Peru - Primera Division - Clausura


Ayacucho FC


Alianza Lima




halftime (0:1)
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Date Wednesday 7th November 2018
Time 21:30 CET
83'   Janio Carlo Posito Olazabal
61'   penalty Mauricio Montes
4'   penalty Mauricio Affonso
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Ayacucho FCAlianza Lima
DRAW in last 1 Primera Division - Clausura's games.WON in last 5 Primera Division - Clausura's games.
NOT WON in last 3 Primera Division - Clausura's games.NOT DRAW in last 6 Primera Division - Clausura's games.

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3.League position2.
  7pts.Last five games  15pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

4 on Ayacucho FC

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:1
»Head to Head matches
07th Nov 18 Peru - Primera Division - ClausuraAyacucho FC : Alianza Lima 1:2
15th Aug 18 Peru - Primera Division - AperturaAlianza Lima : Ayacucho FC 1:0
31st Mar 18 Peru - Primera Division Torneo de Verano Grp. AAlianza Lima : Ayacucho FC 3:1
10th Feb 18 Peru - Primera Division Torneo de Verano Grp. AAyacucho FC : Alianza Lima 1:2
17th Sep 17 Peru - Primera Division - ClausuraAyacucho FC : Alianza Lima 1:2
15th Jun 17 Peru - Primera Division - AperturaAlianza Lima : Ayacucho FC 4:0
13th Nov 16 Peru - Primera Division - Liguillas - Grp. BAlianza Lima : Ayacucho FC 0:1
21st Aug 16 Peru - Primera Division - Liguillas - Grp. BAyacucho FC : Alianza Lima 1:1
10th Jul 16 Peru - Primera Division - ClausuraAyacucho FC : Alianza Lima 1:1
10th Mar 16 Peru - Primera Division - AperturaAlianza Lima : Ayacucho FC 4:1
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Ayacucho FC
Peru - Primera Division - Clausura 2018
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Alianza Lima
Peru - Primera Division - Clausura 2018
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FBC Melgar1492320:1229
2Alianza Lima1382317:1026
3Ayacucho FC1474329:2425
4Universitario de Deportes1472518:1723
5Sporting Cristal1463529:1421
6Deportivo Municipal1463515:1721
7Real Garcilaso1455425:2120
8Union Comercio1462625:2320
9Universidad San Martin1362518:1820
10Academia Cantolao1461716:2119
11Sport Boys1453619:1918
12Comerciantes Unidos1453615:1718
13CD UT Cajamarca1445513:1217
15Sport Huancayo1427517:2213
16Sport Rosario14121110:275

1FBC Melgar870113:621
2Sport Boys752013:417
3Academia Cantolao751110:516
4Union Comercio751118:1116
5Alianza Lima751110:516
6Universitario de Deportes751112:716
7Sporting Cristal750219:315
8Comerciantes Unidos842211:1014
9Deportivo Municipal74218:414
10Real Garcilaso834116:1213
11Ayacucho FC641114:713
12CD UT Cajamarca833210:712
13Universidad San Martin640210:812
14Sport Huancayo62409:710
16Sport Rosario61144:94
1Ayacucho FC833215:1712
2Alianza Lima63127:510
3Universidad San Martin72238:108
4FBC Melgar62227:68
6Real Garcilaso62139:97
7Deportivo Municipal72147:137
8Universitario de Deportes72146:107
9Sporting Cristal713310:116
10CD UT Cajamarca61233:55
11Comerciantes Unidos61144:74
12Union Comercio71157:124
13Academia Cantolao71066:163
14Sport Huancayo80358:153
15Sport Rosario80176:181
16Sport Boys70166:151

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Alianza Lima55009:315
2Academia Cantolao53025:59
4CD UT Cajamarca52217:48
5Real Garcilaso52219:78
6Union Comercio522110:88
7Ayacucho FC52129:147
8Deportivo Municipal52127:67
9FBC Melgar52125:77
10Sport Boys52128:67
11Universitario de Deportes52125:57
12Sporting Cristal521212:47
13Universidad San Martin52036:96
14Comerciantes Unidos51226:75
15Sport Huancayo50323:63
16Sport Rosario50146:131

1Union Comercio541015:713
2Ayacucho FC540114:712
3Alianza Lima54017:312
4FBC Melgar54016:212
5Universitario de Deportes54018:412
6Comerciantes Unidos53207:311
7Sport Boys53209:311
8Academia Cantolao53116:410
9Deportivo Municipal53117:410
10Universidad San Martin53027:69
11Sporting Cristal530211:39
12Real Garcilaso52219:78
14CD UT Cajamarca52128:67
15Sport Huancayo51408:77
16Sport Rosario51134:84
1Alianza Lima52124:47
2FBC Melgar52127:67
3Universitario de Deportes52125:67
4Universidad San Martin52036:86
5CD UT Cajamarca51222:35
6Ayacucho FC51229:165
7Sporting Cristal51227:75
9Comerciantes Unidos51134:64
10Real Garcilaso51135:84
11Union Comercio51136:84
12Deportivo Municipal51136:94
13Academia Cantolao51043:103
14Sport Rosario50144:121
15Sport Huancayo50143:91
16Sport Boys50056:110

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