Belarus - Premier League Reserve


BATE Borisov Reserves


Neman Grodno Reserves

halftime (1:1)
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Date Saturday 2nd May 2020
Time 12:30 CEST
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BATE Borisov ReservesNeman Grodno Reserves
LOST in last 1 Premier League Reserve's games.LOST in last 1 Premier League Reserve's games.
NOT DRAW in last 4 Premier League Reserve's games.NOT DRAW in last 7 Premier League Reserve's games.

6.League position4.
  7pts.Last five games  12pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  9pts.

9 on Neman Grodno Reserves

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:3
»Head to Head matches
22nd Aug 20 Belarus - Premier League ReserveNeman Grodno Reserves : BATE Borisov Reserves 1:2
02nd May 20 Belarus - Premier League ReserveBATE Borisov Reserves : Neman Grodno Reserves 1:2
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BATE Borisov Reserves
Belarus - Premier League Reserve 2020
27.11.Dinamo Minsk Reserves4:2BATE Borisov Reserves
21.11.BATE Borisov Reserves4:2Belshina Bobruisk Reserves
06.11.Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves4:2BATE Borisov Reserves
23.10.BATE Borisov Reserves2:1FK Vitebsk Reserves
17.10.Isloch Reserves1:1BATE Borisov Reserves
25.9.BATE Borisov Reserves0:4Dynamo Brest Reserves
19.9.FK Slutsk Reserves1:3BATE Borisov Reserves
11.9.BATE Borisov Reserves2:0Smolevichy Reserves
22.8.Neman Grodno Reserves1:2BATE Borisov Reserves
07.8.BATE Borisov Reserves2:0FK Gorodeya Reserves
01.8.Torpedo Zhodino Reserves1:2BATE Borisov Reserves
25.7.BATE Borisov Reserves3:2FC Minsk Reserves
17.7.Rukh Brest Reserves3:3BATE Borisov Reserves
10.7.BATE Borisov Reserves1:0Slavia Mozyr Reserves
03.7.BATE Borisov Reserves2:1Energetik-BGU Reserves
26.6.BATE Borisov Reserves2:0Dinamo Minsk Reserves
20.6.Belshina Bobruisk Reserves0:2BATE Borisov Reserves
13.6.BATE Borisov Reserves1:3Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves
06.6.FK Vitebsk Reserves3:1BATE Borisov Reserves
30.5.BATE Borisov Reserves1:2Isloch Reserves
19.5.Dynamo Brest Reserves2:6BATE Borisov Reserves
15.5.BATE Borisov Reserves3:0FK Slutsk Reserves
09.5.Smolevichy Reserves2:0BATE Borisov Reserves
02.5.BATE Borisov Reserves1:2Neman Grodno Reserves
Neman Grodno Reserves
Belarus - Premier League Reserve 2020
27.11.Dynamo Brest Reserves2:1Neman Grodno Reserves
21.11.Neman Grodno Reserves3:0FK Slutsk Reserves
06.11.Smolevichy Reserves0:2Neman Grodno Reserves
30.10.Neman Grodno Reserves5:2Torpedo Zhodino Reserves
24.10.Neman Grodno Reserves4:1Slavia Mozyr Reserves
16.10.Neman Grodno Reserves2:0FK Gorodeya Reserves
25.9.Torpedo Zhodino Reserves2:4Neman Grodno Reserves
17.9.Neman Grodno Reserves2:2FC Minsk Reserves
11.9.Rukh Brest Reserves1:3Neman Grodno Reserves
28.8.FC Minsk Reserves3:1Neman Grodno Reserves
22.8.Neman Grodno Reserves1:2BATE Borisov Reserves
07.8.Energetik-BGU Reserves2:3Neman Grodno Reserves
02.8.Neman Grodno Reserves0:3Dinamo Minsk Reserves
24.7.Belshina Bobruisk Reserves2:2Neman Grodno Reserves
18.7.Neman Grodno Reserves1:5Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves
11.7.FK Vitebsk Reserves2:0Neman Grodno Reserves
03.7.Neman Grodno Reserves1:2Isloch Reserves
26.6.Neman Grodno Reserves3:0Dynamo Brest Reserves
18.6.FK Slutsk Reserves0:1Neman Grodno Reserves
12.6.Neman Grodno Reserves5:1Smolevichy Reserves
05.6.Slavia Mozyr Reserves1:1Neman Grodno Reserves
28.5.FK Gorodeya Reserves0:1Neman Grodno Reserves
08.5.Neman Grodno Reserves4:1Rukh Brest Reserves
02.5.BATE Borisov Reserves1:2Neman Grodno Reserves


