Chile - Primera Division


Colo Colo



halftime (3:1)
»Game details
Date Sunday 23rd September 2018
Time 22:30 CEST
83'   Damian Perez
78'   Eduard Bello
78'   in Nicolas Maturana
78'   out Cesar Pinares
77'   Flavio Ciampichetti
76'   Salvador Cordero
73'   Eduard Bello
72'   in Rodrigo Contreras
72'   out Cristian Rojas
70'   in Damian Perez
70'   out Oscar Opazo
64'   in Augusto Barrios
64'   out Gabriel Sandoval
55'   out Claudio Baeza
55'   in Carlos Carmona
46'   in Jason Flores
46'   out Felipe Flores
42'   Claudio Baeza
33'   Matias Zaldivia
32'   penalty Flavio Ciampichetti
29'   Ivan Morales
15'   Ivan Morales
10'   Felipe Flores
Goalkeeper: Agustin Orion

Substitute player: Brayan Cortes
Substitute player: Felipe Campos
Substitute player: Carlos Carmona
Substitute player: Carlos Villanueva
Substitute player: Gabriel Suazo
Substitute player: Damian Perez
Substitute player: Nicolas Maturana

Starter: Gonzalo Fierro
Starter: Esteban Pavez
Starter: Jaime Valdes
Starter: Ivan Morales
Starter: Matias Zaldivia
Starter: Lucas Barrios
Starter: Oscar Opazo
Starter: Claudio Baeza
Starter: Juan Manuel Insaurralde
Starter: Cesar Pinares
Goalkeeper: Paulo Garces

Substitute player: Gonzalo Villagra
Substitute player: Rodrigo Contreras
Substitute player: Nicolas Araya
Substitute player: Jason Flores
Substitute player: Francisco Sepulveda
Substitute player: Oscar Hernandez
Substitute player: Augusto Barrios

Starter: Tomas Astaburuaga
Starter: Michael Lepe
Starter: Gabriel Sandoval
Starter: Flavio Ciampichetti
Starter: Salvador Cordero
Starter: Felipe Flores
Starter: Bruno Romo
Starter: Marco Collao
Starter: Cristian Rojas
Starter: Eduard Bello
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Colo ColoAntofagasta
LOST in last 1 Primera Division's games.WON in last 1 Primera Division's games.
NOT DRAW in last 2 Primera Division's games.NOT LOST in last 3 Primera Division's games.

5.League position4.
  6pts.Last five games  6pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  8pts.


under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
27th Apr 19 Chile - Primera DivisionColo Colo : Antofagasta 1:0
23rd Sep 18 Chile - Primera DivisionColo Colo : Antofagasta 3:4
03rd Feb 18 Chile - Primera DivisionAntofagasta : Colo Colo 1:2
31st Jul 17 Chile - Primera Division Torneo de TransicionColo Colo : Antofagasta 0:0
14th May 17 Chile - Primera Division ClausuraColo Colo : Antofagasta 1:1
11th Sep 16 Chile - Primera Division AperturaAntofagasta : Colo Colo 2:2
14th Feb 16 Chile - Primera Division ClausuraColo Colo : Antofagasta 2:1
30th Aug 15 Chile - Primera Division AperturaAntofagasta : Colo Colo 0:1
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Colo Colo
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Universidad Catolica301710339:2561
2Universidad de Concepcion30184845:3158
3Universidad de Chile30183945:3757
5Colo Colo301271140:3843
6Union La Calera301341338:3843
7Union Espanola30914744:4241
10Audax Italiano308101240:4034
11Everton CD30971439:4434
12Curico Unido308101235:4034
14Deportes Iquique307111234:4232
15Deportes Temuco306101429:4528
16San Luis30581724:4823
 relegation relegation  

1Universidad Catolica15123024:1039
2Universidad de Concepcion15113123:936
4Colo Colo1584322:1628
5Curico Unido1575323:1626
6Universidad de Chile1582522:1526
7Union Espanola1566327:2324
8Audax Italiano1566328:1724
11Everton CD1564521:1822
13Deportes Iquique1554619:2019
14Union La Calera1553719:2018
15Deportes Temuco1544715:2416
16San Luis1534812:2013
1Universidad de Chile15101423:2231
2Union La Calera1581619:1825
3Universidad Catolica1557315:1522
5Universidad de Concepcion1571722:2222
7Union Espanola1538417:1917
8Colo Colo1543818:2215
10Deportes Iquique1527615:2213
12Deportes Temuco1526714:2112
13Everton CD1533918:2612
14San Luis1524912:2810
15Audax Italiano1524912:2310
16Curico Unido1515912:248

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Universidad de Chile54108:213
2Universidad Catolica53115:410
4Everton CD531110:710
5Universidad de Concepcion53027:59
7Curico Unido52126:77
8Union Espanola51316:66
9Colo Colo51314:56
11Deportes Temuco52036:76
12Deportes Iquique51225:95
13Audax Italiano51227:95
14San Luis51135:84
16Union La Calera50141:71

1Universidad Catolica55007:215
2Universidad de Concepcion550011:215
3Universidad de Chile54107:113
4Everton CD541011:413
5Audax Italiano532012:311
6Curico Unido53117:310
7Deportes Iquique53119:610
8Union Espanola52308:69
13Colo Colo51225:75
14Union La Calera51041:83
15Deportes Temuco51044:103
16San Luis50235:92
1Universidad de Chile53028:79
4San Luis52125:67
5Everton CD52129:87
7Colo Colo51226:85
8Universidad Catolica51224:85
9Union Espanola50414:54
10Deportes Temuco51134:64
11Curico Unido51045:103
13Universidad de Concepcion51044:73
14Audax Italiano50232:82
15Union La Calera50142:101
16Deportes Iquique50142:121

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