Belarus Premier League Reserve 2020 Belarus | Premier League Reserve | 2020

Premier League Reserve facts

Home field is advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.6 points per game.
In this league draw occurance is very low. 16% of games finish as draw!!!
Number of goals is extremely high. It's 3.5 goals per game!!!
Number of games with three or more goals is above the average. It's 66% of all games.!
Favourites win almost every time. Keep betting on favourites and you will be happy.!!!

Predictions and upcoming games

dateround  1X2result predictionGoals (2.5)Score tip
27 Nov30Dinamo Minsk Reserves
BATE Borisov Reserves
9 on Dinamo Minsk Reservesover3:0
27 Nov30FK Vitebsk Reserves
Torpedo Zhodino Reserves
5 on Torpedo Zhodino Reservesover1:2
27 Nov30FK Slutsk Reserves
Smolevichy Reserves
5 on FK Slutsk Reservesover2:1
27 Nov30Isloch Reserves
FK Gorodeya Reserves
10 on Isloch Reservesover4:1
27 Nov30Slavia Mozyr Reserves
Energetik-BGU Reserves
7 on Energetik-BGU Reservesover0:3
27 Nov30Dynamo Brest Reserves
Neman Grodno Reserves
8 on Neman Grodno Reservesover0:3
27 Nov30Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves
FC Minsk Reserves
3 on FC Minsk Reservesover1:2
29 Nov30Belshina Bobruisk Reserves
Rukh Brest Reserves
7 on Rukh Brest Reservesover0:3

All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FC Minsk Reserves29225278:2671
2Dinamo Minsk Reserves29224374:2270
3Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves29185669:3659
4Neman Grodno Reserves29184765:4258
5Isloch Reserves29166754:3554
6BATE Borisov Reserves291531152:4948
7Rukh Brest Reserves291251251:5241
8Energetik-BGU Reserves291321457:4941
9Torpedo Zhodino Reserves291241350:5040
10FK Slutsk Reserves29971345:5234
11Dynamo Brest Reserves29951551:6132
12Smolevichy Reserves29921834:6629
13FK Vitebsk Reserves29771543:6628
14Belshina Bobruisk Reserves29761644:5527
15Slavia Mozyr Reserves29581630:6123
16FK Gorodeya Reserves29032616:913

1FC Minsk Reserves132050:1041
2Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves112145:1435
3Dinamo Minsk Reserves103130:833
4Neman Grodno Reserves101442:2231
5Energetik-BGU Reserves91637:2228
6BATE Borisov Reserves90625:2327
7Torpedo Zhodino Reserves82537:2526
8Rukh Brest Reserves74431:2425
9Isloch Reserves72530:1823
10FK Vitebsk Reserves63525:2621
11FK Slutsk Reserves53622:1918
12Slavia Mozyr Reserves45519:2517
13Dynamo Brest Reserves52730:2517
14Belshina Bobruisk Reserves35620:2014
15Smolevichy Reserves41916:2713
16FK Gorodeya Reserves02136:402
1Dinamo Minsk Reserves15121244:1437
2Isloch Reserves1594224:1731
3FC Minsk Reserves1493228:1630
4Neman Grodno Reserves1483323:2027
5Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves1573524:2224
6BATE Borisov Reserves1463527:2621
7Smolevichy Reserves1551918:3916
8Rukh Brest Reserves1451820:2816
9FK Slutsk Reserves1544723:3316
10Dynamo Brest Reserves1543821:3615
11Torpedo Zhodino Reserves1442813:2514
12Energetik-BGU Reserves1341820:2713
13Belshina Bobruisk Reserves15411024:3513
14FK Vitebsk Reserves15141018:407
15Slavia Mozyr Reserves15131111:366
16FK Gorodeya Reserves14011310:511

Latest results

dateround home team away team
21 Nov29FTBATE Borisov Reserves4:2Belshina Bobruisk Reserves
21 Nov29FTNeman Grodno Reserves3:0FK Slutsk Reserves
21 Nov29FTSmolevichy Reserves1:1Slavia Mozyr Reserves
21 Nov29FTFK Gorodeya Reserves0:4Dynamo Brest Reserves
21 Nov29FTFC Minsk Reserves2:0FK Vitebsk Reserves
21 Nov29FTTorpedo Zhodino Reserves4:2Isloch Reserves
21 Nov29FTRukh Brest Reserves2:2Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves
21 Nov29FTEnergetik-BGU Reserves0:2Dinamo Minsk Reserves
7 Nov28FTBelshina Bobruisk Reserves1:3Energetik-BGU Reserves
7 Nov28FTSlavia Mozyr Reserves0:5Dinamo Minsk Reserves
6 Nov28FTShakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves4:2BATE Borisov Reserves
6 Nov28FTSmolevichy Reserves0:2Neman Grodno Reserves
6 Nov28FTFK Slutsk Reserves4:0FK Gorodeya Reserves
6 Nov28FTDynamo Brest Reserves7:0Torpedo Zhodino Reserves
5 Nov28FTIsloch Reserves0:1FC Minsk Reserves
5 Nov28FTFK Vitebsk Reserves0:0Rukh Brest Reserves

