Japan - J. League 3


Blaublitz Akita


FC Ryukyu

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Date Monday 16th July 2018
Time 8:00 CEST
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Blaublitz AkitaFC Ryukyu
LOST in last 2 J. League 3's games.DRAW in last 1 J. League 3's games.
NOT WON in last 3 J. League 3's games.NOT LOST in last 10 J. League 3's games.

11.League position1.
  5pts.Last five games  13pts.
  2pts.last 5 home/away only  10pts.

5 on FC Ryukyu

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:2
»Head to Head matches
16th Jul 18 Japan - J. League 3Blaublitz Akita : FC Ryukyu 0:1
06th May 18 Japan - J. League 3FC Ryukyu : Blaublitz Akita 0:0
24th Sep 17 Japan - J. League 3Blaublitz Akita : FC Ryukyu 1:2
30th Apr 17 Japan - J. League 3FC Ryukyu : Blaublitz Akita 1:6
20th Nov 16 Japan - J. League 3Blaublitz Akita : FC Ryukyu 2:0
29th May 16 Japan - J. League 3FC Ryukyu : Blaublitz Akita 1:1
»Latest games
Blaublitz Akita
Japan - J. League 3 2018
16.7.Blaublitz Akita0:1FC RyukyuMore details about Blaublitz Akita-<b>FC Ryukyu</b> game
08.7.Blaublitz Akita1:2SC SagamiharaMore details about Blaublitz Akita-<b>SC Sagamihara</b> game
24.6.Blaublitz Akita1:1Kagoshima UnitedMore details about Blaublitz Akita-Kagoshima United game
16.6.Fujieda MYFC0:1Blaublitz AkitaMore details about Fujieda MYFC-<b>Blaublitz Akita</b> game
10.6.Blaublitz Akita0:0FC Tokyo U23More details about Blaublitz Akita-FC Tokyo U23 game
02.6.Gainare Tottori2:0Blaublitz AkitaMore details about <b>Gainare Tottori</b>-Blaublitz Akita game
Japan - Cup 2018
27.5.Blaublitz Akita0:1Vonds IchiharaMore details about Blaublitz Akita-<b>Vonds Ichihara</b> game
Japan - J. League 3 2018
20.5.Blaublitz Akita1:2Nagano ParceiroMore details about Blaublitz Akita-<b>Nagano Parceiro</b> game
06.5.FC Ryukyu0:0Blaublitz AkitaMore details about FC Ryukyu-Blaublitz Akita game
03.5.Blaublitz Akita1:0Giravanz KitakyushuMore details about <b>Blaublitz Akita</b>-Giravanz Kitakyushu game
29.4.Kataller Toyama1:4Blaublitz AkitaMore details about Kataller Toyama-<b>Blaublitz Akita</b> game
15.4.Blaublitz Akita1:0Azul Claro NumazuMore details about <b>Blaublitz Akita</b>-Azul Claro Numazu game
08.4.Grulla Morioka2:1Blaublitz AkitaMore details about <b>Grulla Morioka</b>-Blaublitz Akita game
01.4.Blaublitz Akita2:0YSCCMore details about <b>Blaublitz Akita</b>-YSCC game
25.3.Blaublitz Akita0:1Fukushima UnitedMore details about Blaublitz Akita-<b>Fukushima United</b> game
21.3.Gamba Osaka U232:1Blaublitz AkitaMore details about <b>Gamba Osaka U23</b>-Blaublitz Akita game
17.3.Thespakusatsu Gunma1:0Blaublitz AkitaMore details about <b>Thespakusatsu Gunma</b>-Blaublitz Akita game
10.3.Cerezo Osaka U230:1Blaublitz AkitaMore details about Cerezo Osaka U23-<b>Blaublitz Akita</b> game
03.12.Gainare Tottori0:3Blaublitz AkitaMore details about Gainare Tottori-<b>Blaublitz Akita</b> game
26.11.Fujieda MYFC3:0Blaublitz AkitaMore details about <b>Fujieda MYFC</b>-Blaublitz Akita game
19.11.Blaublitz Akita2:1Fukushima UnitedMore details about <b>Blaublitz Akita</b>-Fukushima United game
12.11.Blaublitz Akita0:3Cerezo Osaka U23More details about Blaublitz Akita-<b>Cerezo Osaka U23</b> game
FC Ryukyu
Japan - J. League 3 2018
16.7.Blaublitz Akita0:1FC RyukyuMore details about Blaublitz Akita-<b>FC Ryukyu</b> game
07.7.FC Ryukyu3:0Fujieda MYFCMore details about <b>FC Ryukyu</b>-Fujieda MYFC game
01.7.Grulla Morioka1:4FC RyukyuMore details about Grulla Morioka-<b>FC Ryukyu</b> game
23.6.FC Ryukyu1:0Azul Claro NumazuMore details about <b>FC Ryukyu</b>-Azul Claro Numazu game
16.6.FC Tokyo U231:1FC RyukyuMore details about FC Tokyo U23-FC Ryukyu game
10.6.SC Sagamihara2:5FC RyukyuMore details about SC Sagamihara-<b>FC Ryukyu</b> game
02.6.FC Ryukyu2:0Nagano ParceiroMore details about <b>FC Ryukyu</b>-Nagano Parceiro game
Japan - Cup 2018
26.5.FC Ryukyu5:6Imabari FCMore details about FC Ryukyu-<b>Imabari FC</b> game
Japan - J. League 3 2018
06.5.FC Ryukyu0:0Blaublitz AkitaMore details about FC Ryukyu-Blaublitz Akita game
03.5.FC Ryukyu2:1Gamba Osaka U23More details about <b>FC Ryukyu</b>-Gamba Osaka U23 game
29.4.YSCC3:2FC RyukyuMore details about <b>YSCC</b>-FC Ryukyu game
14.4.Kagoshima United2:1FC RyukyuMore details about <b>Kagoshima United</b>-FC Ryukyu game
07.4.FC Ryukyu1:1Cerezo Osaka U23More details about FC Ryukyu-Cerezo Osaka U23 game
01.4.Fukushima United2:1FC RyukyuMore details about <b>Fukushima United</b>-FC Ryukyu game
25.3.Thespakusatsu Gunma0:2FC RyukyuMore details about Thespakusatsu Gunma-<b>FC Ryukyu</b> game
21.3.FC Ryukyu2:2Gainare TottoriMore details about FC Ryukyu-Gainare Tottori game
17.3.Giravanz Kitakyushu1:2FC RyukyuMore details about Giravanz Kitakyushu-<b>FC Ryukyu</b> game
11.3.FC Ryukyu4:3Kataller ToyamaMore details about <b>FC Ryukyu</b>-Kataller Toyama game
03.12.FC Ryukyu1:0Kataller ToyamaMore details about <b>FC Ryukyu</b>-Kataller Toyama game
19.11.Azul Claro Numazu1:0FC RyukyuMore details about <b>Azul Claro Numazu</b>-FC Ryukyu game
11.11.FC Ryukyu0:0Tochigi SCMore details about FC Ryukyu-Tochigi SC game
05.11.FC Ryukyu2:1YSCCMore details about <b>FC Ryukyu</b>-YSCC game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FC Ryukyu18105335:2035
2Azul Claro Numazu1795319:932
3Kagoshima United1686226:1530
4Fukushima United18610221:1828
5Gainare Tottori1783623:2127
6Cerezo Osaka U231866624:2324
8Gamba Osaka U231665526:2323
9SC Sagamihara1765629:2723
10Nagano Parceiro1757522:2122
11Blaublitz Akita1763815:1521
12Fujieda MYFC1763818:2221
13Grulla Morioka1762920:2920
14Kataller Toyama18621021:3220
15Thespakusatsu Gunma1554614:1619
16FC Tokyo U2318341118:3013
17Giravanz Kitakyushu1634913:2713
 promotion promotion  

