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Australia NPL Youth Western 2019 Australia | NPL Youth Western | 2019

NPL Youth Western facts

Home field is advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.54 points per game.
In this league draw occurance is very low. 15% of games finish as draw!!!
Number of goals is extremely high. It's 3.98 goals per game!!!
Number of games with three or more goals in these leagues is extremely high. It's 74% of all games.!!!
Favourites usually win in this league.!


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Perth Glory U2022174179:2655
2Cockburn City U2022142645:2244
3Bayswater City U2022133649:3042
4Perth U2022124653:3340
5ECU Joondalup U2022122854:4538
6Sorrento U2022112936:4335
7Inglewood United U202276942:4127
8Floreat Athena U2022751040:3626
9Balcatta U2022811340:4625
10Armadale U2022541335:7419
11Rockingham City FC U2022341520:6313
12Stirling Lions U2022331632:6612

1Perth Glory U2083038:1227
2Cockburn City U2082129:726
3Bayswater City U2073126:1524
4ECU Joondalup U2070436:2621
5Sorrento U2061419:2019
6Perth U2061424:1919
7Balcatta U2050624:2115
8Floreat Athena U2042518:1314
9Armadale U2041623:3313
10Inglewood United U2033523:2512
11Rockingham City FC U202279:238
12Stirling Lions U2012815:275
1Perth Glory U201191141:1428
2Perth U201163229:1421
3Cockburn City U201160516:1518
4Bayswater City U201160523:1518
5ECU Joondalup U201152418:1917
6Sorrento U201151517:2316
7Inglewood United U201143419:1615
8Floreat Athena U201133522:2312
9Balcatta U201131716:2510
10Stirling Lions U201121817:397
11Armadale U201113712:416
12Rockingham City FC U201112811:405

Latest results

dateround home team away team
31 Aug22FTBayswater City U202:1Cockburn City U20
31 Aug22FTFloreat Athena U201:2Rockingham City FC U20
31 Aug22FTPerth U203:0Sorrento U20
31 Aug22FTInglewood United U202:3Perth Glory U20
31 Aug22FTArmadale U202:1ECU Joondalup U20
31 Aug22FTBalcatta U204:3Stirling Lions U20
24 Aug21FTPerth Glory U203:1Bayswater City U20
24 Aug21FTRockingham City FC U200:3Inglewood United U20
24 Aug21FTCockburn City U202:1Perth U20
24 Aug21FTSorrento U202:1Armadale U20
24 Aug21FTStirling Lions U203:0Floreat Athena U20
24 Aug21FTECU Joondalup U202:0Balcatta U20
18 Aug20FTPerth Glory U204:0Cockburn City U20
17 Aug20FTArmadale U201:4Perth U20
17 Aug20FTBalcatta U203:4Sorrento U20
17 Aug20FTBayswater City U204:1Rockingham City FC U20

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Perth Glory U20550018:315
2Bayswater City U20540113:612
3Cockburn City U20530210:79
4Sorrento U2053028:119
5Balcatta U20530215:119
6Stirling Lions U20521211:137
7Perth U20521211:77
8Inglewood United U2052037:76
9ECU Joondalup U2051135:74
10Rockingham City FC U2051043:113
11Armadale U2051044:183
12Floreat Athena U2050233:82

1Perth Glory U20550023:315
2Cockburn City U20541015:313
3Bayswater City U20541012:313
4Perth U20531112:810
5Armadale U20530212:169
6ECU Joondalup U20530212:119
7Sorrento U2053029:129
8Balcatta U20530216:119
9Floreat Athena U2051224:55
10Stirling Lions U2051138:104
11Rockingham City FC U2050140:91
12Inglewood United U2050145:111
1Perth Glory U20540119:812
2Perth U20531113:410
3Sorrento U2053028:129
4Inglewood United U2052217:58
5Cockburn City U2052038:106
6Bayswater City U20520310:76
7Balcatta U2052035:96
8Rockingham City FC U2051227:145
9Armadale U2051043:183
10Stirling Lions U2051047:173
11Floreat Athena U2050238:132
12ECU Joondalup U2050234:102

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Armadale U209586735.094.824.95
2Perth Glory U209582824.5554.77
3ECU Joondalup U208677645.643.364.5
4Stirling Lions U209581623.825.094.45
5Balcatta U208667574.093.733.91
6Perth U209168503.913.913.91
7Rockingham City FC U208668452.914.643.77
8Inglewood United U208668454.363.183.77
9Bayswater City U208176483.733.453.59
10Sorrento U208677413.553.643.59
11Floreat Athena U208673412.824.093.45
12Cockburn City U207662383.272.823.05

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team betting index

Teams ordered by SoccerVista tips profitability
Negative number means that team plays less predictable - this team can beat big favourite and lose against weak team. Be very careful when adding this team to your betting slip!

 Total bets Average OddsBetting Index
1Perth Glory U201353.8
2Sorrento U201143.6
3Bayswater City U201140.9
4Stirling Lions U201234.2
5Cockburn City U201031.0
6Armadale U201127.3
7Rockingham City FC U201125.5
8Balcatta U20114.5
9Perth U2094.4
10ECU Joondalup U2090.0
11Floreat Athena U2013-8.5
12Inglewood United U2013-14.6

Average betting index at Australia NPL Youth Western is 20.3 units. That means: Favourites usually win in this league.

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