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Australia - NPL Youth Victoria


Dandenong City U20


Green Gully SC U20

halftime (1:0)
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Date Friday 14th June 2019
Time 10:30 CEST
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Dandenong City U20Green Gully SC U20
LOST in last 1 NPL Youth Victoria's games.LOST in last 2 NPL Youth Victoria's games.
NOT DRAW in last 8 NPL Youth Victoria's games.NOT WON in last 7 NPL Youth Victoria's games.

12.League position14.
  6pts.Last five games  1pts.
  1pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.

2 on Dandenong City U20

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:1
»Head to Head matches
07th Aug 20 Australia - NPL Youth VictoriaDandenong City U20 : Green Gully SC U20 0:0
11th Jul 20 Australia - NPL Youth VictoriaGreen Gully SC U20 : Dandenong City U20 0:0
14th Jun 19 Australia - NPL Youth VictoriaDandenong City U20 : Green Gully SC U20 1:1
09th Mar 19 Australia - NPL Youth VictoriaGreen Gully SC U20 : Dandenong City U20 0:3
»Latest games
Dandenong City U20
Australia - NPL Youth Victoria 2020
13.3.Dandenong City U200:2Heidelberg United U20
06.3.Dandenong City U202:1Avondale FC U20
29.2.Hume City FC U201:0Dandenong City U20
21.2.Dandenong City U201:1St Albans Saints U20
15.2.Dandenong Thunder SC U200:2Dandenong City U20
25.8.Port Melbourne Sharks SC U202:0Dandenong City U20
19.8.Kingston City U201:2Dandenong City U20
02.8.Dandenong City U201:2Bentleigh Greens U20
26.7.Dandenong City U201:2Heidelberg United U20
20.7.Altona Magic U200:2Dandenong City U20
13.7.Oakleigh Cannons FC U201:2Dandenong City U20
06.7.Dandenong Thunder SC U202:0Dandenong City U20
28.6.Dandenong City U201:3Hume City FC U20
23.6.Melbourne Knights FC U202:2Dandenong City U20
14.6.Dandenong City U201:1Green Gully SC U20
07.6.Pascoe Vale SC U201:1Dandenong City U20
31.5.Dandenong City U200:1South Melbourne FC U20
25.5.Avondale FC U201:0Dandenong City U20
17.5.Dandenong City U202:2Port Melbourne Sharks SC U20
10.5.Dandenong City U200:0Kingston City U20
03.5.Bentleigh Greens U201:2Dandenong City U20
27.4.Heidelberg United U200:3Dandenong City U20
12.4.Dandenong City U201:4Altona Magic U20
05.4.Dandenong City U200:1Oakleigh Cannons FC U20
Green Gully SC U20
Australia - NPL Youth Victoria 2020
13.3.Oakleigh Cannons FC U203:0Green Gully SC U20
07.3.Green Gully SC U200:2Heidelberg United U20
29.2.Green Gully SC U205:2Avondale FC U20
22.2.Green Gully SC U203:2Hume City FC U20
16.2.St Albans Saints U202:2Green Gully SC U20
25.8.Oakleigh Cannons FC U203:1Green Gully SC U20
17.8.Green Gully SC U201:2Dandenong Thunder SC U20
03.8.Hume City FC U201:1Green Gully SC U20
27.7.Green Gully SC U201:2Melbourne Knights FC U20
20.7.Green Gully SC U201:3Kingston City U20
13.7.Pascoe Vale SC U204:3Green Gully SC U20
06.7.Green Gully SC U200:2South Melbourne FC U20
29.6.Avondale FC U200:2Green Gully SC U20
22.6.Green Gully SC U201:3Port Melbourne Sharks SC U20
14.6.Dandenong City U201:1Green Gully SC U20
08.6.Green Gully SC U203:3Bentleigh Greens U20
01.6.Heidelberg United U204:0Green Gully SC U20
25.5.Green Gully SC U201:0Altona Magic U20
18.5.Green Gully SC U200:3Oakleigh Cannons FC U20
11.5.Dandenong Thunder SC U201:0Green Gully SC U20
03.5.Green Gully SC U201:1Hume City FC U20
28.4.Melbourne Knights FC U203:0Green Gully SC U20
15.4.Kingston City U201:1Green Gully SC U20
06.4.Green Gully SC U200:2Pascoe Vale SC U20


