England - Premier League 2 Division 2


Aston Villa U23


Fulham U23




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Date Monday 8th January 2018
Time 20:00 CET
Venue nameVilla Park
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Aston Villa U23Fulham U23
LOST in last 2 Premier League 2 Division 2's games.DRAW in last 1 Premier League 2 Division 2's games.
NOT DRAW in last 22 Premier League 2 Division 2's games.NOT WON in last 3 Premier League 2 Division 2's games.

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2.League position8.
  9pts.Last five games  4pts.
  9pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

3 on Aston Villa U23

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:1
»Head to Head matches
14th Feb 20 England - Premier League 2 Division 2Fulham U23 : Aston Villa U23 2:0
21st Oct 19 England - Premier League 2 Division 2Aston Villa U23 : Fulham U23 1:0
04th Feb 19 England - Premier League 2 Division 2Fulham U23 : Aston Villa U23 0:1
27th Aug 18 England - Premier League 2 Division 2Aston Villa U23 : Fulham U23 2:1
08th Jan 18 England - Premier League 2 Division 2Aston Villa U23 : Fulham U23 1:3
26th Aug 17 England - Premier League 2 Division 2Fulham U23 : Aston Villa U23 2:3
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Aston Villa U23
England - Premier League 2 Division 2 2019/2020
02.3.Aston Villa U231:3Reading U23
14.2.Fulham U232:0Aston Villa U23
03.2.Aston Villa U230:1West Bromwich Albion U23
10.1.Norwich City U232:1Aston Villa U23
06.1.Aston Villa U234:0Sunderland U23
16.12.Aston Villa U231:1Swansea City U23
09.12.Aston Villa U235:3Middlesbrough U23
22.11.West Ham United U234:0Aston Villa U23
04.11.Aston Villa U233:2Newcastle United U23
28.10.Reading U233:3Aston Villa U23
21.10.Aston Villa U231:0Fulham U23
23.9.Aston Villa U234:1Manchester United U23
16.9.Stoke City U232:0Aston Villa U23
30.8.Sunderland U231:2Aston Villa U23
24.8.Aston Villa U231:1Norwich City U23
19.8.Swansea City U231:1Aston Villa U23
09.8.Middlesbrough U231:0Aston Villa U23
03.5.Southampton U232:0Aston Villa U23
29.4.Aston Villa U230:0West Bromwich Albion U23
12.4.Reading U233:2Aston Villa U23
08.4.Aston Villa U231:0Wolverhampton Wanderers U23
11.3.Newcastle United U230:3Aston Villa U23
04.3.Aston Villa U231:0Sunderland U23
18.2.Aston Villa U231:1Middlesbrough U23
Fulham U23
England - Premier League 2 Division 2 2019/2020
01.3.Sunderland U230:3Fulham U23
14.2.Fulham U232:0Aston Villa U23
02.2.Middlesbrough U231:0Fulham U23
10.1.Fulham U230:2Stoke City U23
03.1.Newcastle United U233:0Fulham U23
16.12.West Bromwich Albion U233:1Fulham U23
06.12.Fulham U233:3West Ham United U23
22.11.Fulham U231:1Swansea City U23
01.11.Norwich City U231:2Fulham U23
25.10.Fulham U234:0Sunderland U23
21.10.Aston Villa U231:0Fulham U23
27.9.Fulham U232:4Middlesbrough U23
20.9.Fulham U235:4Reading U23
13.9.Manchester United U231:0Fulham U23
30.8.Fulham U231:2Newcastle United U23
26.8.Stoke City U230:1Fulham U23
19.8.Fulham U231:3West Bromwich Albion U23
09.8.West Ham United U233:0Fulham U23
26.4.Fulham U231:0Norwich City U23
15.4.Sunderland U231:1Fulham U23
05.4.Fulham U230:3Reading U23
11.3.West Bromwich Albion U230:0Fulham U23
01.3.Fulham U230:1Newcastle United U23
15.2.Southampton U232:1Fulham U23


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Blackburn Rovers U2322154347:2049
2Aston Villa U2322140851:3042
3Brighton & Hove Albion U2322117446:2540
4Middlesbrough U2322114741:3637
5Reading U2322104838:4434
6Southampton U2322103941:3733
7Norwich City U232295833:3332
8Fulham U2322931038:3730
9Wolverhampton Wanderers U2322841030:4128
10Newcastle United U2322631329:4521
11Stoke City U2322621431:4620
12West Bromwich Albion U2322231721:529
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off  

1Blackburn Rovers U231171321:1022
2Aston Villa U231170429:1221
3Middlesbrough U231162325:1920
4Norwich City U231162318:1320
5Brighton & Hove Albion U231146125:1318
6Southampton U231160526:2018
7Reading U231153321:2018
8Wolverhampton Wanderers U231142515:2014
9Fulham U231142516:1514
10Stoke City U231140721:2412
11Newcastle United U231132612:1711
12West Bromwich Albion U231121811:237
1Blackburn Rovers U231183026:1027
2Brighton & Hove Albion U231171321:1222
3Aston Villa U231170422:1821
4Middlesbrough U231152416:1717
5Fulham U231151522:2216
6Reading U231151517:2416
7Southampton U231143415:1715
8Wolverhampton Wanderers U231142515:2114
9Norwich City U231133515:2012
10Newcastle United U231131717:2810
11Stoke City U231122710:228
12West Bromwich Albion U231102910:292

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Brighton & Hove Albion U23541019:313
2Blackburn Rovers U23540110:212
3Southampton U2353117:410
4Aston Villa U2353027:59
5Norwich City U2353026:69
6Middlesbrough U2352125:77
7Newcastle United U2352127:57
8Reading U2352039:116
9Wolverhampton Wanderers U2351134:124
10Fulham U2351135:104
11Stoke City U2351136:124
12West Bromwich Albion U2350145:141

1Norwich City U2354019:712
2Brighton & Hove Albion U23532015:411
3Southampton U23530210:129
4Aston Villa U23530214:69
5Blackburn Rovers U2353025:39
6Reading U2352128:87
7Stoke City U2352038:96
8Wolverhampton Wanderers U2351224:105
9Middlesbrough U2351228:125
10Newcastle United U2351134:94
11West Bromwich Albion U2351135:104
12Fulham U2350233:92
1Blackburn Rovers U23541012:413
2Brighton & Hove Albion U23540113:212
3Southampton U23531110:310
4Aston Villa U2353028:79
5Norwich City U2353028:59
6Wolverhampton Wanderers U2352127:97
7Middlesbrough U2352128:87
8Fulham U2352128:77
9Stoke City U2351226:105
10Reading U2351136:114
11Newcastle United U2351047:123
12West Bromwich Albion U2350054:140

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