Cyprus 2. Division 2018/2019 Cyprus | 2. Division | 2018/2019

2. Division facts

Home field is big advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.74 points per game.!
Draws are less common in this league. 21% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals is above the average. It's 2.77 goals per game!
Number of games with three or more goals is normal. It's 55% of all games.
Favourites usually win in this league.!

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Predictions and upcoming games

dateround home team away teamresult prediction# goals tipscore pick
22 Feb21E.N.TH.O.I. LakatamiasOnisilos Sotira3 on E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamiasover2:1
22 Feb21Aris LimassolAnagennisi Deryneia5 on Aris Limassolunder2:0
23 Feb21Akritas ChlorakasAyia Napa2 on Akritas Chlorakasover2:1
23 Feb21Othellos AthienouOmonia Aradippou10 on Othellos Athienouover3:0
23 Feb21PAEEKDigenis Oroklinis5 on PAEEKover3:0
23 Feb21ASIL LysiEthnikos Achnas4 on Ethnikos Achnasunder0:1
23 Feb21Olympiakos NicosiaAEZ Zakakiou10 on Olympiakos Nicosiaover3:0
23 Feb21Karmiotissa Pano PolemidionMEAP Nisou10 on Karmiotissa Pano Polemidionover3:0
1 Mar22Ethnikos AchnasOlympiakos Nicosia4 on Olympiakos Nicosiaover1:2
2 Mar22Ayia NapaPAEEK4 on Ayia Napaover2:1
2 Mar22AEZ ZakakiouKarmiotissa Pano Polemidion4 on AEZ Zakakiouover2:1
2 Mar22Digenis OroklinisAris Limassol10 on Aris Limassolunder0:2
2 Mar22MEAP NisouE.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias6 on E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamiasunder0:2
2 Mar22Omonia AradippouASIL Lysi4 on ASIL Lysiover1:2
2 Mar22Onisilos SotiraAkritas Chlorakas6 on Onisilos Sotiraover3:0
2 Mar22Anagennisi DeryneiaOthellos Athienou2 on Anagennisi Deryneiaover2:1

All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Olympiakos Nicosia20153250:1848
2Aris Limassol20124435:2140
3Ethnikos Achnas19117134:1440
4Othellos Athienou19124348:1740
5Anagennisi Deryneia20103726:1833
6ASIL Lysi2085725:2429
7Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion2084828:3128
8E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias2067717:2225
9Onisilos Sotira2074925:3125
10AEZ Zakakiou20731025:3624
11Ayia Napa2065923:2723
12Akritas Chlorakas20721125:3923
13Omonia Aradippou20711223:2722
15MEAP Nisou20351216:3914
16Digenis Oroklinis20341320:4213
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1Othellos Athienou1091035:628
2Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion1072118:1023
3Olympiakos Nicosia1072124:723
4Aris Limassol1072124:1323
5Anagennisi Deryneia1071217:822
6Ethnikos Achnas963021:821
7ASIL Lysi1053215:1118
8AEZ Zakakiou1052317:1817
9Akritas Chlorakas1051415:1316
10Onisilos Sotira1051411:916
11Omonia Aradippou1050513:1515
12Ayia Napa1042413:1514
13E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias102627:912
14Digenis Oroklinis1031611:1810
15MEAP Nisou102447:1110
1Olympiakos Nicosia1081126:1125
2Ethnikos Achnas1054113:619
3Aris Limassol1052311:817
4E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias1041510:1313
5Othellos Athienou933313:1112
6Anagennisi Deryneia103259:1011
7ASIL Lysi1032510:1311
8Onisilos Sotira1023514:229
10Ayia Napa1023510:129
11AEZ Zakakiou102178:187
12Akritas Chlorakas1021710:267
13Omonia Aradippou1021710:127
14Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion1012710:215
15MEAP Nisou101189:284
16Digenis Oroklinis100379:243

