Algeria Ligue 1 2015/2016 Algeria | Ligue 1 | 2015/2016

Ligue 1 description

Home field is big advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.85 points per game.!
Draw occurrence in this league is extremely high. 35% of games finish as draw!!!
Number of goals is lower than typical. It's 2.13 goals per game!
Number of games with three or more goals is lower than typical. It's 38% of all games.!
Average league for betting.

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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1USM Alger30177649:3158
2JS Saoura301212639:2548
3JS Kabylie30129927:2745
4CR Belouizdad301112740:2945
5ES Setif301111831:1944
6MO Bejaia301111833:2344
7DRB Tadjenanet301110932:3043
8CS Constantine301191026:3242
9USM El Harrach301011928:2741
10MC Oran30913840:3540
11NA Hussein Dey3010101031:3540
12MC Alger30814828:2638
13RC Relizane308121036:3536
14USM Blida30715820:2936
15RC Arbaa30471931:5519
16ASM Oran30532221:5418
 relegation relegation  

1USM Alger15104131:1334
2JS Saoura1596026:633
3NA Hussein Dey1595122:1132
4CS Constantine1594217:931
5MO Bejaia1586117:730
6ES Setif1586118:530
7DRB Tadjenanet1585216:929
8USM El Harrach1585220:829
9JS Kabylie1585217:929
10MC Oran1577125:1628
11CR Belouizdad1576226:1627
12USM Blida1576213:927
13MC Alger1568120:1126
14RC Relizane1574424:1725
15ASM Oran1552813:2017
16RC Arbaa1544719:2216
1USM Alger1573518:1824
2CR Belouizdad1546514:1318
3JS Kabylie1544710:1816
4JS Saoura1536613:1915
5DRB Tadjenanet1535716:2114
6MO Bejaia1535716:1614
7ES Setif1535713:1414
8USM El Harrach152678:1912
9MC Oran1526715:1912
10MC Alger152678:1512
11RC Relizane1518612:1811
12CS Constantine152589:2311
13USM Blida150967:209
14NA Hussein Dey151599:248
15RC Arbaa15031212:333
16ASM Oran1501148:341

Latest results

dateround home team away team
27 May30FTRC Arbaa1:2CS ConstantineMore details about  -  soccer game
27 May30FTNA Hussein Dey0:0MO BejaiaMore details about  -  soccer game
27 May30FTMC Alger2:2ES SetifMore details about  -  soccer game
27 May30FTUSM Blida1:0USM AlgerMore details about  -  soccer game
27 May30FTDRB Tadjenanet0:1CR BelouizdadMore details about  -  soccer game
27 May30FTUSM El Harrach1:1RC RelizaneMore details about  -  soccer game
27 May30FTASM Oran0:1JS SaouraMore details about  -  soccer game
27 May30FTJS Kabylie0:0MC OranMore details about  -  soccer game
20 May29FTCS Constantine1:0NA Hussein DeyMore details about  -  soccer game
20 May29FTJS Saoura2:1USM BlidaMore details about  -  soccer game
20 May29FTUSM Alger2:1DRB TadjenanetMore details about  -  soccer game
20 May29FTMO Bejaia2:0MC AlgerMore details about  -  soccer game
20 May29FTMC Oran2:1RC ArbaaMore details about  -  soccer game
20 May29FTES Setif2:0JS KabylieMore details about  -  soccer game
20 May29FTRC Relizane3:1ASM OranMore details about  -  soccer game
20 May29FTCR Belouizdad1:1USM El HarrachMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1JS Saoura53114:210
2CS Constantine53116:610
3JS Kabylie53115:310
4ES Setif531110:310
5USM El Harrach52306:29
6CR Belouizdad52306:39
7RC Relizane52217:58
8NA Hussein Dey52124:47
9USM Blida52124:57
10USM Alger52127:77
11DRB Tadjenanet52034:46
12MC Alger51317:66
13MO Bejaia51222:25
14MC Oran51222:45
15RC Arbaa50053:120
16ASM Oran50052:110

1ES Setif550012:115
2CS Constantine54107:213
3USM Alger540112:312
4JS Saoura53206:111
5NA Hussein Dey53208:211
6JS Kabylie53206:311
7DRB Tadjenanet53115:210
8RC Relizane531110:610
9USM El Harrach53116:210
10USM Blida53114:310
11RC Arbaa53029:89
12MC Oran52305:29
13MC Alger51407:47
14MO Bejaia51314:36
15CR Belouizdad51317:86
16ASM Oran50052:130
1JS Kabylie53024:59
2MO Bejaia52128:47
3JS Saoura52124:67
4CR Belouizdad52125:57
5CS Constantine51224:75
6MC Oran51223:35
7RC Relizane50416:74
8NA Hussein Dey51133:64
9USM Alger51133:94
10ES Setif51136:64
11USM El Harrach50322:63
12USM Blida50323:63
13DRB Tadjenanet50234:72
14MC Alger50232:72
15RC Arbaa50053:130
16ASM Oran50053:130

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1RC Arbaa8363332.7332.87
2USM Alger8760172.932.42.67
3ASM Oran7347272.22.82.5
4MC Oran7343232.732.272.5
5RC Relizane6740232.7322.37
6CR Belouizdad6737232.81.82.3
7NA Hussein Dey6747202.22.22.2
8JS Saoura6743172.132.132.13
9DRB Tadjenanet6340101.672.472.07
10CS Constantine6027101.732.131.93
11MO Bejaia5027171.62.131.87
12USM El Harrach6020101.871.81.83
13JS Kabylie572371.731.871.8
14MC Alger4737202.071.531.8
15ES Setif503071.531.81.67
16USM Blida572331.471.81.63

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team profit

If you bet on every game team plays. Each bet is 100 units.
 Total profitProfit per game
1DRB Tadjenanet00
2RC Relizane00
3RC Arbaa00
4ASM Oran00
5MO Bejaia00
6JS Saoura00
7CS Constantine00
8USM El Harrach00
9NA Hussein Dey00
10MC Oran00
11CR Belouizdad00
12USM Blida00
13JS Kabylie00
14USM Alger00
15ES Setif00
16MC Alger00

Teams with positive numbers can be undervalued by bookmakers.
Only games with odds from bookmakers included

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