Iran - Azadegan League


Esteghlal Khuzestan


Mes Rafsanjan

halftime (0:0)
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Date Monday 13th January 2020
Time 11:30 CET
56'   Mohammad Mehri Seyed
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Esteghlal KhuzestanMes Rafsanjan
LOST in last 1 Azadegan League's games.WON in last 2 Azadegan League's games.
NOT DRAW in last 4 Azadegan League's games.NOT DRAW in last 6 Azadegan League's games.

9.League position1.
  4pts.Last five games  9pts.
  9pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

5 on Mes Rafsanjan

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:2
»Head to Head matches
13th Jan 20 Iran - Azadegan LeagueEsteghlal Khuzestan : Mes Rafsanjan 0:1
22nd Aug 19 Iran - Azadegan LeagueMes Rafsanjan : Esteghlal Khuzestan 1:1
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Esteghlal Khuzestan
Iran - Azadegan League 2019/2020
08.8.Khooshe Talaee Sana Saveh2:0Esteghlal Khuzestan
02.8.Esteghlal Khuzestan2:0Gol Reyhan Alborz
25.7.Arman Gahar Sirjan2:0Esteghlal Khuzestan
18.7.Esteghlal Khuzestan0:1Mes Kerman
12.7.Rayka Babol0:0Esteghlal Khuzestan
06.7.Esteghlal Khuzestan1:0Damash
30.6.Havadar SC0:1Esteghlal Khuzestan
28.2.Esteghlal Khuzestan3:0Malavan
23.2.Qashqai0:1Esteghlal Khuzestan
15.2.Esteghlal Khuzestan4:1Elmoadab Tabriz
08.2.Niroye Zamini0:1Esteghlal Khuzestan
02.2.Esteghlal Khuzestan0:1Aluminium Arak
26.1.Esteghlal Khuzestan2:0Sepidrood Rasht
19.1.Fajr Sepasi0:0Esteghlal Khuzestan
13.1.Esteghlal Khuzestan0:1Mes Rafsanjan
07.1.Baadraan Tehran0:1Esteghlal Khuzestan
18.12.Esteghlal Khuzestan0:0Arman Gahar Sirjan
12.12.Navad Urmia1:0Esteghlal Khuzestan
06.12.Esteghlal Khuzestan4:1Khooshe Talaee Sana Saveh
30.11.Gol Reyhan Alborz0:0Esteghlal Khuzestan
15.11.Mes Kerman1:0Esteghlal Khuzestan
10.11.Esteghlal Khuzestan1:1Rayka Babol
04.11.Damash1:0Esteghlal Khuzestan
30.10.Esteghlal Khuzestan1:1Havadar SC
Mes Rafsanjan
Iran - Azadegan League 2019/2020
08.8.Navad Urmia0:1Mes Rafsanjan
02.8.Mes Rafsanjan1:0Fajr Sepasi
25.7.Khooshe Talaee Sana Saveh3:1Mes Rafsanjan
18.7.Mes Rafsanjan3:2Gol Reyhan Alborz
12.7.Malavan1:0Mes Rafsanjan
06.7.Mes Rafsanjan3:0Rayka Babol
30.6.Mes Kerman0:0Mes Rafsanjan
28.2.Mes Rafsanjan1:1Aluminium Arak
23.2.Damash1:3Mes Rafsanjan
15.2.Mes Rafsanjan3:1Arman Gahar Sirjan
08.2.Elmoadab Tabriz0:3Mes Rafsanjan
02.2.Mes Rafsanjan1:1Havadar SC
26.1.Niroye Zamini2:3Mes Rafsanjan
19.1.Mes Rafsanjan1:2Qashqai
13.1.Esteghlal Khuzestan0:1Mes Rafsanjan
08.1.Mes Rafsanjan1:0Sepidrood Rasht
18.12.Mes Rafsanjan1:0Khooshe Talaee Sana Saveh
12.12.Baadraan Tehran0:2Mes Rafsanjan
06.12.Mes Rafsanjan3:1Navad Urmia
30.11.Fajr Sepasi2:1Mes Rafsanjan
15.11.Gol Reyhan Alborz1:1Mes Rafsanjan
10.11.Mes Rafsanjan3:0Malavan
04.11.Rayka Babol2:0Mes Rafsanjan
30.10.Mes Rafsanjan1:1Mes Kerman


