Peru - Primera Division - Apertura


CD UT Cajamarca


Academia Cantolao




halftime (1:1)
»Game details
Date Monday 27th August 2018
Time 22:00 CEST
90'   Carlos Cabello
90'    Franco Otarola
80'   Roberto Carlos Guizasola
80'   Jose Carvallo
79'   Carlos Cabello
43'   penalty Donald Millan
33'   Fabian Gonzalez
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CD UT CajamarcaAcademia Cantolao
DRAW in last 12 Primera Division - Apertura's games.DRAW in last 1 Primera Division - Apertura's games.
NOT LOST in last 15 Primera Division - Apertura's games.NOT WON in last 15 Primera Division - Apertura's games.

5.League position13.
  5pts.Last five games  3pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.

9 on CD UT Cajamarca

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
»Head to Head matches
27th Apr 19 Peru - Liga 1 - AperturaAcademia Cantolao : CD UT Cajamarca 0:0
25th Nov 18 Peru - Primera Division - ClausuraAcademia Cantolao : CD UT Cajamarca 2:1
27th Aug 18 Peru - Primera Division - AperturaCD UT Cajamarca : Academia Cantolao 1:2
25th Nov 17 Peru - Primera Division - ClausuraCD UT Cajamarca : Academia Cantolao 0:1
30th Jul 17 Peru - Primera Division - AperturaAcademia Cantolao : CD UT Cajamarca 0:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Sporting Cristal1595127:732
2Alianza Lima1583424:1627
3Real Garcilaso1582519:1926
4Deportivo Municipal1573521:1624
5CD UT Cajamarca1566319:1524
6FBC Melgar1566323:2024
7Union Comercio1565417:1623
9Sport Boys1547420:2119
10Sport Huancayo1546516:1518
11Universitario de Deportes1546518:2118
12Sport Rosario1563621:2417
13Academia Cantolao1545621:2717
14Universidad San Martin1527620:2313
15Ayacucho FC1533917:2112
16Comerciantes Unidos15041110:334

1Alianza Lima870117:521
2Real Garcilaso761013:619
3Sporting Cristal861119:419
5Deportivo Municipal860215:318
6FBC Melgar752016:817
7Sport Rosario851217:1216
8Sport Boys843112:1015
9Union Comercio74219:314
10CD UT Cajamarca73318:512
11Ayacucho FC832313:911
12Academia Cantolao724112:1010
13Sport Huancayo82428:710
14Universitario de Deportes72418:710
15Universidad San Martin723210:79
16Comerciantes Unidos70437:154
1Sporting Cristal73408:313
2CD UT Cajamarca833211:1012
3Union Comercio82338:139
4Sport Huancayo72238:88
5Universitario de Deportes822410:148
6Academia Cantolao82159:177
7Real Garcilaso82156:137
8FBC Melgar81437:127
9Deportivo Municipal71336:136
10Alianza Lima71337:116
11Sport Rosario71244:125
12Universidad San Martin804410:164
13Sport Boys70438:114
15Ayacucho FC70164:121
16Comerciantes Unidos80083:180

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FBC Melgar52303:09
2Real Garcilaso51402:17
3Union Comercio51402:07
4Universidad San Martin51406:17
5Sport Boys51401:07
6Sporting Cristal51401:07
8Ayacucho FC51313:26
9Universitario de Deportes51313:26
10CD UT Cajamarca50500:05
11Alianza Lima50501:15
12Comerciantes Unidos50410:24
13Sport Huancayo50411:34
14Sport Rosario50321:53
15Academia Cantolao50321:33
16Deportivo Municipal50321:83

1Ayacucho FC53116:210
2Sporting Cristal52303:09
4Union Comercio51402:07
5Sport Huancayo51402:17
6Alianza Lima51405:17
7Sport Boys51402:17
8Sport Rosario51313:26
9Deportivo Municipal51312:26
10Universidad San Martin51316:26
11CD UT Cajamarca50500:05
12Real Garcilaso50500:05
13FBC Melgar50500:05
14Universitario de Deportes50501:15
15Comerciantes Unidos50410:24
16Academia Cantolao50322:43
1FBC Melgar52213:28
2Sporting Cristal51401:07
3Real Garcilaso51312:36
4Union Comercio51312:16
5Sport Rosario51222:55
6Academia Cantolao50500:05
7CD UT Cajamarca50501:15
8Ayacucho FC50500:05
9Alianza Lima50502:25
10Universidad San Martin50500:05
11Sport Boys50500:05
13Sport Huancayo50411:34
14Deportivo Municipal50411:64
15Universitario de Deportes51133:64
16Comerciantes Unidos50321:73

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