Romania - Liga I


CS Universitatea Craiova


Sepsi OSK




halftime (0:1)
»Game details
Date Friday 9th November 2018
Time 20:00 CET
Venue nameStadionul Ion Oblemenco
90'   Igor Jovanovic
90'    Ivan Martic
88'   Isaac Donkor
87'   out Stefan Draghici
87'   in Marko Simonovski
86'   Daisuke Sato
83'  Assist Cristian Barbut
83'   Andrei Burlacu
77'   in Yasin Hamed
77'   out Florin Stefan
75'   in Andrei Burlacu
75'   out Marius Briceag
65'   out Gabriel Vasvari
65'   in Bryan Nouvier
58'    Alexandru Mitrita
52'   Alexandru Mitrita
47'   Ivan Martic
46'   out Nuno Rocha
46'   out Matteo Fedele
46'   in Cesar Meza
46'   in Raoul Baicu
36'   Aleksandr Karnitskiy
34'   Cristian Barbut
29'   Gabriel Moura
Goalkeeper: Mirko Pigliacelli

Defence: Marius Briceag
Defence: Renato Kelic
Defence: Isaac Donkor
Defence: Ivan Martic

Midfield: Alexandru Mateiu
Midfield: Alexandru Mitrita
Midfield: Alexandru Cicaldau
Midfield: Cristian Barbut
Midfield: Matteo Fedele

Forward: Nuno Rocha

Substitute player: Iulian Popescu
Substitute player: Radoslav Dimitrov
Substitute player: Ovidiu Bic
Substitute player: Andrei Burlacu
Substitute player: Cesar Meza
Substitute player: Tiago Ferreira
Substitute player: Raoul Baicu

Coach: Devis Mangia
Goalkeeper: Csongor Fejer

Defence: Daisuke Sato
Defence: Igor Jovanovic
Defence: Adrian Rus
Defence: Gabriel Moura

Midfield: Stefan Velev
Midfield: Florin Stefan
Midfield: Gabriel Vasvari
Midfield: Stefan Draghici
Midfield: Aleksandr Karnitskiy

Forward: Ibrahima Tandia

Substitute player: Roland Niczuly
Substitute player: Marko Simonovski
Substitute player: Yasin Hamed
Substitute player: Daniel Prosser
Substitute player: Ionut Ursu
Substitute player: Bryan Nouvier
Substitute player: Attila Hadnagy

Coach: Eugen Neagoe
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CS Universitatea CraiovaSepsi OSK
WON in last 1 Liga I's games.WON in last 2 Liga I's games.
NOT DRAW in last 6 Liga I's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 Liga I's games.

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3.League position4.
  12pts.Last five games  10pts.
  13pts.last 5 home/away only  9pts.

4 on CS Universitatea Craiova

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
09th Nov 18 Romania - Liga ICS Universitatea Craiova : Sepsi OSK 1:1
29th Jul 18 Romania - Liga ISepsi OSK : CS Universitatea Craiova 1:0
11th Feb 18 Romania - Liga ICS Universitatea Craiova : Sepsi OSK 1:0
19th Sep 17 Romania - Liga ISepsi OSK : CS Universitatea Craiova 2:3
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International - Club Friendlies 2018
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1CFR Cluj21137135:1246
2FC FCSB21124540:2440
3CS Universitatea Craiova21115537:1938
4Sepsi OSK2196629:1933
5FC Viitorul Constanta21103825:2333
6Astra Giurgiu2187628:2031
8Gaz Metan Medias2177723:2828
9CSM Politehnica Iasi2184926:3228
11Dinamo Bucuresti2157922:3422
12FC Dunarea Calarasi21381013:2317
13Concordia Chiajna21451216:3717
14FC Voluntari21271221:4013
 relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1FC FCSB1172220:1023
2CS Universitatea Craiova1164117:722
3Sepsi OSK1161417:1119
4Gaz Metan Medias1052315:1417
5CFR Cluj1045116:817
6FC Viitorul Constanta1051413:1016
7Dinamo Bucuresti1044212:1016
8Astra Giurgiu1144316:1216
10CSM Politehnica Iasi1143413:1415
12FC Dunarea Calarasi102358:139
13FC Voluntari1023514:169
14Concordia Chiajna101458:187
1CFR Cluj1192019:429
2FC Viitorul Constanta1152412:1317
3FC FCSB1052320:1417
4CS Universitatea Craiova1051420:1216
5Astra Giurgiu1043312:815
6Sepsi OSK1035212:814
8CSM Politehnica Iasi1041513:1813
10Gaz Metan Medias112548:1411
11Concordia Chiajna113178:1910
12FC Dunarea Calarasi111555:108
13Dinamo Bucuresti1113710:246
14FC Voluntari110477:244

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1CFR Cluj541013:213
2CS Universitatea Craiova54019:512
3CSM Politehnica Iasi532012:711
4Astra Giurgiu532011:511
6Sepsi OSK531111:410
7FC FCSB53029:89
9FC Voluntari51226:115
10FC Viitorul Constanta51136:74
11Dinamo Bucuresti51136:124
12Gaz Metan Medias50235:102
13FC Dunarea Calarasi50051:80
14Concordia Chiajna50056:170

1CS Universitatea Craiova54109:313
2FC FCSB54017:412
3Sepsi OSK53029:69
4CFR Cluj52308:29
6FC Voluntari52128:47
7FC Viitorul Constanta52127:57
8Gaz Metan Medias52126:67
9Astra Giurgiu52129:87
11Dinamo Bucuresti51316:66
12CSM Politehnica Iasi51225:85
13Concordia Chiajna50234:102
14FC Dunarea Calarasi50141:71
1CFR Cluj550012:115
3Sepsi OSK52308:49
4CS Universitatea Craiova530210:69
5CSM Politehnica Iasi530210:79
7FC Viitorul Constanta52125:67
8FC FCSB52129:97
9Astra Giurgiu52125:47
10Dinamo Bucuresti51224:95
11Gaz Metan Medias50324:73
12FC Dunarea Calarasi50231:42
13FC Voluntari50144:141
14Concordia Chiajna50142:121

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