Algeria Ligue 2 2016/2017 Algeria | Ligue 2 | 2016/2017

Ligue 2 description

Home field is big advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.87 points per game.!
Draws are more common in this league. 32% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals is very low. It's 1.96 goals per game!!!
Number of games with three or more goals is very low. It's 33% of all games.!!!
Average league for betting.

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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Paradou AC30195643:2262
2USM Blida30149731:1951
3US Biskra30156936:2651
4JSM Bejaia301371033:3046
5JSM Skikda301361133:2345
6A Bou Saada3010101032:3140
7ASO Chlef3010101031:3140
8MC Saida3010101028:3040
9MC El Eulma301091127:2836
10ASM Oran30715830:3236
11CA Bordj Bou Arreridj30991225:3136
12CRB Ain Fekroun308121026:3336
13GC Mascara308111126:3235
14WA Boufarik306141022:3132
15RC Arbaa307101326:2928
16AS Khroub30591622:4324
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1JSM Skikda15121228:937
2Paradou AC15112227:935
3USM Blida15104118:734
4A Bou Saada15103218:533
5US Biskra15102318:732
6JSM Bejaia15102320:932
7MC Saida1594221:1431
8CRB Ain Fekroun1577115:928
9MC El Eulma1576215:827
10CA Bordj Bou Arreridj1583420:1527
11ASM Oran1567220:1525
12ASO Chlef1566321:1824
13GC Mascara1558217:1023
14WA Boufarik1549213:1121
15AS Khroub1556416:1721
16RC Arbaa1546511:1018
1Paradou AC1583416:1327
2US Biskra1554618:1919
3USM Blida1545613:1217
4ASO Chlef1544710:1316
5JSM Bejaia1535713:2114
6RC Arbaa1534815:1913
7GC Mascara153399:2212
8MC El Eulma1533912:2012
9WA Boufarik152589:2011
10ASM Oran1518610:1711
11CA Bordj Bou Arreridj151685:169
12MC Saida151687:169
13CRB Ain Fekroun1515911:248
14JSM Skikda151595:148
15A Bou Saada1507814:267
16AS Khroub1503126:263

Latest results

dateround home team away team
13 May30FTCA Bordj Bou Arreridj0:2RC ArbaaMore details about  -  soccer game
13 May30FTJSM Bejaia2:1USM BlidaMore details about  -  soccer game
13 May30FTJSM Skikda3:1Paradou ACMore details about  -  soccer game
13 May30FTAS Khroub2:5US BiskraMore details about  -  soccer game
12 May30FTA Bou Saada1:0WA BoufarikMore details about  -  soccer game
12 May30FTCRB Ain Fekroun2:1MC El EulmaMore details about  -  soccer game
12 May30FTASO Chlef2:1GC MascaraMore details about  -  soccer game
12 May30FTASM Oran1:1MC SaidaMore details about  -  soccer game
29 Apr29FTUSM Blida2:1CA Bordj Bou ArreridjMore details about  -  soccer game
29 Apr29FTMC Saida2:1CRB Ain FekrounMore details about  -  soccer game
29 Apr29FTRC Arbaa0:1ASO ChlefMore details about  -  soccer game
29 Apr29FTUS Biskra1:0A Bou SaadaMore details about  -  soccer game
29 Apr29FTWA Boufarik0:0ASM OranMore details about  -  soccer game
29 Apr29FTGC Mascara4:0AS KhroubMore details about  -  soccer game
29 Apr29FTMC El Eulma1:0JSM SkikdaMore details about  -  soccer game
29 Apr29FTParadou AC2:1JSM BejaiaMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1US Biskra541012:513
2USM Blida53119:410
3ASO Chlef53116:610
4RC Arbaa53028:59
5MC El Eulma53027:49
6JSM Bejaia53026:59
7A Bou Saada52125:37
8JSM Skikda52128:57
9CRB Ain Fekroun52035:86
10Paradou AC52035:76
11ASM Oran51317:76
12MC Saida51316:66
13WA Boufarik51223:45
14GC Mascara51227:75
15CA Bordj Bou Arreridj51043:93
16AS Khroub50052:160

1JSM Skikda550015:515
2CRB Ain Fekroun54107:313
3MC El Eulma54106:013
4USM Blida54108:213
5JSM Bejaia54109:313
6A Bou Saada53206:111
7MC Saida53208:411
8US Biskra53114:210
9Paradou AC53028:49
10RC Arbaa52215:38
11ASM Oran52218:78
12ASO Chlef52216:68
13GC Mascara51407:37
14CA Bordj Bou Arreridj52126:67
15WA Boufarik51314:46
16AS Khroub50234:122
1US Biskra522111:78
2RC Arbaa52127:57
3ASO Chlef52123:37
4Paradou AC52035:66
5USM Blida51316:46
6GC Mascara51133:84
7MC El Eulma51134:64
8MC Saida50414:54
9JSM Skikda50322:43
10ASM Oran50322:63
11CRB Ain Fekroun50234:92
12WA Boufarik50141:71
13A Bou Saada50144:111
14CA Bordj Bou Arreridj50143:111
15AS Khroub50142:101
16JSM Bejaia50144:101

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Paradou AC6043172.41.932.17
2AS Khroub6737132.22.132.17
3A Bou Saada6043171.532.672.1
4JSM Bejaia5747131.932.272.1
5US Biskra4727131.672.472.07
6ASM Oran6740172.331.82.07
7ASO Chlef6030132.61.532.07
8CRB Ain Fekroun5737131.62.331.97
9GC Mascara6033101.82.071.93
10MC Saida633372.331.531.93
11JSM Skikda4727172.471.271.87
12CA Bordj Bou Arreridj5733102.331.41.87
13RC Arbaa603071.42.271.83
14MC El Eulma5323101.532.131.83
15WA Boufarik572371.61.931.77
16USM Blida502731.671.671.67

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team profit

If you bet on every game team plays. Each bet is 100 units.
 Total profitProfit per game
1WA Boufarik00
2GC Mascara00
3CRB Ain Fekroun00
4RC Arbaa00
5A Bou Saada00
6JSM Skikda00
7US Biskra00
8Paradou AC00
9ASM Oran00
10MC El Eulma00
11CA Bordj Bou Arreridj00
12AS Khroub00
13USM Blida00
14MC Saida00
15ASO Chlef00
16JSM Bejaia00

Teams with positive numbers can be undervalued by bookmakers.
Only games with odds from bookmakers included

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