Latest results

dateround home team away team
17 Feb20FTDigenis Oroklinis0:2Anagennisi Deryneia
16 Feb20FTPAEEK0:0Akritas Chlorakas
16 Feb20FTOmonia Aradippou0:1Aris Limassol
16 Feb20FTMEAP Nisou1:2Olympiakos Nicosia
16 Feb20FTOnisilos Sotira3:1Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion
16 Feb20FTAEZ Zakakiou2:1ASIL Lysi
16 Feb20FTAyia Napa2:1E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias
10 Feb19FTAris Limassol2:2Ethnikos Achnas
9 Feb19FTOthellos Athienou5:1AEZ Zakakiou
9 Feb19FTAkritas Chlorakas2:1Digenis Oroklinis
9 Feb19FTASIL Lysi3:2MEAP Nisou
9 Feb19FTKarmiotissa Pano Polemidion2:1Ayia Napa
9 Feb19FTAnagennisi Deryneia2:1Omonia Aradippou
8 Feb19FTE.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias0:0PAEEK
8 Feb19FTOlympiakos Nicosia2:0Onisilos Sotira
3 Feb18FTDigenis Oroklinis0:2Omonia Aradippou

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Olympiakos Nicosia550015:315
2Othellos Athienou541012:313
3Aris Limassol541011:613
4Anagennisi Deryneia54017:212
5Ethnikos Achnas53118:510
6E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias52215:48
7ASIL Lysi52128:87
8Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion52037:106
9AEZ Zakakiou52037:116
10Onisilos Sotira52035:66
12Ayia Napa51226:75
13Akritas Chlorakas51135:94
14Omonia Aradippou51044:63
15Digenis Oroklinis50142:91
16MEAP Nisou50056:140

1Anagennisi Deryneia550011:315
2Othellos Athienou550019:415
3Ethnikos Achnas541014:513
4Olympiakos Nicosia541014:313
5ASIL Lysi532012:711
6Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion53118:610
7AEZ Zakakiou531111:910
8Aris Limassol531112:810
9Ayia Napa52125:87
10Omonia Aradippou52037:86
11Onisilos Sotira52035:56
12E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias51313:66
14Akritas Chlorakas51136:114
15Digenis Oroklinis51045:113
16MEAP Nisou50233:82
1Olympiakos Nicosia541014:513
2Aris Limassol54019:512
3Anagennisi Deryneia53117:210
4Ethnikos Achnas53118:510
5Othellos Athienou52217:58
6Omonia Aradippou52128:47
7ASIL Lysi52126:67
9AEZ Zakakiou51136:104
10Onisilos Sotira51137:124
11E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias51044:103
12Ayia Napa50233:62
13Digenis Oroklinis50144:101
14Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion50144:141
15Akritas Chlorakas50145:161
16MEAP Nisou50056:160

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Othellos Athienou8463374.12.673.42
2Olympiakos Nicosia9570503.13.73.4
3Akritas Chlorakas7570352.83.63.2
4Digenis Oroklinis9565352.93.33.1
5AEZ Zakakiou7570353.52.63.05
6Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion8570352.83.12.95
7Onisilos Sotira80502023.62.8
8Aris Limassol6045353.71.92.8
9MEAP Nisou6545351.83.72.75
11Ethnikos Achnas6847373.221.92.53
12Omonia Aradippou5545302.82.22.5
13Ayia Napa8060152.82.22.5
14ASIL Lysi7050252.62.32.45
15Anagennisi Deryneia6035152.51.92.2
16E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias6045151.62.31.95

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team betting index

Teams ordered by SoccerVista tips profitability
Negative number means that team plays less predictable - this team can beat big favourite and lose against weak team. Be very careful when adding this team to your betting slip!

 Total bets Average OddsBetting Index
1Othellos Athienou1455.7
2Olympiakos Nicosia1653.8
3Digenis Oroklinis1641.9
4Ethnikos Achnas1440.7
5MEAP Nisou1635.6
6Anagennisi Deryneia1631.3
8Akritas Chlorakas1520.7
9Aris Limassol1520.7
10Omonia Aradippou1513.3
11Onisilos Sotira1613.1
12Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion1611.3
13AEZ Zakakiou1611.3
14ASIL Lysi166.9
15Ayia Napa156.7
16E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias151.3

Average betting index at Cyprus 2. Division is 24.07 units. That means: Favourites usually win in this league.

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