Cyprus - 1. Division


Apollon Limassol


AEK Larnaca




halftime (2:1)
»Game details
Date Monday 17th December 2018
Time 18:00 CET
90'   Joan Truyols
90'   Fotis Papoulis
88'   out Jorge Larena
88'   in Jean-Luc Gbayara Assoubre
87'   Hector Hevel
85'   Fotis Papoulis
77'   out Ivan Trickovski
77'   in Florian Taulemesse
72'   in Mustapha Carayol
72'   out Kevin Bru
66'   out Acoran Barrera
66'   in Tete Chamorro
63'   in Giorgos Vasiliou
63'   out Richard Soumah
60'   Apostolos Giannou
59'   in Adrian Sardinero Corpa
59'   out Marios Stylianou
55'   Andre Schembri
47'    Facundo Garcia
45'   Kevin Bru
42'   Tono
41'   Anton Maglica
35'   Anton Maglica
35'   Igor Carioca
31'   Marios Stylianou
27'   Richard Soumah
19'   Facundo Garcia
17'   Jorge Larena
16'   Anton Maglica
6'   David Catala
Goalkeeper: Bruno Vale

Substitute player: Petros Psychas
Substitute player: Andreas Charalambous
Substitute player: Mustapha Carayol
Substitute player: Giorgos Vasiliou
Substitute player: Dylan Ouedraogo
Substitute player: Adrian Sardinero Corpa
Substitute player: Anastasios Kissas
Substitute player: Danilo Spoljaric

Coach: Sofronis Avgousti

Starter: Kevin Bru
Starter: Richard Soumah
Starter: Valentin Roberge
Starter: Andre Schembri
Starter: Charalampos Kyriakou
Starter: Fotis Papoulis
Starter: Marios Stylianou
Starter: Facundo Abel Pereyra
Starter: Sasa Markovic
Starter: Anton Maglica
Goalkeeper: Tono

Substitute player: Vincent Laban
Substitute player: Tete Chamorro
Substitute player: Joan Tomas
Substitute player: Marios Antoniades
Substitute player: Jean-Luc Gbayara Assoubre
Substitute player: Thomas Ioannou
Substitute player: Florian Taulemesse
Substitute player: Andreas Christodoulou
Substitute player: Onisiforos Roushias

Coach: Andoni Iraola

Starter: Mikel Gonzalez
Starter: Hector Hevel
Starter: Jorge Larena
Starter: Apostolos Giannou
Starter: Facundo Garcia
Starter: Ivan Trickovski
Starter: Joan Truyols
Starter: David Catala
Starter: Acoran Barrera
Starter: Igor Carioca
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Apollon LimassolAEK Larnaca
LOST in last 1 1. Division's games.WON in last 1 1. Division's games.
NOT DRAW in last 2 1. Division's games.NOT LOST in last 8 1. Division's games.

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2.League position4.
  10pts.Last five games  11pts.
  8pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.

