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Australia - Victorian


Dandenong City


Green Gully Cavaliers

halftime (2:1)
»Game details
Date Friday 14th June 2019
Time 12:30 CEST
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Dandenong CityGreen Gully Cavaliers
WON in last 3 Victorian's games.LOST in last 1 Victorian's games.
NOT DRAW in last 6 Victorian's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Victorian's games.

7.League position3.
  12pts.Last five games  10pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  10pts.

4 on Green Gully Cavaliers

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:2
»Head to Head matches
16th Apr 21 Australia - VictorianDandenong City : Green Gully Cavaliers 1:1
07th Aug 20 Australia - VictorianDandenong City : Green Gully Cavaliers 0:0
10th Jul 20 Australia - VictorianGreen Gully Cavaliers : Dandenong City 0:0
14th Jun 19 Australia - VictorianDandenong City : Green Gully Cavaliers 2:2
09th Mar 19 Australia - VictorianGreen Gully Cavaliers : Dandenong City 2:3
»Latest games
Dandenong City
Australia - Victorian 2021
15.5.Eastern Lions SC0:1Dandenong City
07.5.Dandenong City1:2Bentleigh Greens
30.4.Melbourne Knights1:0Dandenong City
23.4.Dandenong City1:1South Melbourne
16.4.Dandenong City1:1Green Gully Cavaliers
10.4.Altona Magic2:2Dandenong City
31.3.Dandenong City1:2Oakleigh Cannons
28.3.Heidelberg United2:1Dandenong City
19.3.Dandenong City1:4Avondale FC
13.3.Hume City FC3:1Dandenong City
05.3.Dandenong City1:2St Albans Saints
26.2.Dandenong Thunder SC1:1Dandenong City
13.3.Dandenong City0:1Heidelberg United
06.3.Dandenong City0:3Avondale FC
29.2.Hume City FC2:1Dandenong City
21.2.Dandenong City1:1St Albans Saints
15.2.Dandenong Thunder SC3:2Dandenong City
25.8.Port Melbourne Sharks SC2:3Dandenong City
19.8.Kingston City1:3Dandenong City
02.8.Dandenong City3:2Bentleigh Greens
26.7.Dandenong City2:3Heidelberg United
20.7.Altona Magic1:2Dandenong City
13.7.Oakleigh Cannons3:1Dandenong City
06.7.Dandenong Thunder SC1:1Dandenong City
Green Gully Cavaliers
Australia - Victorian 2021
14.5.Port Melbourne Sharks SC2:0Green Gully Cavaliers
07.5.Green Gully Cavaliers3:2Eastern Lions SC
01.5.Bentleigh Greens3:2Green Gully Cavaliers
23.4.Green Gully Cavaliers2:2Melbourne Knights
16.4.Dandenong City1:1Green Gully Cavaliers
09.4.Green Gully Cavaliers0:1South Melbourne
31.3.Altona Magic0:1Green Gully Cavaliers
26.3.Oakleigh Cannons2:0Green Gully Cavaliers
19.3.Green Gully Cavaliers1:2Heidelberg United
13.3.Avondale FC0:2Green Gully Cavaliers
05.3.Green Gully Cavaliers1:1Hume City FC
28.2.St Albans Saints0:2Green Gully Cavaliers
13.3.Oakleigh Cannons0:3Green Gully Cavaliers
06.3.Green Gully Cavaliers2:1Heidelberg United
28.2.Green Gully Cavaliers0:2Avondale FC
21.2.Green Gully Cavaliers0:2Hume City FC
16.2.St Albans Saints4:2Green Gully Cavaliers
31.8.Green Gully Cavaliers0:1Bentleigh Greens
25.8.Oakleigh Cannons3:0Green Gully Cavaliers
17.8.Green Gully Cavaliers6:2Dandenong Thunder SC
03.8.Hume City FC1:3Green Gully Cavaliers
27.7.Green Gully Cavaliers1:1Melbourne Knights
20.7.Green Gully Cavaliers5:2Kingston City
13.7.Pascoe Vale SC0:1Green Gully Cavaliers


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Heidelberg United26174553:2855
2Oakleigh Cannons26136745:3245
3Green Gully Cavaliers26128655:4044
4Bentleigh Greens26134947:4543
5Hume City FC26125941:3741
6Avondale FC26165563:2935
7Dandenong City261051142:4735
8South Melbourne261041227:4234
9Port Melbourne Sharks SC26871141:3731
10Melbourne Knights261041235:4231
11Altona Magic26921543:5129
12Dandenong Thunder SC26661444:7024
13Kingston City26651535:5123
14Pascoe Vale SC26631733:5321
 relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Oakleigh Cannons1392228:1529
2Avondale FC1391331:1328
3Bentleigh Greens1391327:1928
4Heidelberg United1374225:1325
5Hume City FC1381424:1725
6South Melbourne1362514:1720
7Melbourne Knights1362520:1820
8Green Gully Cavaliers1355332:2420
9Port Melbourne Sharks SC1354424:1719
10Altona Magic1351719:1916
11Dandenong City1343620:2415
12Kingston City1332814:2511
13Pascoe Vale SC1332822:2911
14Dandenong Thunder SC1324720:3410
1Heidelberg United13100328:1530
2Avondale FC1374232:1625
3Green Gully Cavaliers1373323:1624
4Dandenong City1362522:2320
5Oakleigh Cannons1344517:1716
6Hume City FC1344517:2016
7Bentleigh Greens1343620:2615
8South Melbourne1342713:2514
9Melbourne Knights1342715:2414
10Dandenong Thunder SC1342724:3614
11Altona Magic1341824:3213
12Kingston City1333721:2612
13Port Melbourne Sharks SC1333717:2012
14Pascoe Vale SC1331911:2410

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Oakleigh Cannons541013:513
2Heidelberg United541010:413
3Dandenong City540113:912
4Green Gully Cavaliers531115:910
5Kingston City521212:117
6Avondale FC521211:87
7Dandenong Thunder SC52129:127
8Hume City FC52129:127
9South Melbourne52037:106
10Pascoe Vale SC51137:94
11Melbourne Knights51135:104
12Port Melbourne Sharks SC50328:103
13Bentleigh Greens50235:122
14Altona Magic50146:121

1Oakleigh Cannons541015:613
2Dandenong City531111:710
3South Melbourne53117:410
4Green Gully Cavaliers523015:89
5Dandenong Thunder SC522110:98
6Kingston City52035:86
7Melbourne Knights52035:66
8Hume City FC52036:116
9Port Melbourne Sharks SC512210:105
10Avondale FC51137:74
11Bentleigh Greens51135:124
12Heidelberg United50324:73
13Altona Magic51045:83
14Pascoe Vale SC50146:141
1Heidelberg United550013:415
2Oakleigh Cannons53209:511
3Dandenong City531110:810
4Green Gully Cavaliers53118:710
5Kingston City521212:117
6Avondale FC52129:77
7Hume City FC52126:87
8Pascoe Vale SC52036:66
9Port Melbourne Sharks SC51227:85
10Bentleigh Greens51226:85
11South Melbourne51135:114
12Dandenong Thunder SC51048:163
13Melbourne Knights50234:102
14Altona Magic50145:111

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