Cyprus - 1. Division


Ethnikos Achnas


Nea Salamis




halftime (0:2)
»Game details
Date Saturday 13th January 2018
Time 15:00 CET
90'   in Ruben Brigido
90'   out Carlao
89'   David Poljanec
87'   in David Poljanec
87'   out Charles Eloundou
82'   out Giannis Papadopoulos
82'   in Andreas Lemesios
80'   out Georgi Iluridze
80'   in Elia Konstantinos
54'   in Andreas Ilia
54'   out Petros Ioannou
27'   Carlao
19'   Carlao
15'   in Michalis Charalampous
15'   out Yair Castro
Goalkeeper: Martin Bogatinov

Substitute player: Petros Hatziaros
Substitute player: Symeon Kone
Substitute player: Patryk Procek
Substitute player: Michalis Music
Substitute player: Michalis Charalampous
Substitute player: Andrei Enescu
Substitute player: Andreas Ilia
Substitute player: Filip Filipov
Substitute player: Christos Poyiatzis
Substitute player: Demetris Moulazimis
Substitute player: Elia Konstantinos

Coach: Giorgi Chikhradze
Coach: Valdas Ivanauskas

Starter: Aleksandr Dovbnya
Starter: Yair Castro
Starter: Nikolay Kipiani
Starter: Mite Cikarski
Starter: Demetris Kyprianou
Starter: Georgios Aresti
Starter: Davor Rogac
Starter: Petros Ioannou
Starter: Giorgos Papageorghiou
Starter: Georgi Iluridze
Goalkeeper: Robert Veselovsky

Substitute player: Taron Voskanyan
Substitute player: David Manoyan
Substitute player: Mario Kirev
Substitute player: Andreas Lemesios
Substitute player: Theodosis Siathas
Substitute player: Ruben Brigido
Substitute player: Dimitar Makriev
Substitute player: Lefteris Chatzikonstanti
Substitute player: Andreas Kyprianou
Substitute player: Konstrantinos Serghiou
Substitute player: David Poljanec

Coach: Savvas Poursaitidis
Coach: Liasos Louka

Starter: Thiago Santos
Starter: Giannis Papadopoulos
Starter: Ioannis Kousoulos
Starter: Alastair Reynolds
Starter: Constantinos Mintikkis
Starter: Charles Eloundou
Starter: Carlao
Starter: Andreas Karo
Starter: Anderson Correia
Starter: Joel Damahou
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Ethnikos AchnasNea Salamis
LOST in last 8 1. Division's games.WON in last 1 1. Division's games.
NOT WON in last 24 1. Division's games.NOT DRAW in last 7 1. Division's games.

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14.League position10.
  0pts.Last five games  6pts.
  1pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.

3 on Ethnikos Achnas

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:1
»Head to Head matches
13th Jan 18 Cyprus - 1. DivisionEthnikos Achnas : Nea Salamis 0:3
16th Oct 17 Cyprus - 1. DivisionNea Salamis : Ethnikos Achnas 0:0
30th Apr 17 Cyprus - 1. Division Relegation PlayoffNea Salamis : Ethnikos Achnas 0:1
19th Mar 17 Cyprus - 1. Division Relegation PlayoffEthnikos Achnas : Nea Salamis 0:2
26th Feb 17 Cyprus - 1. DivisionEthnikos Achnas : Nea Salamis 0:0
26th Nov 16 Cyprus - 1. DivisionNea Salamis : Ethnikos Achnas 1:0
02nd Mar 16 Cyprus - 1. DivisionEthnikos Achnas : Nea Salamis 2:2
06th Dec 15 Cyprus - 1. DivisionNea Salamis : Ethnikos Achnas 2:2
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1APOEL Nicosia26203372:2563
2Apollon Limassol26187167:1561
4AEK Larnaca26165557:2453
5AEL Limassol26146635:1748
6Omonia Nicosia26135851:3844
7Doxa Katokopia261041235:4034
8Ermis Aradippou26931435:4930
9Pafos FC26681223:3826
10Nea Salamis26661428:4624
11Alki Oroklinis26651530:5723
12Olympiakos Nicosia26481422:5520
13Aris Limassol26371619:4916
14Ethnikos Achnas26152019:648
 relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1APOEL Nicosia13110239:1433
2AEK Larnaca13103034:733
3Apollon Limassol13102139:932
5Omonia Nicosia1373328:1524
6AEL Limassol1373318:724
7Ermis Aradippou1370621:2421
8Doxa Katokopia1353518:2318
9Pafos FC1345414:1217
10Nea Salamis1344514:1616
11Olympiakos Nicosia1325613:2111
12Aris Limassol132477:2310
13Alki Oroklinis1322914:338
14Ethnikos Achnas131399:276
1APOEL Nicosia1393133:1130
2Apollon Limassol1385028:629
4AEL Limassol1373317:1024
5Omonia Nicosia1362523:2320
6AEK Larnaca1362523:1720
7Doxa Katokopia1351717:1716
8Alki Oroklinis1343616:2415
9Ermis Aradippou1323814:259
10Olympiakos Nicosia132389:349
11Pafos FC132389:269
12Nea Salamis1322914:308
13Aris Limassol1313912:266
14Ethnikos Achnas13021110:372

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1APOEL Nicosia550017:715
2Apollon Limassol540114:412
4AEL Limassol540110:412
5AEK Larnaca531113:510
6Ermis Aradippou530210:109
7Omonia Nicosia530212:79
8Doxa Katokopia52128:87
9Nea Salamis52038:106
10Pafos FC512210:65
11Olympiakos Nicosia51044:103
12Aris Limassol51045:143
13Alki Oroklinis50057:190
14Ethnikos Achnas50053:250

1AEK Larnaca550018:315
2Ermis Aradippou540112:812
3APOEL Nicosia540114:812
4Omonia Nicosia540115:412
5Apollon Limassol531110:410
7Nea Salamis52125:47
8AEL Limassol52126:47
9Aris Limassol51131:84
10Olympiakos Nicosia51048:133
11Doxa Katokopia50231:122
12Alki Oroklinis50146:161
13Ethnikos Achnas50141:151
14Pafos FC50143:81
1APOEL Nicosia550019:515
2Apollon Limassol550013:115
3AEL Limassol540111:512
5Doxa Katokopia53028:69
6Omonia Nicosia53029:89
7Nea Salamis52039:96
8Olympiakos Nicosia51223:85
9Alki Oroklinis51133:114
10Ermis Aradippou51134:114
11Pafos FC51137:94
12Aris Limassol51048:163
13AEK Larnaca50233:92
14Ethnikos Achnas50055:220

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