Tunisia - Ligue I


Etoile Metlaoui


CA Bizertin




halftime (0:0)
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Date Sunday 17th December 2017
Time 14:00 CET
71'   Imed Meniaoui
48'   Fahmi Maaouani
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Etoile MetlaouiCA Bizertin
WON in last 1 Ligue I's games.WON in last 5 Ligue I's games.
NOT DRAW in last 4 Ligue I's games.NOT DRAW in last 18 Ligue I's games.

7.League position5.
  7pts.Last five games  15pts.
  11pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.

5 on CA Bizertin

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:2
»Head to Head matches
30th May 19 Tunisia - Ligue ICA Bizertin : Etoile Metlaoui 1:1
12th Dec 18 Tunisia - Ligue IEtoile Metlaoui : CA Bizertin 1:1
10th Mar 18 Tunisia - Ligue ICA Bizertin : Etoile Metlaoui 1:2
17th Dec 17 Tunisia - Ligue IEtoile Metlaoui : CA Bizertin 2:0
22nd May 16 Tunisia - Ligue ICA Bizertin : Etoile Metlaoui 3:2
27th Dec 15 Tunisia - Ligue IEtoile Metlaoui : CA Bizertin 0:1
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Etoile Metlaoui
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CA Bizertin
Tunisia - Ligue I 2018/2019
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23.1.CA Bizertin2:2EsperanceMore details about CA Bizertin-Esperance game
12.12.Etoile Metlaoui1:1CA BizertinMore details about Etoile Metlaoui-CA Bizertin game
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02.12.Stade Gabesien1:1CA BizertinMore details about Stade Gabesien-CA Bizertin game
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24.11.Etoile du Sahel1:1CA BizertinMore details about Etoile du Sahel-CA Bizertin game
04.11.CA Bizertin1:0JS KairouanaiseMore details about <b>CA Bizertin</b>-JS Kairouanaise game
27.10.Club Africain0:2CA BizertinMore details about Club Africain-<b>CA Bizertin</b> game
20.10.US Tataouine1:1CA BizertinMore details about US Tataouine-CA Bizertin game
07.10.CA Bizertin3:2CS Hammam-LifMore details about <b>CA Bizertin</b>-CS Hammam-Lif game
15.9.CA Bizertin1:0Ben GuerdaneMore details about <b>CA Bizertin</b>-Ben Guerdane game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Etoile du Sahel26145738:1747
3Club Africain26145736:2147
4CS Sfaxien26137637:1846
5CA Bizertin261411140:3237
6US Monastir2699825:2236
7Etoile Metlaoui26971030:3534
8JS Kairouanaise26951220:3232
9Stade Tunisien26871129:3631
10AS Gabes26781125:3229
11Stade Gabesien266101015:2128
12Ben Guerdane26751422:3426
14Club Olympique de Medenine26451712:4317
 relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

2Club Africain13101228:1131
3Etoile du Sahel1392226:629
4CA Bizertin1390425:1627
5CS Sfaxien1383219:627
6JS Kairouanaise1381415:1025
7Etoile Metlaoui1366117:924
8US Monastir1364314:922
9AS Gabes1363417:1421
10Stade Tunisien1356218:1221
11Stade Gabesien135629:621
12Ben Guerdane1353514:1518
14Club Olympique de Medenine133376:2012
2CS Sfaxien1354418:1219
3Etoile du Sahel1353512:1118
4CA Bizertin1351715:1616
5Club Africain134458:1016
6US Monastir1335511:1314
8Etoile Metlaoui1331913:2610
9Stade Tunisien1331911:2410
10Ben Guerdane132298:198
11AS Gabes131578:188
12JS Kairouanaise131485:227
13Stade Gabesien131486:157
14Club Olympique de Medenine1312106:235

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1CA Bizertin550010:415
3CS Sfaxien530210:49
4Ben Guerdane52217:68
6Etoile du Sahel52219:28
7Etoile Metlaoui52129:97
8Stade Gabesien51314:36
9JS Kairouanaise51224:95
10Stade Tunisien51226:65
11Club Africain51227:65
12AS Gabes51136:114
13US Monastir50234:72
14Club Olympique de Medenine50141:171

1Ben Guerdane54107:313
2JS Kairouanaise54108:213
4CA Bizertin54018:512
5Etoile du Sahel540114:212
6Etoile Metlaoui53209:311
8Stade Tunisien53116:210
9Club Africain531112:510
10Stade Gabesien52214:28
11US Monastir52215:48
12CS Sfaxien52124:37
13AS Gabes51225:85
14Club Olympique de Medenine50321:93
1Club Africain53115:310
2CS Sfaxien52218:38
3CA Bizertin52034:46
6Etoile du Sahel51224:55
7Ben Guerdane51134:74
8AS Gabes51134:74
9Etoile Metlaoui51044:123
10JS Kairouanaise50232:102
11Stade Gabesien50231:42
12US Monastir50232:52
13Club Olympique de Medenine50141:111
14Stade Tunisien50143:101

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