Belarus - Premier League


Dinamo Brest






halftime (1:0)
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Date Sunday 22nd April 2018
Time 18:00 CEST
Venue nameOSK Brestskiy, Brest
90'   Pavel Nekhaychik
75'   Valeri Gorbachik
47'   Artem Fedyanin
28'   Pavel Savitskiy
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Dinamo BrestSmolevichy
LOST in last 1 Premier League's games.DRAW in last 2 Premier League's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 Premier League's games.NOT WON in last 6 Premier League's games.

6.League position14.
  7pts.Last five games  2pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.
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26th Aug 18 Belarus - Premier LeagueSmolevichy : Dinamo Brest 1:0
22nd Apr 18 Belarus - Premier LeagueDinamo Brest : Smolevichy 2:2
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Dinamo Brest
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1BATE Borisov27223249:1869
2Dinamo Minsk28169335:1757
3FK Vitebsk28175643:1956
4Shakhtyor Soligorsk27167436:1455
5Torpedo Zhodino28156732:1651
6Dinamo Brest28139649:3048
7Neman Grodno281171029:2840
8FK Slutsk281131426:3336
9FK Gorodeya28871329:3231
10FC Minsk28791233:3630
12Krumkachy Minsk00000:00
13FC Torpedo Minsk28661620:3624
15FC Luch Minsk284111322:3923
16Dnepr Mogilev28371815:4716
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

1BATE Borisov14113026:836
2Torpedo Zhodino14112118:335
3FK Vitebsk14110326:633
4Shakhtyor Soligorsk13102119:432
5Dinamo Minsk1594218:1031
6Dinamo Brest1493230:1630
7Neman Grodno1455417:1320
8FK Gorodeya1445514:1417
9FC Luch Minsk1435614:2014
10FK Slutsk1442812:1714
11FC Minsk1435620:2314
15FC Torpedo Minsk1333710:1412
16Dnepr Mogilev142577:1511
17Krumkachy Minsk00000:00
1BATE Borisov13110223:1033
2Dinamo Minsk1375117:726
3FK Vitebsk1465317:1323
4Shakhtyor Soligorsk1465317:1023
5FK Slutsk1471614:1622
6Neman Grodno1462612:1520
7Dinamo Brest1446419:1418
8FC Minsk1444613:1316
9Torpedo Zhodino1444614:1316
11FK Gorodeya1442815:1814
13FC Torpedo Minsk1533910:2212
15FC Luch Minsk141678:199
16Dnepr Mogilev1412118:325
17Krumkachy Minsk00000:00

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1BATE Borisov54019:512
2Torpedo Zhodino53207:011
3FK Gorodeya531113:510
4FK Vitebsk53115:210
5FC Torpedo Minsk53027:49
6Dinamo Minsk52307:49
7Shakhtyor Soligorsk52215:28
8FC Luch Minsk51403:27
9FC Minsk52128:97
10Dinamo Brest52127:67
12Dnepr Mogilev51044:133
14Neman Grodno50231:62
16Krumkachy Minsk00000:00
17FK Slutsk50051:120

1BATE Borisov541010:513
2Dinamo Minsk54109:313
3Dinamo Brest540112:412
4Torpedo Zhodino53206:011
5Shakhtyor Soligorsk53205:111
6Neman Grodno532010:111
7FK Gorodeya53118:410
8FC Luch Minsk52306:39
9FC Torpedo Minsk52124:47
10FK Vitebsk52125:37
12FC Minsk51228:115
14Dnepr Mogilev51133:84
16FK Slutsk50141:91
17Krumkachy Minsk00000:00
1FC Minsk54017:112
2FK Vitebsk53114:210
3BATE Borisov53118:310
4Torpedo Zhodino52216:28
5Dinamo Brest52126:47
6FC Torpedo Minsk52036:76
7Dinamo Minsk51315:56
9Shakhtyor Soligorsk51224:35
10FC Luch Minsk50413:44
12FK Slutsk51132:94
13FK Gorodeya51137:64
15Neman Grodno51042:63
16Krumkachy Minsk00000:00
17Dnepr Mogilev50053:160

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