Bulgaria - First Professional League




Cherno More Varna




halftime (1:0)
»Game details
Date Friday 10th August 2018
Time 17:15 CEST
Venue nameIvaylo
90'   Ivan Petkov
88'   out Daniel Mladenov
88'   in Ivan Petkov
80'   in Veljko Batrovic
80'   out Ivan Stoyanov
75'   in Erik Pochanski
75'   out Gilson Varela
71'   in Emil Yanchev
71'   out Petar Vitanov
68'   in Georgi Bozhilov
68'   out Patrick Andrade
58'   Hugo Konongo
51'   Patrick Andrade
51'  Assist Mehdi Fennouche
45'   in Radoslav Vasilev
45'   out Jorginho
45'   Patrick Andrade
9'   Daniel Mladenov
7'   Miroslav Enchev
3'   Krum Stoyanov

Goalkeeper: Hristo Ivanov

Defence: Dimo Atanasov
Defence: Georgi Sarmov
Defence: Artjom Artjunin
Defence: Krum Stoyanov

Midfield: Nikola Kolev
Midfield: Daniel Mladenov
Midfield: Florent Bojaj
Midfield: Ivan Stoyanov
Midfield: Rumen Rumenov

Forward: Gilson Varela

Substitute player: Tsvetomir Tsankov
Substitute player: Kolyo Stanev
Substitute player: Ivan Valchanov
Substitute player: Ivan Petkov
Substitute player: Erik Pochanski
Substitute player: Veljko Batrovic
Substitute player: Chavdar Ivaylov

Coach: Krasimir Balakov
Goalkeeper: Blagoy Makendzhiev

Defence: Hugo Konongo
Defence: Ilias Hassani
Defence: Miroslav Enchev
Defence: Martin Kostadinov

Midfield: Petar Vitanov
Midfield: Mehdi Fennouche
Midfield: Patrick Andrade
Midfield: Aristote N'Dongala
Midfield: Georgi Iliev

Forward: Jorginho

Substitute player: Ivan Dyulgerov
Substitute player: Martin Minchev
Substitute player: Atanas Zehirov
Substitute player: Georgi Bozhilov
Substitute player: Radoslav Vasilev
Substitute player: Emil Yanchev
Substitute player: Dani Kiki

Coach: Ilian Iliev
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EtarCherno More Varna
LOST in last 1 First Professional League's games.WON in last 3 First Professional League's games.
NOT DRAW in last 9 First Professional League's games.NOT DRAW in last 14 First Professional League's games.

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7.League position6.
  9pts.Last five games  12pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.
»Head to Head matches
30th Nov 18 Bulgaria - First Professional LeagueCherno More Varna : Etar 1:0
10th Aug 18 Bulgaria - First Professional LeagueEtar : Cherno More Varna 1:1
03rd Mar 18 Bulgaria - First Professional LeagueEtar : Cherno More Varna 1:1
23rd Sep 17 Bulgaria - First Professional LeagueCherno More Varna : Etar 0:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Ludogorets Razgrad19153140:1248
2PFC CSKA-Sofia19133333:742
3Levski Sofia19132439:1641
5Botev Plovdiv18102627:1632
6Cherno More Varna1993727:2930
8Botev Vratsa1973922:2824
9Lokomotiv Plovdiv1964916:2122
10Slavia Sofia1956816:2221
11Vitosha Bistritsa18611114:2819
12Dunav Ruse19431221:3515
13Septemvri Sofia19421318:3714
 relegation play off relegation play off  

1Ludogorets Razgrad1090120:527
2Levski Sofia1081128:825
3PFC CSKA-Sofia971121:422
4Cherno More Varna1071216:1222
7Botev Plovdiv951316:816
8Dunav Ruse942314:1114
9Vitosha Bistritsa94149:1113
10Botev Vratsa1041510:1213
11Slavia Sofia93428:613
12Septemvri Sofia1031610:2010
13Lokomotiv Plovdiv93158:1110
1Ludogorets Razgrad963020:721
2PFC CSKA-Sofia1062212:320
3Botev Plovdiv951311:816
4Levski Sofia951311:816
6Lokomotiv Plovdiv103348:1012
7Botev Vratsa932412:1611
9Cherno More Varna922511:178
10Slavia Sofia102268:168
11Vitosha Bistritsa92075:176
12Septemvri Sofia91178:174
13Dunav Ruse100197:241

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Ludogorets Razgrad54108:113
2Cherno More Varna54016:212
3PFC CSKA-Sofia53117:210
4Botev Vratsa53029:59
6Botev Plovdiv53029:69
7Septemvri Sofia52127:107
8Levski Sofia52128:77
9Vitosha Bistritsa52033:96
11Slavia Sofia51223:55
12Lokomotiv Plovdiv50233:82
14Dunav Ruse50142:91

1Ludogorets Razgrad550013:215
2Cherno More Varna550011:415
4Botev Plovdiv540114:612
5Levski Sofia540117:512
6Vitosha Bistritsa53117:410
7Septemvri Sofia53118:810
8PFC CSKA-Sofia531110:310
10Botev Vratsa53027:49
11Dunav Ruse52216:48
12Slavia Sofia52215:38
13Lokomotiv Plovdiv51132:54
1Ludogorets Razgrad541014:413
2PFC CSKA-Sofia53115:210
3Botev Plovdiv53026:69
4Botev Vratsa52218:68
7Levski Sofia51134:64
8Cherno More Varna51045:113
9Lokomotiv Plovdiv50233:72
10Slavia Sofia50141:91
12Vitosha Bistritsa50051:120
13Septemvri Sofia50053:120
14Dunav Ruse50054:130

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