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England Premier League U18 2020/2021 England | Premier League U18 | 2020/2021

Premier League U18 facts

Home field has no special importance on game result. Home team get average 1.48 points per game.!
In this league draw occurance is very low. 14% of games finish as draw!!!
Number of goals is extremely high. It's 4.02 goals per game!!!
Number of games with three or more goals in these leagues is extremely high. It's 78% of all games.!!!
Favourites usually win in this league.!

Predictions and upcoming games

dateround  1X2result predictionGoals (2.5)Score tip
20 Apr1Aston Villa U18
West Bromwich Albion U18
2 on West Bromwich Albion U18over2:2
20 Apr1Arsenal U18
Chelsea U18
5 on Chelsea U18over1:3
20 Apr1Tottenham Hotspur U18
West Ham United U18
10 on Tottenham Hotspur U18over3:0
20 Apr1Burnley U18
Liverpool U18
9 on Liverpool U18over0:3
20 Apr1Stoke City U18
Everton U18
4 on Everton U18over1:2
21 Apr1Middlesbrough U18
Newcastle United U18
6 on Middlesbrough U18over2:1
23 Apr1Fulham U18
Reading U18
10 on Fulham U18over5:1
24 Apr1Tottenham Hotspur U18
Crystal Palace U18
3 on Crystal Palace U18over1:2
24 Apr1Norwich City U18
West Ham United U18
7 on Norwich City U18over3:0
24 Apr1Manchester United U18
Wolverhampton Wanderers U18
10 on Manchester United U18over3:0
24 Apr1Derby County U18
Leeds United U18
9 on Derby County U18over4:0
24 Apr1Leicester City U18
Arsenal U18
6 on Arsenal U18over1:3
24 Apr1Liverpool U18
Middlesbrough U18
7 on Liverpool U18over3:0
24 Apr1Southampton U18
West Bromwich Albion U18
10 on West Bromwich Albion U18over0:3
24 Apr1Stoke City U18
Sunderland U18
6 on Stoke City U18over2:1
24 Apr1Brighton & Hove Albion U18
Aston Villa U18
6 on Brighton & Hove Albion U18over2:1
24 Apr1Newcastle United U18
Everton U18
3 on Everton U18over1:2
24 Apr1Manchester City U18
Burnley U18
10 on Manchester City U18over4:0
27 Apr1Middlesbrough U18
Burnley U18
2 on Middlesbrough U18over2:1
27 Apr1Sunderland U18
Manchester United U18
10 on Manchester United U18over1:4
27 Apr1Blackburn Rovers U18
Stoke City U18
6 on Blackburn Rovers U18over2:1
27 Apr1Everton U18
Manchester City U18
10 on Manchester City U18over0:3
1 May1Sunderland U18
Newcastle United U18
7 on Newcastle United U18over0:3
1 May1West Ham United U18
Southampton U18
8 on West Ham United U18over4:0
1 May1Chelsea U18
Arsenal U18
5 on Chelsea U18over3:1
1 May1Leeds United U18
Manchester United U18
10 on Manchester United U18over1:4
1 May1West Bromwich Albion U18
Tottenham Hotspur U18
9 on Tottenham Hotspur U18over0:4
1 May1Wolverhampton Wanderers U18
Everton U18
5 on Wolverhampton Wanderers U18over2:1
1 May1Liverpool U18
Derby County U18
10 on Liverpool U18over4:0
1 May1Leicester City U18
Fulham U18
10 on Fulham U18over1:4
1 May1Norwich City U18
Reading U18
7 on Norwich City U18over3:1
1 May1Middlesbrough U18
Stoke City U18
7 on Middlesbrough U18over3:0
1 May1Manchester City U18
Blackburn Rovers U18
10 on Manchester City U18over4:0

All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Manchester United U1820160458:2248
2Crystal Palace U1821152452:3047
3Manchester City U1819144162:1946
4Liverpool U1821150665:2545
5Fulham U1820142459:2444
6Brighton & Hove Albion U1822133658:3342
7Tottenham Hotspur U181896344:2433
8Chelsea U1820103754:3633
9Wolverhampton Wanderers U1821103836:3633
10Aston Villa U181995531:3232
11Middlesbrough U181993737:3130
12Derby County U1821921037:5029
13Norwich City U181991949:4128
14Arsenal U181983836:3927
15Burnley U181982931:2926
16Everton U181982928:3026
17Blackburn Rovers U1820821032:4026
18West Bromwich Albion U1820731040:4724
19West Ham United U1820541127:5019
20Stoke City U1819541022:4719
21Newcastle United U1818521132:4017
22Reading U1819441139:6016
23Leeds United U1821431428:6215
24Leicester City U1819241328:6110
25Sunderland U1819311521:5810
26Southampton U1820141522:627