Main table plus home and away only tables.
0Khoneh Be Khoneh00000:00
1Mes Rafsanjan33199555:2866
2Aluminium Arak331612539:2060
3Mes Kerman331612539:2360
4Khooshe Talaee Sana Saveh33178843:2459
5Baadraan Tehran331661149:3754
6Havadar SC331313743:3552
7Navad Urmia331313724:1752
8Gol Reyhan Alborz331214738:2650
9Esteghlal Khuzestan331291232:2545
10Arman Gahar Sirjan3310131040:3943
11Fajr Sepasi3310121133:3242
14Rayka Babol337131328:3334
16Niroye Zamini33881731:4532
17Sepidrood Rasht33861925:4630
18Shahrdari Tabriz28242213:6210
18Elmoadab Tabriz33242714:8210
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1Mes Rafsanjan16114131:1037
2Mes Kerman17113322:936
3Navad Urmia17105218:635
5Khooshe Talaee Sana Saveh17104324:1134
6Aluminium Arak16104226:934
7Gol Reyhan Alborz1789022:533
8Arman Gahar Sirjan1788129:1532
9Baadraan Tehran17102528:1732
10Havadar SC1686224:1430
11Fajr Sepasi1769223:1127
13Esteghlal Khuzestan1674522:1125
15Sepidrood Rasht1665515:1923
16Niroye Zamini1662815:1720
17Rayka Babol1647515:1519
18Elmoadab Tabriz1614117:337
19Shahrdari Tabriz141496:277
20Khoneh Be Khoneh00000:00
1Mes Rafsanjan1785424:1829
2Aluminium Arak1768313:1126
3Khooshe Talaee Sana Saveh1674519:1325
4Mes Kerman1659217:1424
5Havadar SC1757519:2122
6Baadraan Tehran1664621:2022
7Esteghlal Khuzestan1755710:1420
8Navad Urmia163856:1117
9Gol Reyhan Alborz1645716:2117
10Rayka Babol1736813:1815
11Fajr Sepasi1643910:2115
13Niroye Zamini1726916:2812
14Arman Gahar Sirjan1625911:2411
15Sepidrood Rasht17211410:277
18Elmoadab Tabriz1710167:493
19Shahrdari Tabriz1410137:353
20Khoneh Be Khoneh00000:00

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Havadar SC541010:513
2Baadraan Tehran541010:413
3Khooshe Talaee Sana Saveh531111:410
5Mes Kerman53114:210
6Arman Gahar Sirjan52305:29
7Aluminium Arak53026:59
8Mes Rafsanjan53026:69
9Rayka Babol52125:57
10Gol Reyhan Alborz52129:67
12Navad Urmia51221:35
14Niroye Zamini51135:84
15Esteghlal Khuzestan51132:54
16Fajr Sepasi51136:74
17Sepidrood Rasht51041:73
18Elmoadab Tabriz50051:200
19Khoneh Be Khoneh00000:00
20Shahrdari Tabriz50051:200

1Mes Rafsanjan541011:413
2Havadar SC54019:612
3Baadraan Tehran54019:412
4Aluminium Arak540112:212
5Gol Reyhan Alborz532010:211
7Arman Gahar Sirjan52304:09
8Khooshe Talaee Sana Saveh53028:59
9Esteghlal Khuzestan53027:39
10Navad Urmia52215:38
11Mes Kerman52213:18
13Sepidrood Rasht52124:77
15Fajr Sepasi51316:46
16Rayka Babol51226:75
17Niroye Zamini51134:54
18Shahrdari Tabriz51041:123
19Elmoadab Tabriz50051:150
20Khoneh Be Khoneh00000:00
1Havadar SC54108:313
2Mes Kerman54106:213
3Rayka Babol53117:510
4Aluminium Arak53116:410
5Khooshe Talaee Sana Saveh52306:19
6Arman Gahar Sirjan52128:77
7Mes Rafsanjan52125:57
8Esteghlal Khuzestan52122:47
9Navad Urmia51221:45
10Niroye Zamini51226:75
11Baadraan Tehran51135:84
15Fajr Sepasi50143:91
16Elmoadab Tabriz50051:250
17Gol Reyhan Alborz50054:110
18Sepidrood Rasht50052:70
19Khoneh Be Khoneh00000:00
20Shahrdari Tabriz50052:150

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