Venezuela - Primera Division - Apertura


Deportivo Tachira






halftime (0:2)
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Date Tuesday 1st May 2018
Time 1:00 CEST
51'   Edwuin Pernia
44'   Fernando Aristeguieta
13'   Robert Hernandez
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Deportivo TachiraCaracas
LOST in last 1 Primera Division - Apertura's games.LOST in last 2 Primera Division - Apertura's games.
NOT DRAW in last 2 Primera Division - Apertura's games.NOT DRAW in last 7 Primera Division - Apertura's games.

10.League position3.
  4pts.Last five games  9pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  10pts.


under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
10th Feb 19 Venezuela - Primera Division - AperturaDeportivo Tachira : Caracas 2:1
08th Oct 18 Venezuela - Primera Division - ClausuraCaracas : Deportivo Tachira 1:1
01st May 18 Venezuela - Primera Division - AperturaDeportivo Tachira : Caracas 0:3
01st Oct 17 Venezuela - Primera Division - ClausuraCaracas : Deportivo Tachira 1:1
23rd Apr 17 Venezuela - Primera Division - AperturaDeportivo Tachira : Caracas 2:0
02nd Oct 16 Venezuela - Primera Division - ClausuraCaracas : Deportivo Tachira 3:0
24th Apr 16 Venezuela - Primera Division - AperturaDeportivo Tachira : Caracas 1:1
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Deportivo Tachira
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Carabobo FC17106131:1636
2Zamora FC1794421:1531
4Mineros De Guayana1786321:1430
5Deportivo La Guaira1784520:1628
6Deportivo Lara1776421:1527
7Estudiantes Merida1776424:2027
8Aragua FC1766522:1624
9Portuguesa FC1765614:2223
10Deportivo Tachira1757520:1922
11Atletico Venezuela1764721:2122
12Trujillanos FC1756615:1921
14Academia Puerto Cabello174588:1417
15Monagas SC1737718:1916
16Estudiantes de Caracas17341012:2913
17Deportivo Anzoategui1719715:2512
18Metropolitanos FC1726913:2312

1Carabobo FC963019:1021
2Estudiantes Merida853017:818
3Mineros De Guayana953113:718
4Deportivo Lara952213:817
5Atletico Venezuela951313:1016
6Zamora FC94419:516
8Deportivo Tachira944114:1016
9Trujillanos FC943213:1015
10Portuguesa FC84226:714
11Academia Puerto Cabello83235:511
12Estudiantes de Caracas93247:911
14Aragua FC83238:711
15Deportivo La Guaira92439:910
16Monagas SC824212:910
17Metropolitanos FC81525:78
18Deportivo Anzoategui81436:87
1Deportivo La Guaira860211:718
2Zamora FC850312:1015
3Carabobo FC843112:615
5Aragua FC934214:913
6Mineros De Guayana83328:712
7Deportivo Lara82428:710
8Estudiantes Merida92347:129
9Portuguesa FC92348:159
10Academia Puerto Cabello91353:96
11Atletico Venezuela81348:116
13Trujillanos FC81342:96
14Monagas SC91356:106
15Deportivo Tachira81346:96
16Deportivo Anzoategui90549:175
17Metropolitanos FC91178:164
18Estudiantes de Caracas80265:202

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Estudiantes Merida540111:812
2Aragua FC53209:511
3Deportivo Lara53115:210
4Zamora FC53029:69
5Carabobo FC523012:59
7Deportivo La Guaira52217:68
8Atletico Venezuela52129:57
9Trujillanos FC52125:87
10Mineros De Guayana51408:77
11Portuguesa FC52124:97
12Estudiantes de Caracas51225:75
13Monagas SC51223:45
14Academia Puerto Cabello51132:54
15Metropolitanos FC51131:44
16Deportivo Tachira51134:74
17Deportivo Anzoategui50325:73

1Estudiantes Merida541012:513
2Deportivo Lara54017:212
3Zamora FC53207:211
4Mineros De Guayana53208:411
5Carabobo FC532011:511
6Aragua FC53117:410
7Deportivo Tachira53119:610
8Atletico Venezuela53028:49
10Academia Puerto Cabello52213:28
11Portuguesa FC52213:48
12Trujillanos FC52126:77
13Monagas SC51315:56
14Metropolitanos FC51223:55
16Deportivo Anzoategui51225:65
17Estudiantes de Caracas51133:54
18Deportivo La Guaira50414:54
1Deportivo La Guaira54018:512
2Carabobo FC53208:311
4Mineros De Guayana52216:58
5Estudiantes Merida52125:87
6Zamora FC52036:86
7Aragua FC51318:76
8Atletico Venezuela51225:65
9Deportivo Lara51226:65
10Monagas SC51223:45
11Portuguesa FC51226:115
12Deportivo Tachira51224:55
14Deportivo Anzoategui50326:83
15Trujillanos FC51041:83
16Estudiantes de Caracas50234:92
17Metropolitanos FC50143:91
18Academia Puerto Cabello50052:90

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