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Super League facts

Home field is big advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.67 points per game.!
Number of draws is on average level. 24% of games finish as draw
Number of goals is above the average. It's 3.01 goals per game!
Number of games with three or more goals is above the average. It's 62% of all games.!
Favourites usually win in this league.!

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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Guangzhou Evergrande23192254:1559
2Beijing Guoan23180544:1854
3Shanghai SIPG FC23165247:1953
4Shandong Luneng23114839:2637
5Jiangsu Suning FC2397742:3434
6Wuhan Zall2387830:3131
7Dalian Yifang2387835:3731
8Chongqing Lifan2379730:3830
9Tianjin Teda23851031:3729
10Henan Jianye23761027:3727
11Guangzhou R&F F.C.23751144:5826
12Hebei CFFC23651225:3823
13Shanghai Shenhua22651135:4123
14Shenzhen FC22461220:3318
15Tianjin Tianhai23212928:4018
16Beijing Renhe23331719:4812
 relegation relegation  

1Beijing Guoan12110131:1133
2Shanghai SIPG FC1291227:1228
3Guangzhou Evergrande1182121:726
4Jiangsu Suning FC1181224:1125
5Shandong Luneng1172219:923
6Guangzhou R&F F.C.1264228:2422
7Tianjin Teda1263320:1821
8Wuhan Zall1245315:1317
9Henan Jianye1152415:1617
10Chongqing Lifan1245313:1517
11Hebei CFFC1243516:1815
12Dalian Yifang1243516:1715
13Shenzhen FC1143414:1215
14Shanghai Shenhua1032519:2311
15Tianjin Tianhai1117315:1910
16Beijing Renhe1131712:2010
1Guangzhou Evergrande12110133:833
2Shanghai SIPG FC1174020:725
3Beijing Guoan1170413:721
4Dalian Yifang1144319:2016
5Wuhan Zall1142515:1814
6Shandong Luneng1242620:1714
7Chongqing Lifan1134417:2313
8Shanghai Shenhua1233616:1812
9Henan Jianye1224612:2110
10Jiangsu Suning FC1216518:239
11Hebei CFFC112279:208
12Tianjin Tianhai1215613:218
13Tianjin Teda1122711:198
14Guangzhou R&F F.C.1111916:344
15Shenzhen FC110386:213
16Beijing Renhe1202107:282

Latest results

dateround home team away team
15 Aug22FTGuangzhou Evergrande1:1Chongqing Lifan
15 Aug22FTDalian Yifang0:2Beijing Guoan
15 Aug22FTWuhan Zall2:1Shandong Luneng
15 Aug22FTTianjin Tianhai2:2Shanghai Shenhua
14 Aug22FTShenzhen FC4:0Guangzhou R&F F.C.
14 Aug22FTShanghai SIPG FC5:1Tianjin Teda
14 Aug22FTBeijing Renhe1:2Hebei CFFC
13 Aug22FTJiangsu Suning FC3:0Henan Jianye
11 Aug23FTChongqing Lifan1:1Tianjin Tianhai
11 Aug23FTBeijing Guoan1:3Guangzhou Evergrande
10 Aug23FTTianjin Teda2:1Wuhan Zall
10 Aug23FTHebei CFFC0:3Shandong Luneng
9 Aug23FTHenan Jianye2:1Beijing Renhe
9 Aug23FTGuangzhou R&F F.C.2:2Shanghai SIPG FC
9 Aug23FTDalian Yifang2:2Jiangsu Suning FC
3 Aug21FTShanghai SIPG FC0:0Tianjin Tianhai

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Guangzhou Evergrande541015:213
2Jiangsu Suning FC532010:411
3Shanghai Shenhua532016:1011
4Dalian Yifang52219:88
5Hebei CFFC52127:87
6Tianjin Tianhai51406:57
7Shanghai SIPG FC514010:67
8Henan Jianye52123:67
9Tianjin Teda52128:107
10Wuhan Zall51316:66
11Shandong Luneng52037:66
12Beijing Guoan52035:56
13Shenzhen FC51135:84
14Chongqing Lifan50325:103
15Guangzhou R&F F.C.50237:182
16Beijing Renhe50144:121

1Shanghai SIPG FC541014:213
2Guangzhou Evergrande541011:313
3Henan Jianye54107:313
4Beijing Guoan540112:512
5Dalian Yifang53119:710
6Shandong Luneng53118:510
7Tianjin Teda53119:810
8Jiangsu Suning FC53026:49
9Hebei CFFC52218:78
10Guangzhou R&F F.C.522110:128
11Shanghai Shenhua522110:108
12Tianjin Tianhai51318:96
13Wuhan Zall51316:66
14Chongqing Lifan51316:76
15Shenzhen FC51225:45
16Beijing Renhe50053:130
1Guangzhou Evergrande550017:215
2Shanghai SIPG FC52309:59
3Dalian Yifang521210:107
4Shanghai Shenhua52129:87
5Shandong Luneng52038:66
6Beijing Guoan52034:56
7Wuhan Zall51225:75
8Hebei CFFC51135:104
9Tianjin Tianhai50416:74
10Jiangsu Suning FC50418:94
11Chongqing Lifan51136:124
12Shenzhen FC50233:92
13Beijing Renhe50143:111
14Tianjin Teda50142:91
15Henan Jianye50053:130
16Guangzhou R&F F.C.50058:180

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Guangzhou R&F F.C.10087744.334.554.43
2Shanghai Shenhua8677454.22.833.45
3Jiangsu Suning FC9170433.183.423.3
4Dalian Yifang7861432.753.553.13
5Guangzhou Evergrande7865302.553.423
6Tianjin Tianhai8365393.092.832.96
7Tianjin Teda8357223.172.732.96
8Chongqing Lifan7852432.333.642.96
9Beijing Renhe8761262.912.922.91
10Shanghai SIPG FC8365303.252.452.87
11Shandong Luneng8761222.553.082.83
12Henan Jianye7457302.822.752.78
13Hebei CFFC8761222.832.642.74
14Beijing Guoan7461223.51.822.7
15Wuhan Zall8352172.3332.65
16Shenzhen FC7745232.362.452.41

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team betting index

Teams ordered by SoccerVista tips profitability
Negative number means that team plays less predictable - this team can beat big favourite and lose against weak team. Be very careful when adding this team to your betting slip!

 Total bets Average OddsBetting Index
1Guangzhou Evergrande192.4455.8
2Beijing Guoan171.9945.3
3Beijing Renhe182.3143.9
4Shanghai SIPG FC183.5632.2
5Shenzhen FC172.4530
6Guangzhou R&F F.C.192.3425.8
7Hebei CFFC182.7521.7
8Shandong Luneng192.5320.5
9Tianjin Teda182.5519.4
10Shanghai Shenhua182.8512.8
11Henan Jianye192.8411.6
12Wuhan Zall192.939.5
13Chongqing Lifan183.966.1
14Tianjin Tianhai183.225
15Dalian Yifang182.895
16Jiangsu Suning FC192.92-3.7

Average betting index at China Super League is 21.16 units. That means: Favourites usually win in this league.

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