1Manchester City U1891042:928
2Crystal Palace U1890229:1727
3Manchester United U1890138:1227
4Fulham U1881239:1325
5Liverpool U1870328:1121
6Wolverhampton Wanderers U1862320:1420
7Arsenal U1861219:1519
8Brighton & Hove Albion U1852330:1817
9Derby County U1852421:2017
10Tottenham Hotspur U1843119:815
11Everton U1850517:1615
12Burnley U1841414:1013
13Norwich City U1841422:1313
14Aston Villa U1834313:2113
15Middlesbrough U1841418:1713
16Chelsea U1841525:2313
17Leeds United U1831716:3010
18Newcastle United U1831518:1810
19West Ham United U1831715:2810
20Stoke City U1823412:149
21Reading U1822722:368
22Blackburn Rovers U1822515:198
23Leicester City U1822312:168
24West Bromwich Albion U1822718:338
25Sunderland U1820813:276
26Southampton U1812714:215
1Brighton & Hove Albion U181281328:1525
2Liverpool U181180337:1424
3Manchester United U181070320:1021
4Crystal Palace U181062223:1320
5Chelsea U181062229:1320
6Aston Villa U18961218:1119
7Fulham U18961220:1119
8Tottenham Hotspur U181053225:1618
9Blackburn Rovers U181160517:2118
10Manchester City U18953120:1018
11Middlesbrough U181052319:1417
12West Bromwich Albion U18951322:1416
13Norwich City U181050527:2815
14Burnley U181041517:1913
15Wolverhampton Wanderers U181041516:2213
16Derby County U181040616:3012
17Everton U18932411:1411
18Stoke City U181031610:3310
19West Ham United U18923412:229
20Reading U18822417:248
21Arsenal U181022617:248
22Newcastle United U18921614:227
23Leeds United U181012712:325
24Sunderland U1891178:314
25Southampton U18100288:412
26Leicester City U1812021016:452

Latest results

dateround home team away team
17 Apr1FTBlackburn Rovers U183:0Derby County U18
17 Apr1FTLeeds United U184:3Stoke City U18
17 Apr1FTCrystal Palace U183:1Aston Villa U18
17 Apr1FTNewcastle United U183:2Manchester United U18
17 Apr1FTNorwich City U185:0Southampton U18
17 Apr1FTBrighton & Hove Albion U185:2Reading U18
17 Apr1FTSunderland U180:4Manchester City U18
17 Apr1FTMiddlesbrough U182:1Wolverhampton Wanderers U18
10 Apr1FTLeeds United U181:6Liverpool U18
10 Apr1FTWolverhampton Wanderers U183:1Sunderland U18
10 Apr1FTAston Villa U180:7Chelsea U18
10 Apr1FTDerby County U182:1Everton U18
10 Apr1FTManchester United U186:1Stoke City U18
10 Apr1FTSouthampton U180:3Tottenham Hotspur U18
10 Apr1FTBrighton & Hove Albion U181:3Norwich City U18
10 Apr1FTWest Bromwich Albion U184:1Leicester City U18

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Blackburn Rovers U18550011:215
2Fulham U18550022:215
3Crystal Palace U18541016:513
4Manchester City U18541021:513
5Brighton & Hove Albion U18540113:512
6Manchester United U18540117:412
7Liverpool U18540115:412
8Chelsea U18531115:610
9Burnley U18530210:39
10Norwich City U18530213:99
11Wolverhampton Wanderers U18530210:89
12Tottenham Hotspur U18522112:98
13West Ham United U1852129:137
14Middlesbrough U1852128:77
15Derby County U18521211:137
16Leeds United U18520310:206
17Newcastle United U1852036:96
18West Bromwich Albion U1852039:126
19Everton U1852035:76
20Arsenal U1851228:125
21Reading U18511312:184
22Aston Villa U1851135:144
23Stoke City U1851138:144
24Southampton U1850143:171
25Leicester City U1850147:151
26Sunderland U1850052:150

