Romania - Liga I




FC Arges Pitesti




halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Thursday 14th January 2021
Time 16:00 CET
Venue nameStadionul Municipal, Botosani
RefereeFlorin Marcu from Romania
90'   in Mihai Leca
90'   out Mediop Ndiaye
90'   Sylvain Deslandes
90'   Ionut Nastasie
90'   Jonathan Rodriguez
89'   in Georgian Honciu
89'   out Alexander Maes
88'   Alexandru Greab
85'   Mihai Roman
78'   out Cristian Dumitru
78'   in Ionut Nastasie
77'   Hervin Ongenda
75'   out Andrei Tircoveanu
75'   in Mihai Roman
71'   Nicolae Musat
57'   in Enriko Papa
57'   out Eduard Florescu
48'   Eduard Florescu
46'   in Andrei Patache
46'   in Alexandru Tiganasu
46'   out Marcel Holzmann
46'   out Youssef Toutouh
46'   out Christopher Braun
46'   in Victor Fernandez
37'   Andrei Chindris
19'   Stefan Draghici

Goalkeeper: Hidajet Hankic

Defence: Marcel Holzmann
Defence: Andrei Chindris
Defence: Denis Harut
Defence: Christopher Braun

Midfield: Hervin Ongenda
Midfield: Jonathan Rodriguez
Midfield: Eduard Florescu

Forward: Youssef Toutouh
Forward: Andrei Tircoveanu
Forward: Mahmoud Al Mawas

Substitute player: Mihai Roman
Substitute player: David Croitoru
Substitute player: Victor Fernandez
Substitute player: Andrei Patache
Substitute player: Alin Seroni
Substitute player: Alexandru Tiganasu
Substitute player: Enriko Papa
Substitute player: Eduard Pap
Substitute player: Realdo Fili

Coach: Marius Croitoru
Goalkeeper: Alexandru Greab

Defence: Luka Maric
Defence: Costinel Tofan
Defence: Nicolae Musat
Defence: Sylvain Deslandes

Midfield: Cristian Dumitru
Midfield: Stefan Draghici
Midfield: Ionut Serban
Midfield: David Meza Colli
Midfield: Alexander Maes

Forward: Mediop Ndiaye

Substitute player: Grigore Turda
Substitute player: Mihai Leca
Substitute player: Alin Popa
Substitute player: Ionut Nastasie
Substitute player: Catalin Barbu
Substitute player: George Micle
Substitute player: Georgian Honciu
Substitute player: Daniel Serbanica
Substitute player: Andrei Prepelita

Coach: Ionut Mosteanu
Coach: Mihaita Ianovschi
Coach: Adrian Dulcea
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BotosaniFC Arges Pitesti
WON in last 1 Liga I's games.DRAW in last 1 Liga I's games.
NOT DRAW in last 2 Liga I's games.NOT LOST in last 4 Liga I's games.

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8.League position15.
  8pts.Last five games  6pts.
  3pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.

4 on Botosani

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
14th Jan 21 Romania - Liga IBotosani : FC Arges Pitesti 0:1
21st Aug 20 Romania - Liga IFC Arges Pitesti : Botosani 2:3
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11.12.Botosani1:1Astra Giurgiu
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Romania - Liga I 2020/2021
21.8.FC Arges Pitesti2:3Botosani
01.8.Botosani4:1Gaz Metan Medias
FC Arges Pitesti
Romania - Liga I 2020/2021
17.1.FC Arges Pitesti1:1Gaz Metan Medias
14.1.Botosani0:1FC Arges Pitesti
19.12.Chindia Targoviste2:2FC Arges Pitesti
16.12.FC Arges Pitesti2:2Hermannstadt
13.12.FC Academica Clinceni1:0FC Arges Pitesti
04.12.FC Arges Pitesti0:1Dinamo Bucuresti
20.11.CSM Politehnica Iasi1:1FC Arges Pitesti
08.11.FC Arges Pitesti0:2CFR Cluj
30.10.FC Arges Pitesti2:1FC Voluntari
25.10.FC Viitorul Constanta2:2FC Arges Pitesti
16.10.FC Arges Pitesti1:0Astra Giurgiu
03.10.Sepsi OSK1:0FC Arges Pitesti
25.9.FC Arges Pitesti1:2Universitatea Craiova
20.9.FC FCSB3:0FC Arges Pitesti
11.9.FC Arges Pitesti1:1UTA Arad
28.8.Gaz Metan Medias2:0FC Arges Pitesti
21.8.FC Arges Pitesti2:3Botosani
Romania - Liga II Promotion Group 2019/2020
02.8.FC Arges Pitesti1:1UTA Arad
28.7.Petrolul Ploiesti1:2FC Arges Pitesti
24.7.FC Arges Pitesti2:3CS Mioveni
21.7.Rapid Bucuresti1:2FC Arges Pitesti
03.7.Turris-Oltul0:0FC Arges Pitesti
07.3.Pandurii0:4FC Arges Pitesti


