:97
15FC Eindhoven521213:77
16MVV Maastricht51315:76
17Roda JC Kerkrade51315:66
18Go Ahead Eagles52037:106
19Jong FC Utrecht51136:124
20FC Volendam50146:121
1FC Twente530210:119
3Jong Ajax52128:77
4RKC Waalwijk521210:77
5Sparta Rotterdam521211:87
6NEC Nijmegen52126:97
7TOP Oss521210:77
8FC Dordrecht521210:167
9Almere City FC52126:127
11Jong FC Utrecht51229:125
12MVV Maastricht51227:115
13FC Eindhoven51227:85
14Jong AZ Alkmaar51131:34
15Jong PSV51136:74
16Roda JC Kerkrade51135:134
17Go Ahead Eagles51136:104
18FC Den Bosch51043:113
19FC Volendam50323:103
20Helmond Sport50145:121

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