1Azul Claro Numazu963010:121
2FC Ryukyu954016:819
3Fukushima United945012:717
4Gamba Osaka U23843116:1015
5Kagoshima United842214:1114
7Grulla Morioka941413:1913
8Kataller Toyama941414:1413
9Thespakusatsu Gunma94149:913
10Fujieda MYFC93337:712
11Gainare Tottori740310:1212
12SC Sagamihara832312:1511
13Blaublitz Akita93247:711
14Nagano Parceiro824213:910
15Cerezo Osaka U2392349:139
16FC Tokyo U23922511:148
17Giravanz Kitakyushu71066:163
1Kagoshima United844012:416
2FC Ryukyu951319:1216
3Cerezo Osaka U23943215:1015
4Gainare Tottori1043313:915
5SC Sagamihara933317:1212
6Nagano Parceiro93339:1212
7Azul Claro Numazu83239:811
8Fukushima United92529:1111
9Blaublitz Akita83148:810
10Giravanz Kitakyushu92437:1110
11Fujieda MYFC830511:159
13Gamba Osaka U23822410:138
14Grulla Morioka82157:107
15Kataller Toyama92167:187
16Thespakusatsu Gunma61325:76
17FC Tokyo U2391267:165

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Ryukyu541010:213
2SC Sagamihara53119:510
3Nagano Parceiro53118:410
4Grulla Morioka53029:99
5Gainare Tottori53026:49
6Azul Claro Numazu52215:38
7Kagoshima United51404:37
8Fukushima United51408:77
9Kataller Toyama52123:87
10Gamba Osaka U2351315:56
11Fujieda MYFC51223:65
12Blaublitz Akita51223:45
13Giravanz Kitakyushu51227:75
14Cerezo Osaka U2351136:104
15Thespakusatsu Gunma51131:44
17FC Tokyo U2350144:101

1Azul Claro Numazu53206:111
2Kagoshima United53209:611
3FC Ryukyu53207:111
4Fujieda MYFC52215:48
5SC Sagamihara52127:97
6Fukushima United51406:57
7Kataller Toyama52127:77
8Thespakusatsu Gunma52126:47
9Gamba Osaka U2351317:66
10Grulla Morioka52036:116
12Gainare Tottori52037:116
13Nagano Parceiro51229:65
14Giravanz Kitakyushu51045:123
15FC Tokyo U2350236:102
16Cerezo Osaka U2350234:102
17Blaublitz Akita50233:62
1FC Ryukyu531113:710
2Kagoshima United52306:39
3Nagano Parceiro53024:69
4Gamba Osaka U2352129:67
5Grulla Morioka52125:57
6SC Sagamihara52129:77
7Fukushima United51406:57
8Blaublitz Akita52126:57
9Gainare Tottori52125:47
10Kataller Toyama52124:87
11Fujieda MYFC52037:86
13Thespakusatsu Gunma51314:56
14FC Tokyo U2351225:65
15Cerezo Osaka U2351226:65
16Azul Claro Numazu51132:64
17Giravanz Kitakyushu50323:83

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