Romania - Liga I Relegation Group


CSM Politehnica Iasi


FC Academica Clinceni




halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Thursday 18th June 2020
Time 19:00 CEST
Venue nameStadionul E. Alexandrescu
RefereeHoratiu Fesnic from Romania
90'   Sorin Serban
86'   Juan Pablo Passaglia
86'   Cristian Albu
77'   Florin Achim
77'  Assist Jovan Markovic
76'   out Andrei Cristea
76'   out Platini
76'   in Lucas Chacana
76'   in Mahamadou Habib Habibou
72'   out George Merloi
72'   in Florin Achim
72'   out Jakub Vojtus
72'   in Jovan Markovic
65'   in Kevin Luckassen
65'   out Michael Omoh
64'   in Rodny Lopes Cabral
64'   out Ovidiu Horsia
58'   out Manuel De Iriondo
58'   in Nicandro Breeveld
54'   Jakub Vojtus
48'   Eugen Cebotaru
45'   in Eugen Cebotaru
45'   out Robert Ion
44'   Marius Mihalache
13'   Andrei Cristea

Goalkeeper: Stefan Tarnovanu

Defence: Sorin Serban
Defence: Cosmin Frasinescu
Defence: Marius Mihalache
Defence: Razvan Gradinaru

Midfield: Ovidiu Horsia
Midfield: Juan Pablo Passaglia
Midfield: Manuel De Iriondo
Midfield: Platini

Forward: Michael Omoh
Forward: Andrei Cristea

Substitute player: Linas Klimavicius
Substitute player: Razvan Onea
Substitute player: Fomba Bourama
Substitute player: Mahamadou Habib Habibou
Substitute player: Nicandro Breeveld
Substitute player: Rodny Lopes Cabral
Substitute player: Kevin Luckassen
Substitute player: Denis Rusu
Substitute player: Lucas Chacana

Coach: Mircea Rednic
Goalkeeper: Octavian Valceanu

Defence: Mihai Dobrescu
Defence: David Munoz
Defence: Razvan Patriche
Defence: Gabriel Matei

Midfield: Robert Ion
Midfield: Cristian Albu
Midfield: Denis Ventura

Forward: Jakub Vojtus
Forward: George Merloi
Forward: Alexandru Buziuc

Substitute player: Florin Bejan
Substitute player: Giannis Kontoes
Substitute player: Jovan Markovic
Substitute player: Bogdan Ilie
Substitute player: Florin Achim
Substitute player: Andrei Susu
Substitute player: Andrei Ureche
Substitute player: Eugen Cebotaru

Coach: Ilie Poenaru
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CSM Politehnica IasiFC Academica Clinceni
DRAW in last 1 Liga I Relegation Group's games.LOST in last 3 Liga I Relegation Group's games.
NOT LOST in last 3 Liga I Relegation Group's games.NOT DRAW in last 14 Liga I Relegation Group's games.

