Austria - 2. Liga


Austria Lustenau


SK Austria Klagenfurt

halftime (0:2)
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Date Friday 19th June 2020
Time 20:25 CEST
Venue namePlanet Pure Stadium
90'   Kosmas Gezos
86'   out Philipp Huetter
86'   in Sandro Zakany
86'   out Oliver Markoutz
86'   in Mc Moordy Huether
84'   out Thomas Mayer
84'   in Richard
69'   in Darijo Pecirep
69'   out Patrick Greil
68'   out Bojan Avramovic
68'   in Tobias Berger
62'   Polydoros Gezos
60'   out Daniel Steinwender
60'   out Andy Reyes
60'   in Lukas Katnik
60'   in Wallace
58'   out Benjamin Hadzic
58'   in Florian Jaritz
56'   Pius Grabher
45'   Markus Rusek
6'   Markus Rusek
6'  Assist Julian von Haacke

Goalkeeper: Domenik Schierl

Defence: Bojan Avramovic
Defence: Sebastian Feyrer
Defence: Michael Lageder
Defence: Dominik Stumberger

Midfield: Daniel Steinwender
Midfield: Pius Grabher
Midfield: Daniel Tiefenbach

Forward: Thomas Mayer
Forward: Andy Reyes
Forward: Ronivaldo

Substitute player: Lukas Katnik
Substitute player: Matheus Pereira
Substitute player: Tobias Berger
Substitute player: Florian Eres
Substitute player: Richard
Substitute player: Wallace
Substitute player: Ismet Osmani

Coach: Roman Maehlich
Goalkeeper: Zan Pelko

Defence: Maximiliano Moreira
Defence: Scott Kennedy
Defence: Kosmas Gezos
Defence: Polydoros Gezos

Midfield: Julian von Haacke
Midfield: Markus Rusek
Midfield: Philipp Huetter
Midfield: Patrick Greil

Forward: Benjamin Hadzic
Forward: Oliver Markoutz

Substitute player: Mc Moordy Huether
Substitute player: Florian Freissegger
Substitute player: Sandro Zakany
Substitute player: Darijo Pecirep
Substitute player: Ivan Saravanja
Substitute player: Florian Jaritz
Substitute player: Rico Sygo

Coach: Robert Micheu
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Austria LustenauSK Austria Klagenfurt
LOST in last 1 2. Liga's games.WON in last 1 2. Liga's games.
NOT WON in last 2 2. Liga's games.NOT DRAW in last 11 2. Liga's games.

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11.League position2.
  7pts.Last five games  12pts.
  4pts.last 5 home/away only  12pts.

7 on SK Austria Klagenfurt

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:3
»Head to Head matches
19th Jun 20 Austria - 2. LigaAustria Lustenau : SK Austria Klagenfurt 0:2
13th Sep 19 Austria - 2. LigaSK Austria Klagenfurt : Austria Lustenau 3:3
23rd Feb 19 Austria - 2. LigaAustria Lustenau : SK Austria Klagenfurt 1:1
27th Jul 18 Austria - 2. LigaSK Austria Klagenfurt : Austria Lustenau 1:1
»Latest games
Austria Lustenau
Austria - 2. Liga 2019/2020
31.7.Austria Lustenau1:3Amstetten
24.7.FC Wacker Innsbruck1:1Austria Lustenau
17.7.Kapfenberger SV0:6Austria Lustenau
11.7.Austria Lustenau3:1Vorwaerts Steyr
03.7.FC Liefering4:2Austria Lustenau
26.6.Austria Lustenau1:2SV Horn
23.6.BW Linz2:1Austria Lustenau
19.6.Austria Lustenau0:2SK Austria Klagenfurt
14.6.Floridsdorfer AC2:1Austria Lustenau
10.6.Austria Lustenau2:2FC Juniors OOe
06.6.Grazer AK1:1Austria Lustenau
Austria - Cup 2019/2020
29.5.Salzburg5:0Austria Lustenau
Austria - 2. Liga 2019/2020
07.3.Austria Lustenau2:3Austria Wien (A)
Austria - Cup 2019/2020
04.3.Austria Lustenau1:0FC Wacker Innsbruck
Austria - 2. Liga 2019/2020
28.2.Ried1:0Austria Lustenau
21.2.Austria Lustenau4:1Dornbirn
Austria - Cup 2019/2020
08.2.Austria Lustenau7:6WSG Swarovski Tirol
Austria - 2. Liga 2019/2020
29.11.SV Lafnitz0:2Austria Lustenau
SK Austria Klagenfurt
Austria - 2. Liga 2019/2020
31.7.SK Austria Klagenfurt6:1FC Wacker Innsbruck
24.7.Amstetten2:1SK Austria Klagenfurt
18.7.SK Austria Klagenfurt2:0Floridsdorfer AC
14.7.SV Horn1:3SK Austria Klagenfurt
04.7.SK Austria Klagenfurt3:0FC Juniors OOe
28.6.Vorwaerts Steyr1:2SK Austria Klagenfurt
23.6.SK Austria Klagenfurt1:2Grazer AK
19.6.Austria Lustenau0:2SK Austria Klagenfurt
14.6.SK Austria Klagenfurt2:1SV Lafnitz
11.6.BW Linz1:2SK Austria Klagenfurt
07.6.SK Austria Klagenfurt3:2Kapfenberger SV
International - Club Friendlies 2020
29.5.FC Liefering0:2SK Austria Klagenfurt
Austria - 2. Liga 2019/2020
07.3.SK Austria Klagenfurt1:1Dornbirn
29.2.FC Liefering3:1SK Austria Klagenfurt
21.2.SK Austria Klagenfurt1:1Ried
International - Club Friendlies 2020
18.1.Admira Moedling8:0SK Austria Klagenfurt
Austria - 2. Liga 2019/2020
29.11.Austria Wien (A)4:1SK Austria Klagenfurt
22.11.SK Austria Klagenfurt2:1Austria Wien (A)
08.11.FC Wacker Innsbruck2:4SK Austria Klagenfurt
01.11.SK Austria Klagenfurt1:1Amstetten


