Australia - NPL Youth Queensland


Eastern Suburbs U20


Brisbane Roar U20

halftime (1:3)
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Date Friday 12th July 2019
Time 12:30 CEST
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Eastern Suburbs U20Brisbane Roar U20
LOST in last 4 NPL Youth Queensland's games.WON in last 2 NPL Youth Queensland's games.
NOT DRAW in last 6 NPL Youth Queensland's games.NOT DRAW in last 6 NPL Youth Queensland's games.

9.League position2.
  3pts.Last five games  9pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  13pts.

9 on Brisbane Roar U20

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:4
»Head to Head matches
01st Mar 20 Australia - NPL Youth QueenslandEastern Suburbs U20 : Brisbane Roar U20 1:4
12th Jul 19 Australia - NPL Youth QueenslandEastern Suburbs U20 : Brisbane Roar U20 3:3
30th Mar 19 Australia - NPL Youth QueenslandBrisbane Roar U20 : Eastern Suburbs U20 8:2
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Eastern Suburbs U20
Australia - NPL Youth Queensland 2020
09.8.Lions FC U204:3Eastern Suburbs U20
01.8.Gold Coast Knights U203:2Eastern Suburbs U20
31.8.Eastern Suburbs U200:1Redlands United U20
24.8.Eastern Suburbs U201:2SWQ Thunder U20
19.8.Western Pride U202:1Eastern Suburbs U20
07.8.Lions FC U204:3Eastern Suburbs U20
03.8.Eastern Suburbs U201:0Olympic FC U20
27.7.Gold Coast Knights U201:2Eastern Suburbs U20
12.7.Eastern Suburbs U203:3Brisbane Roar U20
07.7.Brisbane Strikers U202:2Eastern Suburbs U20
29.6.Eastern Suburbs U202:2Brisbane City U20
19.6.Eastern Suburbs U204:1Sunshine Coast U20
02.6.Eastern Suburbs U203:3Moreton Bay United U20
30.5.Gold Coast United FC U203:2Eastern Suburbs U20
23.5.Peninsula Power U202:0Eastern Suburbs U20
12.5.Redlands United U203:2Eastern Suburbs U20
04.5.SWQ Thunder U201:3Eastern Suburbs U20
28.4.Eastern Suburbs U202:1Western Pride U20
14.4.Olympic FC U202:1Eastern Suburbs U20
06.4.Eastern Suburbs U201:2Gold Coast Knights U20
30.3.Brisbane Roar U208:2Eastern Suburbs U20
26.3.Brisbane City U200:3Eastern Suburbs U20
22.3.Eastern Suburbs U205:4Brisbane Strikers U20
01.3.Eastern Suburbs U201:3Lions FC U20
Brisbane Roar U20
Australia - NPL Youth Queensland 2020
09.8.Gold Coast United FC U203:1Brisbane Roar U20
02.8.Peninsula Power U200:5Brisbane Roar U20
25.8.Olympic FC U200:2Brisbane Roar U20
21.8.Peninsula Power U200:1Brisbane Roar U20
18.8.Brisbane Roar U201:2Gold Coast Knights U20
03.8.Brisbane Roar U203:4Brisbane Strikers U20
28.7.Brisbane Roar U203:2Brisbane City U20
21.7.Brisbane Roar U201:3Lions FC U20
12.7.Eastern Suburbs U203:3Brisbane Roar U20
29.6.Moreton Bay United U200:4Brisbane Roar U20
23.6.Brisbane Roar U203:0Gold Coast United FC U20
09.6.Brisbane Roar U206:1SWQ Thunder U20
02.6.Brisbane Roar U203:3Sunshine Coast U20
28.5.Brisbane Roar U206:2Redlands United U20
19.5.Brisbane Roar U205:0Western Pride U20
05.5.Brisbane Roar U204:3Olympic FC U20
28.4.Gold Coast Knights U201:6Brisbane Roar U20
18.4.Brisbane Roar U204:2Moreton Bay United U20
14.4.Brisbane Strikers U201:0Brisbane Roar U20
06.4.Brisbane City U203:3Brisbane Roar U20
30.3.Brisbane Roar U208:2Eastern Suburbs U20
23.3.Lions FC U202:2Brisbane Roar U20
09.3.Gold Coast United FC U202:2Brisbane Roar U20
02.3.Brisbane Roar U202:1Peninsula Power U20


