International - Copa Sudamericana


Deportivo Cali






halftime (1:0)
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Date Thursday 19th July 2018
Time 2:45 CEST
90'   Matias Cabrera
85'   in Miguel Murillo
85'   out Jose Sand
78'   out Jorge Flores
78'   in Hernan Rodriguez
77'   out Jhon Mosquera
77'   in Nicolas Roa
74'   out Andres Perez
74'   in Kevin Balanta
72'   Leonel Morales
71'   Jorge Flores
63'   Jose Sand
57'   Daniel Rosero
54'   in Marcos Riquelme
54'   out William Ferreira
53'   in Leonel Morales
53'   out Edemir Rodriguez
50'   Nicolas Benedetti
47'   Erwin Saavedra
31'   Jhon Mosquera
20'   Andres Perez
Goalkeeper: Camilo Vargas

Substitute player: Nicolas Roa
Substitute player: Miguel Murillo
Substitute player: Pablo Mina
Substitute player: Deiber Caicedo
Substitute player: Kevin Balanta
Substitute player: Juan Caicedo
Substitute player: Andres Roa

Starter: Darwin Andrade
Starter: Jhon Mosquera
Starter: Daniel Giraldo
Starter: Matias Cabrera
Starter: Andres Perez
Starter: Jose Sand
Starter: Daniel Rosero
Starter: Nicolas Benedetti
Starter: Ezequiel Palomeque
Starter: Didier Delgado
Goalkeeper: Fernando Laforia

Substitute player: Leonel Morales
Substitute player: Juan Fierro
Substitute player: Widen Rojas
Substitute player: Martin Smedberg
Substitute player: Marcos Riquelme
Substitute player: Hernan Rodriguez
Substitute player: Luis Gutierrez

Starter: Pablo Pedraza
Starter: Jorge Flores
Starter: Edemir Rodriguez
Starter: Pedro Azogue
Starter: Felipe Rodriguez
Starter: Diego Bejarano Ibanez
Starter: Juanmi Callejon
Starter: William Ferreira
Starter: Erwin Saavedra
Starter: Juan Carlos Arce
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