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FC FCSB16121340:1537
2CFR Cluj17114222:737
3Universitatea Craiova17104320:1034
4Sepsi OSK1777324:1428
5FC Academica Clinceni1768317:1326
6Chindia Targoviste1766514:1324
7FC Viitorul Constanta1656521:2021
9Gaz Metan Medias1762922:2720
10Dinamo Bucuresti1754820:1919
11UTA Arad1646613:2518
12Astra Giurgiu1745822:2517
14FC Voluntari1643920:2715
15FC Arges Pitesti1736816:2515
16CSM Politehnica Iasi17431015:3715
 relegation play off relegation play off  

1FC FCSB871025:422
2FC Academica Clinceni94328:515
3CFR Cluj94329:515
4Universitatea Craiova84138:613
5Sepsi OSK833210:612
6FC Viitorul Constanta833214:1312
7FC Voluntari831412:1210
8Gaz Metan Medias831410:1210
9Chindia Targoviste82338:119
10Dinamo Bucuresti923410:99
11FC Arges Pitesti923410:139
12Astra Giurgiu923412:139
14CSM Politehnica Iasi92259:178
16UTA Arad81345:146
1CFR Cluj871013:222
2Universitatea Craiova963012:421
3Sepsi OSK944114:816
4Chindia Targoviste94326:215
5FC FCSB850315:1115
7UTA Arad83328:1112
8FC Academica Clinceni82519:811
9Gaz Metan Medias931512:1510
10Dinamo Bucuresti831410:1010
11FC Viitorul Constanta82337:79
13Astra Giurgiu822410:128
14CSM Politehnica Iasi82156:207
15FC Arges Pitesti81346:126
16FC Voluntari81258:155

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1CFR Cluj54108:113
2FC FCSB53119:310
3Chindia Targoviste52307:49
4Sepsi OSK52217:28
6Astra Giurgiu522111:58
7Gaz Metan Medias52124:77
8Dinamo Bucuresti52127:57
9Universitatea Craiova51313:46
10FC Academica Clinceni51313:46
11FC Arges Pitesti51316:66
12CSM Politehnica Iasi51223:65
13FC Viitorul Constanta51224:55
15FC Voluntari50236:112
16UTA Arad50141:141

1FC FCSB541016:213
2FC Academica Clinceni53205:111
3Sepsi OSK52218:48
4FC Viitorul Constanta52218:78
5Astra Giurgiu52218:38
6Dinamo Bucuresti52128:57
7CFR Cluj52126:47
8Gaz Metan Medias52036:86
9FC Arges Pitesti51225:75
10UTA Arad51133:114
11Universitatea Craiova51133:54
12FC Voluntari51137:84
14Chindia Targoviste50325:83
16CSM Politehnica Iasi50232:82
1CFR Cluj55008:015
2FC FCSB54019:412
3Chindia Targoviste53114:110
5Universitatea Craiova52304:29
6Sepsi OSK52216:48
7FC Academica Clinceni52217:68
8Astra Giurgiu52219:58
9UTA Arad52125:97
10Gaz Metan Medias52127:97
11Dinamo Bucuresti52125:57
12FC Arges Pitesti51316:66
13FC Viitorul Constanta51223:35
14CSM Politehnica Iasi51133:134
16FC Voluntari50144:111

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