Argentina - Primera B Nacional


Douglas Haig


All Boys

halftime (0:0)
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Date Saturday 17th June 2017
Time 19:05 CEST
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Douglas HaigAll Boys
LOST in last 1 Primera B Nacional's games.WON in last 1 Primera B Nacional's games.
NOT WON in last 4 Primera B Nacional's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Primera B Nacional's games.

19.League position12.
  5pts.Last five games  10pts.
  6pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.

2 on All Boys

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
17th Jun 17 Argentina - Primera B NacionalDouglas Haig : All Boys 0:0
19th Nov 16 Argentina - Primera B NacionalAll Boys : Douglas Haig 1:1
07th May 16 Argentina - Primera B NacionalAll Boys : Douglas Haig 1:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Argentinos Juniors442513661:2488
2Chacarita Juniors4422111157:4077
3Guillermo Brown442015953:3075
4Independiente Rivadavia441619948:4467
5Brown de Adrogue4418111557:5065
7San Martin de Tucuman4416131562:5461
9Ferro Carril Oeste4413211051:4460
10Nueva Chicago4416121653:4760
12All Boys4417111643:4560
13Los Andes4414171347:5059
14Central Cordoba de Santiago4414161457:4958
16Juventud Unida Gualeguaychu4414131750:6655
17Sportivo Estudiantes4414121840:5854
18Gimnasia Jujuy4412161636:4552
19Douglas Haig4411171636:4950
20Boca Unidos4411141942:5447
21Villa Dalmine4412112145:6047
22Atletico Parana449122334:5839
23Crucero del Norte448132336:5037
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1Argentinos Juniors22165139:953
2Chacarita Juniors22144434:1646
3Guillermo Brown22128233:1244
6Independiente Rivadavia221011128:1941
7Ferro Carril Oeste221010237:1740
8Central Cordoba de Santiago22106633:1936
10Los Andes2299429:2536
11All Boys22105724:2135
12San Martin de Tucuman22105737:2735
13Nueva Chicago22105730:1835
14Brown de Adrogue2297630:2234
15Gimnasia Jujuy2289520:1733
16Sportivo Estudiantes22710523:2331
17Juventud Unida Gualeguaychu2287725:2231
18Crucero del Norte2287729:2131
19Douglas Haig2279617:1630
20Villa Dalmine2277824:2128
22Boca Unidos22841023:2828
23Atletico Parana2258914:2423
1Argentinos Juniors2298522:1535
2Guillermo Brown2287720:1831
3Brown de Adrogue2294927:2831
4Chacarita Juniors2287723:2431
6All Boys2276919:2427
7Independiente Rivadavia2268820:2526
8San Martin de Tucuman2268825:2726
9Nueva Chicago2267923:2925
10Juventud Unida Gualeguaychu22661025:4424
12Sportivo Estudiantes22721317:3523
13Los Andes2258918:2523
14Central Cordoba de Santiago22410824:3022
15Douglas Haig22481019:3320
17Ferro Carril Oeste22311814:2720
18Villa Dalmine22541321:3919
19Boca Unidos22310919:2619
20Gimnasia Jujuy22471116:2819
22Atletico Parana22441420:3416
23Crucero del Norte2206167:296

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Argentinos Juniors53206:311
3Juventud Unida Gualeguaychu53116:210
4All Boys53114:210
5Independiente Rivadavia53117:210
6San Martin de Tucuman53119:310
7Central Cordoba de Santiago530210:59
8Brown de Adrogue53028:49
9Chacarita Juniors52307:49
10Atletico Parana52217:88
11Guillermo Brown52214:38
12Los Andes52219:88
13Boca Unidos52125:47
15Douglas Haig51221:45
16Gimnasia Jujuy51224:55
18Ferro Carril Oeste51134:94
19Villa Dalmine51043:143
21Sportivo Estudiantes50232:72
22Nueva Chicago50234:82
23Crucero del Norte50141:81

1Argentinos Juniors550010:015
3All Boys54018:212
4Independiente Rivadavia53209:311
5Chacarita Juniors53207:211
6Juventud Unida Gualeguaychu53116:210
7Brown de Adrogue53119:410
9Guillermo Brown52305:29
11Los Andes52218:78
12Atletico Parana52125:97
13San Martin de Tucuman52129:77
14Sportivo Estudiantes51315:56
15Central Cordoba de Santiago52038:86
16Douglas Haig51311:16
17Ferro Carril Oeste51314:46
18Gimnasia Jujuy51314:66
19Villa Dalmine51222:75
21Boca Unidos51133:64
22Nueva Chicago51134:64
23Crucero del Norte51044:83
1Chacarita Juniors53118:510
2Brown de Adrogue53027:49
3Independiente Rivadavia53025:39
4Central Cordoba de Santiago522111:68
5San Martin de Tucuman52217:28
6Los Andes52218:78
7Argentinos Juniors52216:58
8Juventud Unida Gualeguaychu52123:67
10Boca Unidos52126:47
11Villa Dalmine52035:106
12Guillermo Brown51314:46
13Atletico Parana51226:85
14Douglas Haig51224:85
16Ferro Carril Oeste51132:74
17Gimnasia Jujuy51135:64
19Sportivo Estudiantes51042:103
20Crucero del Norte50321:63
21All Boys50320:23
23Nueva Chicago50232:62

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