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Minsk Reserves550012:115
2Neman Grodno Reserves550016:315
3Dinamo Minsk Reserves540116:512
4Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves53119:810
5Energetik-BGU Reserves53029:69
6Dynamo Brest Reserves530213:79
7Isloch Reserves52126:77
8BATE Borisov Reserves52129:127
9Torpedo Zhodino Reserves52037:156
10Rukh Brest Reserves51314:46
11FK Slutsk Reserves52035:66
12Smolevichy Reserves51134:84
13Slavia Mozyr Reserves51138:174
14FK Vitebsk Reserves51133:64
15FK Gorodeya Reserves50050:150
16Belshina Bobruisk Reserves50058:160

1Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves550022:515
2FC Minsk Reserves550021:215
3Neman Grodno Reserves541016:513
4Dinamo Minsk Reserves540113:512
5BATE Borisov Reserves540110:712
6Energetik-BGU Reserves530213:49
7Dynamo Brest Reserves530214:49
8Slavia Mozyr Reserves52128:137
9Torpedo Zhodino Reserves520311:116
10Smolevichy Reserves51136:94
11Rukh Brest Reserves50325:83
12FK Slutsk Reserves51046:73
13Isloch Reserves50234:72
14FK Vitebsk Reserves50236:112
15Belshina Bobruisk Reserves50235:92
16FK Gorodeya Reserves50050:120
1FC Minsk Reserves541012:513
2Dinamo Minsk Reserves540113:512
3Neman Grodno Reserves540113:812
4Isloch Reserves53117:610
5BATE Borisov Reserves531110:810
6Energetik-BGU Reserves530213:119
7Dynamo Brest Reserves530212:99
8Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves52215:68
9Torpedo Zhodino Reserves52126:137
10Rukh Brest Reserves52124:67
11Belshina Bobruisk Reserves520313:146
12Slavia Mozyr Reserves51136:134
13FK Slutsk Reserves51132:104
14Smolevichy Reserves51044:133
15FK Vitebsk Reserves51042:73
16FK Gorodeya Reserves50141:171

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Dynamo Brest Reserves8676523.933.83.86
2FK Vitebsk Reserves8669523.643.873.76
3FK Gorodeya Reserves8355523.074.363.69
4Neman Grodno Reserves9372484.273.073.69
5Energetik-BGU Reserves9786453.693.623.66
6Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves8369484.213.073.62
7FC Minsk Reserves83725943.143.59
8Rukh Brest Reserves8366553.673.433.55
9BATE Borisov Reserves9766383.23.793.48
10Torpedo Zhodino Reserves7655414.132.713.45
11Smolevichy Reserves9062413.073.83.45
12Belshina Bobruisk Reserves6959482.863.933.41
13FK Slutsk Reserves8366452.933.733.34
14Dinamo Minsk Reserves7966382.713.873.31
15Slavia Mozyr Reserves7952383.143.133.14
16Isloch Reserves7959313.432.733.07

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team betting index

Teams ordered by SoccerVista tips profitability
Negative number means that team plays less predictable - this team can beat big favourite and lose against weak team. Be very careful when adding this team to your betting slip!

 Total bets Average OddsBetting Index
1FK Gorodeya Reserves2377.0
2Dinamo Minsk Reserves2350.9
3FC Minsk Reserves2350.0
4Smolevichy Reserves2341.3
5Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves2239.5
6Energetik-BGU Reserves2335.2
7Belshina Bobruisk Reserves2328.7
8Rukh Brest Reserves2427.9
9Neman Grodno Reserves2327.8
10Slavia Mozyr Reserves2327.4
11FK Vitebsk Reserves2426.7
12Isloch Reserves2326.5
13BATE Borisov Reserves2326.1
14Dynamo Brest Reserves2318.7
15Torpedo Zhodino Reserves2417.1
16FK Slutsk Reserves2316.1

Average betting index at Belarus Premier League Reserve is 33.46 units. That means: Favourites win almost every time. Keep betting on favourites and you will be happy.

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