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Dinamo Minsk Reserves30234378:2473
2FC Minsk Reserves30226280:2872
3Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves30186671:3860
4Neman Grodno Reserves30184866:4458
5Isloch Reserves30176761:3757
6BATE Borisov Reserves301531254:5348
7Rukh Brest Reserves301261253:5442
8Energetik-BGU Reserves301321557:5341
9Torpedo Zhodino Reserves301251351:5141
10FK Slutsk Reserves30981345:5235
11Dynamo Brest Reserves301051553:6235
12Smolevichy Reserves30931834:6630
13FK Vitebsk Reserves30781544:6729
14Belshina Bobruisk Reserves30771646:5728
15Slavia Mozyr Reserves30681634:6126
16FK Gorodeya Reserves30032718:983

1FC Minsk Reserves15132050:1041
2Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves15113147:1636
3Dinamo Minsk Reserves15113134:1036
4Neman Grodno Reserves15101442:2231
5Energetik-BGU Reserves1691637:2228
6BATE Borisov Reserves1590625:2327
7Torpedo Zhodino Reserves1582537:2526
8Isloch Reserves1582537:2026
9Rukh Brest Reserves1574431:2425
10FK Vitebsk Reserves1564526:2722
11Slavia Mozyr Reserves1555523:2520
12Dynamo Brest Reserves1562732:2620
13FK Slutsk Reserves1554622:1919
14Belshina Bobruisk Reserves1536622:2215
15Smolevichy Reserves1441916:2713
16FK Gorodeya Reserves1502136:402
1Dinamo Minsk Reserves15121244:1437
2Isloch Reserves1594224:1731
3FC Minsk Reserves1594230:1831
4Neman Grodno Reserves1583424:2227
5Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves1573524:2224
6BATE Borisov Reserves1563629:3021
7Smolevichy Reserves1652918:3917
8Rukh Brest Reserves1552822:3017
9FK Slutsk Reserves1544723:3316
10Torpedo Zhodino Reserves1543814:2615
11Dynamo Brest Reserves1543821:3615
12Energetik-BGU Reserves1441920:3113
13Belshina Bobruisk Reserves15411024:3513
14FK Vitebsk Reserves15141018:407
15Slavia Mozyr Reserves15131111:366
16FK Gorodeya Reserves15011412:581

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Minsk Reserves541012:213
2Dynamo Brest Reserves540115:712
3Dinamo Minsk Reserves540116:612
4Neman Grodno Reserves540115:512
5Energetik-BGU Reserves53028:89
6Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves52219:98
7Slavia Mozyr Reserves521210:137
8Isloch Reserves521211:87
9FK Slutsk Reserves52125:57
10BATE Borisov Reserves521211:127
11Rukh Brest Reserves51315:56
12Smolevichy Reserves51223:45
13Torpedo Zhodino Reserves51137:164
14FK Vitebsk Reserves50233:72
15Belshina Bobruisk Reserves50147:141
16FK Gorodeya Reserves50052:190

1FC Minsk Reserves550021:215
2Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves541018:513
3Neman Grodno Reserves541016:513
4Dynamo Brest Reserves540115:312
5Dinamo Minsk Reserves540116:712
6BATE Borisov Reserves540110:712
7Energetik-BGU Reserves530213:49
8Slavia Mozyr Reserves521211:137
9Torpedo Zhodino Reserves520311:116
10Smolevichy Reserves51136:94
11Isloch Reserves511310:84
12FK Slutsk Reserves51136:64
13Rukh Brest Reserves50325:83
14FK Vitebsk Reserves50234:92
15Belshina Bobruisk Reserves50235:92
16FK Gorodeya Reserves50050:120
1Dinamo Minsk Reserves540113:512
2FC Minsk Reserves532010:611
3Isloch Reserves53117:610
4Energetik-BGU Reserves530212:119
5Dynamo Brest Reserves530212:99
6Neman Grodno Reserves530211:89
7Shakhtyor Soligorsk Reserves52215:68
8Rukh Brest Reserves52215:58
9Torpedo Zhodino Reserves52126:137
10BATE Borisov Reserves521210:117
11Belshina Bobruisk Reserves520313:146
12Smolevichy Reserves51134:84
13Slavia Mozyr Reserves51136:134
14FK Slutsk Reserves51132:104
15FK Vitebsk Reserves51042:73
16FK Gorodeya Reserves50052:230

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