1Fulham U18550022:215
2Manchester City U18550022:515
3Crystal Palace U18540117:812
4Brighton & Hove Albion U18540118:912
5Manchester United U18540121:612
6Burnley U1853117:110
7Arsenal U1853117:510
8Tottenham Hotspur U18523014:69
9Liverpool U18530210:59
10Wolverhampton Wanderers U1852219:88
11Derby County U1852219:88
12Norwich City U18521211:67
13Blackburn Rovers U18521210:87
14West Ham United U1852129:117
15Leeds United U1852039:186
16Newcastle United U18520311:106
17Middlesbrough U18520310:146
18Leicester City U1851227:105
19Stoke City U1851228:95
20Aston Villa U1850323:123
21Chelsea U1851048:163
22West Bromwich Albion U1851047:183
23Everton U1851045:113
24Reading U1850238:172
25Southampton U1850234:112
26Sunderland U1850051:130
1Blackburn Rovers U18550011:415
2Brighton & Hove Albion U18550012:215
3West Bromwich Albion U18540117:612
4Liverpool U18540119:612
5Chelsea U18531115:610
6Fulham U18531111:510
7Norwich City U18530216:139
8Manchester United U1853029:79
9Crystal Palace U18522113:68
10Tottenham Hotspur U18522112:98
11Manchester City U18522114:98
12Burnley U1852128:67
13Aston Villa U1852129:87
14Middlesbrough U1852128:87
15Everton U1852126:67
16Reading U1852039:146
17Newcastle United U1852038:96
18Stoke City U1852037:166
19Derby County U18520310:136
20Arsenal U1851228:125
21Wolverhampton Wanderers U1851137:114
22Sunderland U1851044:203
23Leicester City U1850237:122
24West Ham United U1850234:132
25Leeds United U1850145:191
26Southampton U1850051:230

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Reading U189595845.275.135.21
2Norwich City U189584683.895.54.74
3Leicester City U1889795845.084.68
4Chelsea U189585604.84.24.5
5West Bromwich Albion U189590654.6444.35
6Leeds United U1810086624.184.44.29
7Liverpool U189090673.94.644.29
8Manchester City U188979745.13.334.26
9Southampton U189570553.54.94.2
10Sunderland U1895847944.334.16
11Fulham U189585604.733.444.15
12Brighton & Hove Albion U1810068504.83.584.14
13Derby County U189586573.734.64.14
14Newcastle United U18947856444
15Manchester United U18807060534
16Arsenal U188479683.784.13.95
17Crystal Palace U188676524.183.63.9
18West Ham United U189580553.913.783.85
19Tottenham Hotspur U189461443.384.13.78
20Stoke City U188463472.894.33.63
21Blackburn Rovers U189585403.783.453.6
22Middlesbrough U188979473.893.33.58
23Wolverhampton Wanderers U189571483.093.83.43
24Aston Villa U188963423.43.223.32
25Burnley U187974422.673.63.16
26Everton U188968323.32.783.05

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team betting index

Teams ordered by SoccerVista tips profitability
Negative number means that team plays less predictable - this team can beat big favourite and lose against weak team. Be very careful when adding this team to your betting slip!

 Total bets Average OddsBetting Index
1Manchester City U181360.0
2Liverpool U181758.8
3Southampton U181651.3
4Sunderland U181550.0
5Brighton & Hove Albion U181540.7
6Manchester United U181632.5
7West Ham United U181530.0
8Leicester City U181228.3
9Fulham U181524.7
10Leeds United U181623.1
11Arsenal U181323.1
12West Bromwich Albion U181522.7
13Newcastle United U181418.6
14Middlesbrough U181417.9
15Everton U181417.9
16Chelsea U181414.3
17Reading U181410.0
18Blackburn Rovers U181610.0
19Crystal Palace U18174.7
20Aston Villa U18154.7
21Stoke City U18144.3
22Wolverhampton Wanderers U18150.0
23Tottenham Hotspur U1814-0.7
24Norwich City U1813-0.8
25Derby County U1816-11.9
26Burnley U1814-19.3

Average betting index at England Premier League U18 is 20 units. That means: Favourites usually win in this league.

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