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6.League position4.
  8pts.Last five games  6pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.
»Head to Head matches
02nd Apr 21 Romania - Liga IFC Academica Clinceni : CSM Politehnica Iasi 2:1
16th Dec 20 Romania - Liga ICSM Politehnica Iasi : FC Academica Clinceni 0:0
26th Jul 20 Romania - Liga I Relegation GroupFC Academica Clinceni : CSM Politehnica Iasi 3:0
18th Jun 20 Romania - Liga I Relegation GroupCSM Politehnica Iasi : FC Academica Clinceni 0:1
09th Nov 19 Romania - Liga IFC Academica Clinceni : CSM Politehnica Iasi 1:0
26th Jul 19 Romania - Liga ICSM Politehnica Iasi : FC Academica Clinceni 2:0
»Latest games
CSM Politehnica Iasi
Romania - Liga I Relegation Group 2020/2021
18.4.FC Arges Pitesti0:0CSM Politehnica Iasi
12.4.CSM Politehnica Iasi1:0Hermannstadt
08.4.FC Viitorul Constanta1:2CSM Politehnica Iasi
02.4.FC Academica Clinceni2:1CSM Politehnica Iasi
20.3.CSM Politehnica Iasi1:0Dinamo Bucuresti
14.3.CFR Cluj4:0CSM Politehnica Iasi
08.3.FC Arges Pitesti2:1CSM Politehnica Iasi
01.3.CSM Politehnica Iasi0:2FC Voluntari
14.2.CSM Politehnica Iasi2:3Astra Giurgiu
05.2.Sepsi OSK3:3CSM Politehnica Iasi
02.2.CSM Politehnica Iasi0:3Universitatea Craiova
30.1.FC FCSB3:1CSM Politehnica Iasi
27.1.CSM Politehnica Iasi1:2UTA Arad
24.1.Gaz Metan Medias2:1CSM Politehnica Iasi
18.1.CSM Politehnica Iasi0:1Botosani
13.1.Chindia Targoviste1:1CSM Politehnica Iasi
20.12.Hermannstadt0:1CSM Politehnica Iasi
16.12.CSM Politehnica Iasi0:0FC Academica Clinceni
11.12.Dinamo Bucuresti4:1CSM Politehnica Iasi
06.12.CSM Politehnica Iasi0:2CFR Cluj
20.11.CSM Politehnica Iasi1:1FC Arges Pitesti
07.11.FC Voluntari4:0CSM Politehnica Iasi
01.11.CSM Politehnica Iasi0:3FC Viitorul Constanta
24.10.Astra Giurgiu4:0CSM Politehnica Iasi
FC Academica Clinceni
Romania - Liga I Championship Group 2020/2021
18.4.CFR Cluj3:0FC Academica Clinceni
09.4.Dinamo Bucuresti1:3FC Academica Clinceni
02.4.FC Academica Clinceni2:1CSM Politehnica Iasi
20.3.FC Arges Pitesti1:1FC Academica Clinceni
13.3.FC Academica Clinceni0:1FC Voluntari
05.3.FC Viitorul Constanta1:1FC Academica Clinceni
27.2.FC Academica Clinceni1:1Astra Giurgiu
20.2.Sepsi OSK0:0FC Academica Clinceni
14.2.FC Academica Clinceni0:0Universitatea Craiova
07.2.FC FCSB0:1FC Academica Clinceni
04.2.FC Academica Clinceni0:3UTA Arad
30.1.Gaz Metan Medias1:1FC Academica Clinceni
27.1.FC Academica Clinceni2:1Botosani
22.1.Chindia Targoviste2:1FC Academica Clinceni
17.1.FC Academica Clinceni0:0Hermannstadt
14.1.CFR Cluj3:1FC Academica Clinceni
20.12.FC Academica Clinceni1:1Dinamo Bucuresti
16.12.CSM Politehnica Iasi0:0FC Academica Clinceni
13.12.FC Academica Clinceni1:0FC Arges Pitesti
04.12.FC Voluntari3:3FC Academica Clinceni
21.11.FC Academica Clinceni1:0FC Viitorul Constanta
06.11.Astra Giurgiu0:2FC Academica Clinceni
31.10.FC Academica Clinceni2:0Sepsi OSK
23.10.Universitatea Craiova0:1FC Academica Clinceni


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FC Viitorul Constanta1465325:1743
3Sepsi OSK1345419:1734
4FC Academica Clinceni1470714:2132
5FC Voluntari1463516:1231
6CSM Politehnica Iasi1454517:1730
7Dinamo Bucuresti92258:1125
8Chindia Targoviste123189:1723
 relegation play off relegation play off  

1FC Viitorul Constanta751116:616
2FC Voluntari742110:314
3CSM Politehnica Iasi741210:713
4FC Academica Clinceni740310:912
6Chindia Targoviste63128:610
7Sepsi OSK62319:79
8Dinamo Bucuresti50233:72
2FC Academica Clinceni73044:129
3Sepsi OSK722310:108
4FC Voluntari72146:97
5FC Viitorul Constanta71429:117
6CSM Politehnica Iasi71337:106
7Dinamo Bucuresti42025:46
8Chindia Targoviste60061:110

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Sepsi OSK53118:410
3CSM Politehnica Iasi52216:78
4Dinamo Bucuresti52217:58
5FC Academica Clinceni52036:76
6Chindia Targoviste52036:86
7FC Viitorul Constanta51226:85
8FC Voluntari51045:83

1FC Viitorul Constanta540114:512
2FC Voluntari53116:210
3CSM Politehnica Iasi53119:610
4FC Academica Clinceni53027:69
5Chindia Targoviste53027:59
7Sepsi OSK52218:68
8Dinamo Bucuresti50233:72
2FC Academica Clinceni52033:96
3Dinamo Bucuresti42025:46
4CSM Politehnica Iasi51225:75
5Sepsi OSK51136:84
6FC Viitorul Constanta50415:74
7FC Voluntari51044:83
8Chindia Targoviste50051:100

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