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Brisbane City U2026173672:3454
2Brisbane Roar U2026165592:4053
3Lions FC U2026155667:4650
4Brisbane Strikers U2026154763:4149
5Gold Coast Knights U2026143958:5345
6Gold Coast United FC U20261051149:4335
7Moreton Bay United U20261031348:6233
8Peninsula Power U2026881045:4932
9Eastern Suburbs U2026951255:6032
10Olympic FC U2026941345:5231
11SWQ Thunder U2026931438:6830
12Sunshine Coast U2026841452:7428
13Redlands United U2026731636:6724
14Western Pride U2026631739:7021

1Lions FC U201384136:2428
2Brisbane Roar U201391349:2528
3Brisbane City U201391332:1428
4Brisbane Strikers U201383230:1927
5Gold Coast United FC U201373324:1724
6Gold Coast Knights U201362526:3420
7Olympic FC U201362526:2520
8Eastern Suburbs U201354430:2719
9SWQ Thunder U201361619:2919
10Moreton Bay United U201361621:2519
11Sunshine Coast U201360729:4418
12Peninsula Power U201352619:2417
13Redlands United U201343615:3015
14Western Pride U201332826:4011
1Brisbane City U201382340:2026
2Gold Coast Knights U201381432:1925
3Brisbane Roar U201374243:1525
4Lions FC U201371531:2222
5Brisbane Strikers U201371533:2222
6Peninsula Power U201336426:2515
7Moreton Bay United U201342727:3714
8Eastern Suburbs U201341825:3313
9Gold Coast United FC U201332825:2611
10SWQ Thunder U201332819:3911
11Olympic FC U201332819:2711
12Western Pride U201331913:3010
13Sunshine Coast U201324723:3010
14Redlands United U2013301021:379

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Gold Coast Knights U20541013:513
2Peninsula Power U20540115:512
3Redlands United U2053117:410
4Brisbane Strikers U20531110:810
5Brisbane City U20531110:710
6Brisbane Roar U20530210:89
7Lions FC U2052126:77
8SWQ Thunder U2052126:77
9Gold Coast United FC U2051227:95
10Sunshine Coast U20512211:165
11Eastern Suburbs U2051046:93
12Western Pride U2051046:113
13Moreton Bay United U2051047:143
14Olympic FC U2050236:112

1Lions FC U20541013:813
2Sunshine Coast U20540117:1212
3Brisbane Strikers U20532010:611
4Peninsula Power U2053028:69
5SWQ Thunder U2053029:99
6Brisbane City U2053029:69
7Gold Coast Knights U20522110:78
8Western Pride U20522110:88
9Redlands United U2052219:88
10Gold Coast United FC U20521210:107
11Brisbane Roar U20520311:116
12Moreton Bay United U2052039:136
13Eastern Suburbs U2051227:85
14Olympic FC U2051226:85
1Brisbane Roar U20541016:413
2Peninsula Power U20532016:711
3Gold Coast Knights U20530211:99
4Lions FC U2052127:67
5Redlands United U2052037:116
6Brisbane Strikers U2052039:116
7Gold Coast United FC U2051228:85
8Brisbane City U2051228:105
9Eastern Suburbs U20511310:124
10SWQ Thunder U2051133:114
11Moreton Bay United U2051139:144
12Olympic FC U2051137:94
13Western Pride U2051047:103
14Sunshine Coast U2050328:113

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