6 on Apollon Limassol

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:1
»Head to Head matches
09th Feb 21 Cyprus - 1. DivisionApollon Limassol : AEK Larnaca 3:0
22nd Nov 20 Cyprus - 1. DivisionAEK Larnaca : Apollon Limassol 1:2
15th Apr 20 Cyprus - 1. Division Championship PlayoffAEK Larnaca : Apollon Limassol 0:0
08th Dec 19 Cyprus - 1. DivisionApollon Limassol : AEK Larnaca 3:1
27th Sep 19 Cyprus - 1. DivisionAEK Larnaca : Apollon Limassol 0:0
12th May 19 Cyprus - 1. Division Championship PlayoffApollon Limassol : AEK Larnaca 1:2
30th Mar 19 Cyprus - 1. Division Championship PlayoffAEK Larnaca : Apollon Limassol 2:1
09th Jan 19 Cyprus - 1. DivisionAEK Larnaca : Apollon Limassol 0:0
17th Dec 18 Cyprus - 1. DivisionApollon Limassol : AEK Larnaca 3:3
16th May 18 Cyprus - Cup Final StageAEK Larnaca : Apollon Limassol 2:1
06th May 18 Cyprus - 1. Division Championship PlayoffApollon Limassol : AEK Larnaca 3:0
31st Mar 18 Cyprus - 1. Division Championship PlayoffAEK Larnaca : Apollon Limassol 3:0
11th Feb 18 Cyprus - 1. DivisionApollon Limassol : AEK Larnaca 2:0
05th Nov 17 Cyprus - 1. DivisionAEK Larnaca : Apollon Limassol 1:1
»Latest games
Apollon Limassol
Cyprus - 1. Division 2020/2021
21.2.Apollon Limassol2:1Enosis Paralimni
15.2.AEL Limassol2:1Apollon Limassol
09.2.Apollon Limassol3:0AEK Larnaca
06.2.Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion1:1Apollon Limassol
30.1.Apollon Limassol1:0APOEL Nicosia
24.1.Nea Salamis1:1Apollon Limassol
Cyprus - Cup 2020/2021
20.1.APOEL Nicosia2:1Apollon Limassol
Cyprus - 1. Division 2020/2021
17.1.Apollon Limassol2:1Olympiakos Nicosia
13.1.Apollon Limassol0:0Omonia Nicosia
09.1.Ethnikos Achnas1:4Apollon Limassol
06.1.Omonia Nicosia2:1Apollon Limassol
03.1.Apollon Limassol3:2Anorthosis
23.12.Pafos FC1:1Apollon Limassol
20.12.Apollon Limassol4:0Ermis Aradippou
11.12.Doxa Katokopia0:1Apollon Limassol
06.12.Enosis Paralimni1:5Apollon Limassol
29.11.Apollon Limassol1:2AEL Limassol
22.11.AEK Larnaca1:2Apollon Limassol
06.11.Apollon Limassol1:2Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion
31.10.APOEL Nicosia1:1Apollon Limassol
24.10.Apollon Limassol3:0Nea Salamis
19.10.Olympiakos Nicosia0:1Apollon Limassol
AEK Larnaca
Cyprus - 1. Division Championship Playoff 2020/2021
26.2.AEL Limassol3:0AEK Larnaca
19.2.Olympiakos Nicosia1:0AEK Larnaca
15.2.AEK Larnaca3:1Ethnikos Achnas
09.2.Apollon Limassol3:0AEK Larnaca
06.2.AEK Larnaca0:0Anorthosis
31.1.Pafos FC1:4AEK Larnaca
22.1.AEK Larnaca3:1Ermis Aradippou
18.1.Doxa Katokopia0:0AEK Larnaca
13.1.APOEL Nicosia1:1AEK Larnaca
10.1.AEK Larnaca1:2Enosis Paralimni
06.1.AEL Limassol3:1AEK Larnaca
03.1.AEK Larnaca0:3Omonia Nicosia
23.12.AEK Larnaca1:0Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion
13.12.AEK Larnaca1:0Nea Salamis
09.12.AEK Larnaca0:0Pafos FC
05.12.AEK Larnaca4:0Olympiakos Nicosia
30.11.Ethnikos Achnas0:3AEK Larnaca
Cyprus - Cup 2020/2021
25.11.AEK Larnaca0:2AEL Limassol
Cyprus - 1. Division 2020/2021
22.11.AEK Larnaca1:2Apollon Limassol
08.11.Anorthosis1:0AEK Larnaca
24.10.Ermis Aradippou0:2AEK Larnaca
17.10.AEK Larnaca2:0Doxa Katokopia


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1APOEL Nicosia22154345:2049
2Apollon Limassol22145350:1747
3AEL Limassol22143535:2545
4AEK Larnaca22116537:1639
5Omonia Nicosia2294925:2431
6Nea Salamis2294928:3031
8Pafos FC2276924:3621
9Doxa Katokopia22551228:3920
10Enosis Paralimni22451317:3817
11Alki Oroklinis22451319:4317
12Ermis Aradippou22241619:4010
 relegation play off relegation play off  

1Apollon Limassol1172228:923
2AEK Larnaca1172218:423
3AEL Limassol1171320:1422
4APOEL Nicosia1163225:1021
5Omonia Nicosia1162316:1320
6Nea Salamis1153314:1118
7Pafos FC115339:918
9Doxa Katokopia1133517:2012
10Enosis Paralimni1133513:1612
11Alki Oroklinis1122712:238
12Ermis Aradippou111289:185
1APOEL Nicosia1191120:1028
2Apollon Limassol1173122:824
3AEL Limassol1172215:1123
5AEK Larnaca1144319:1216
6Nea Salamis1141614:1913
7Omonia Nicosia113269:1111
8Alki Oroklinis112367:209
9Pafos FC1123615:279
10Doxa Katokopia1122711:198
11Ermis Aradippou1112810:225
12Enosis Paralimni111284:225

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Pafos FC54107:313
2AEK Larnaca532010:211
3Apollon Limassol53119:310
5APOEL Nicosia52217:58
6Omonia Nicosia52216:38
7AEL Limassol52215:58
8Nea Salamis51225:75
9Enosis Paralimni51134:94
10Doxa Katokopia50324:73
11Alki Oroklinis50233:82
12Ermis Aradippou50144:91

1AEK Larnaca532010:211
2Omonia Nicosia53119:510
3Pafos FC53116:510
5APOEL Nicosia52219:48
6Apollon Limassol52218:68
7AEL Limassol52124:67
8Nea Salamis51222:65
9Alki Oroklinis51138:124
10Doxa Katokopia50236:132
11Enosis Paralimni50233:72
12Ermis Aradippou50144:121
1APOEL Nicosia55009:315
2Apollon Limassol532010:211
3AEL Limassol53119:710
5Nea Salamis52128:87
6Alki Oroklinis51315:56
7AEK Larnaca513110:66
8Pafos FC51318:86
9Omonia Nicosia51224:45
10Enosis Paralimni51222:65
11Doxa Katokopia51134:74
12Ermis Aradippou50234:82

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