Main table plus home and away only tables.
2SK Austria Klagenfurt30197465:3664
3FC Liefering30158773:4753
4Austria Wien (A)301461062:4448
6FC Wacker Innsbruck301351244:4944
7Vorwaerts Steyr301181142:3641
8SV Lafnitz30912942:4239
9FC Juniors OOe301081250:6338
10BW Linz301071351:5737
11Austria Lustenau301051557:5835
13SV Horn30881458:6732
14Floridsdorfer AC307111232:5132
15Grazer AK307101340:5031
16Kapfenberger SV30642034:6922
 promotion promotion  

2FC Liefering15101442:2631
3SK Austria Klagenfurt1586135:1930
4Austria Wien (A)1581634:2225
5FC Juniors OOe1571728:3522
6Vorwaerts Steyr1564519:1622
7FC Wacker Innsbruck1563619:2221
9Grazer AK1546522:2118
10Floridsdorfer AC1546515:1718
11BW Linz1553727:3018
12Austria Lustenau1552825:2817
13Kapfenberger SV1543819:2915
15SV Horn1534828:3513
16SV Lafnitz1519512:2012
1SK Austria Klagenfurt15111330:1734
3SV Lafnitz1583430:2227
5Austria Wien (A)1565428:2223
6FC Wacker Innsbruck1572625:2723
7FC Liefering1557331:2122
8Vorwaerts Steyr1554623:2019
9BW Linz1554624:2719
10SV Horn1554630:3219
12Austria Lustenau1553732:3018
13FC Juniors OOe1537522:2816
14Floridsdorfer AC1535717:3414
15Grazer AK1534818:2913
16Kapfenberger SV15211215:407

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Austria Wien (A)541014:313
3FC Liefering541019:613
4SK Austria Klagenfurt540115:412
6SV Lafnitz52309:59
7Austria Lustenau521213:97
8BW Linz52129:77
10Grazer AK51137:114
11FC Wacker Innsbruck51138:144
12Floridsdorfer AC51134:144
13FC Juniors OOe51046:193
14Vorwaerts Steyr51045:103
15SV Horn51049:153
16Kapfenberger SV50052:160

1FC Liefering550020:715
2Austria Wien (A)540115:612
3SK Austria Klagenfurt540114:412
4Floridsdorfer AC52216:48
6FC Wacker Innsbruck52125:67
8BW Linz521210:87
9FC Juniors OOe52038:136
10SV Lafnitz50505:55
11Grazer AK51226:75
13Austria Lustenau51137:104
14SV Horn51138:114
15Vorwaerts Steyr51044:83
16Kapfenberger SV51045:143
1SK Austria Klagenfurt540110:512
2Austria Wien (A)53209:311
3Vorwaerts Steyr531110:510
5FC Liefering531114:510
7SV Lafnitz521210:87
8FC Wacker Innsbruck52129:137
9BW Linz52126:87
11SV Horn52039:136
12Austria Lustenau511311:94
13FC Juniors OOe50328:173
14Grazer AK51046:123
15Floridsdorfer AC50324:153
16Kapfenberger SV50052:140

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