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1South Melbourne FC U2026194354:1961
2Pascoe Vale SC U2026155657:3650
3Oakleigh Cannons FC U2026154740:2949
4Kingston City U2026134943:2843
5Hume City FC U2026109756:4139
6Melbourne Knights FC U2026109755:4539
7Port Melbourne Sharks SC U20261061044:3836
8Bentleigh Greens U20261051143:4335
9Heidelberg United U2026951237:4532
10Dandenong Thunder SC U2026851343:6829
11Avondale FC U2026771229:4328
12Dandenong City U2026681227:4626
13Altona Magic U2026651533:4923
14Green Gully SC U2026361723:5415

1South Melbourne FC U201393127:930
2Oakleigh Cannons FC U201391320:1128
3Pascoe Vale SC U201383230:1727
4Kingston City U201382329:1126
5Hume City FC U201373332:1424
6Port Melbourne Sharks SC U201373323:1224
7Dandenong Thunder SC U201362527:3520
8Altona Magic U201353520:2018
9Avondale FC U201353511:1618
10Bentleigh Greens U201353525:2218
11Melbourne Knights FC U201353534:2618
12Heidelberg United U201343622:2115
13Green Gully SC U201323813:259
14Dandenong City U201306710:226
1South Melbourne FC U2013101227:1031
2Pascoe Vale SC U201372427:1923
3Melbourne Knights FC U201356221:1921
4Oakleigh Cannons FC U201363420:1821
5Dandenong City U201362517:2420
6Kingston City U201352614:1717
7Heidelberg United U201352615:2417
8Bentleigh Greens U201352618:2117
9Hume City FC U201336424:2715
10Port Melbourne Sharks SC U201333721:2612
11Avondale FC U201324718:2710
12Dandenong Thunder SC U201323816:339
13Green Gully SC U201313910:296
14Altona Magic U2013121013:295

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Pascoe Vale SC U20541016:613
2Kingston City U20540113:412
3Bentleigh Greens U20540113:912
4Oakleigh Cannons FC U2054018:612
5Port Melbourne Sharks SC U2053029:59
6South Melbourne FC U2053027:69
7Melbourne Knights FC U20522111:128
8Dandenong City U2052036:76
9Avondale FC U20512210:105
10Dandenong Thunder SC U2051137:134
11Heidelberg United U2051136:84
12Hume City FC U2050237:122
13Green Gully SC U2050145:111
14Altona Magic U2050057:170

1Pascoe Vale SC U20541013:413
2Port Melbourne Sharks SC U20540113:512
3Oakleigh Cannons FC U2054018:312
4Kingston City U20531113:410
5Avondale FC U2053115:410
6Bentleigh Greens U20531114:910
7South Melbourne FC U2053119:510
8Heidelberg United U20530214:89
9Dandenong Thunder SC U20521210:107
10Hume City FC U2052126:67
11Altona Magic U2051046:123
12Melbourne Knights FC U20503211:143
13Dandenong City U2050144:91
14Green Gully SC U2050054:120
1Kingston City U2053118:310
2Bentleigh Greens U2053119:710
3Dandenong City U2053026:69
4South Melbourne FC U2053025:49
5Oakleigh Cannons FC U2053029:79
6Melbourne Knights FC U2052218:98
7Avondale FC U20521213:127
8Heidelberg United U2052128:107
9Pascoe Vale SC U20521212:127
10Green Gully SC U2051228:95
11Hume City FC U2051139:124
12Dandenong Thunder SC U2051045:133
13Port Melbourne Sharks SC U2051044:73
14Altona Magic U2050144:141

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