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Al Shorta


Al Najaf

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Date Sunday 6th August 2017
Time 15:45 CEST
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Al ShortaAl Najaf
LOST in last 1 Premier League's games.DRAW in last 1 Premier League's games.
NOT DRAW in last 6 Premier League's games.NOT WON in last 8 Premier League's games.

3.League position9.
  12pts.Last five games  1pts.
  13pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

9 on Al Shorta

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
»Head to Head matches
08th Jun 18 Iraq - Premier LeagueAl Najaf : Al Shorta 0:2
26th Jan 18 Iraq - Premier LeagueAl Shorta : Al Najaf 4:0
06th Aug 17 Iraq - Premier LeagueAl Shorta : Al Najaf 3:2
17th Jan 17 Iraq - Premier LeagueAl Najaf : Al Shorta 1:1
07th Feb 16 Iraq - Premier League Grp. 2Al Najaf : Al Shorta 3:2
25th Sep 15 Iraq - Premier League Grp. 2Al Shorta : Al Najaf 2:1
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Al Shorta
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30.4.Al Hedood0:1Al ShortaMore details about Al Hedood-<b>Al Shorta</b> game
20.4.Zakho1:2Al ShortaMore details about Zakho-<b>Al Shorta</b> game
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06.4.Al Bahri1:1Al ShortaMore details about Al Bahri-Al Shorta game
Al Najaf
Iraq - Premier League 2018/2019
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06.10.Al Zawraa1:0Al NajafMore details about <b>Al Zawraa</b>-Al Najaf game
29.9.Al Najaf1:2Naft Al WasatMore details about Al Najaf-<b>Naft Al Wasat</b> game
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18.6.Al Minaa0:0Al NajafMore details about Al Minaa-Al Najaf game
13.6.Al Najaf3:3Naft Al WasatMore details about Al Najaf-Naft Al Wasat game
08.6.Al Najaf0:2Al ShortaMore details about Al Najaf-<b>Al Shorta</b> game
03.6.Al Hussein3:3Al NajafMore details about Al Hussein-Al Najaf game
28.5.Al Najaf1:1Al HedoodMore details about Al Najaf-Al Hedood game
22.5.Al Najaf1:0ZakhoMore details about <b>Al Najaf</b>-Zakho game
17.5.Al Diwaniya0:0Al NajafMore details about Al Diwaniya-Al Najaf game
02.5.Al Najaf2:0Al BahriMore details about <b>Al Najaf</b>-Al Bahri game
25.4.Karbalaa1:5Al NajafMore details about Karbalaa-<b>Al Najaf</b> game
19.4.Al Najaf2:0Al KahrabaaMore details about <b>Al Najaf</b>-Al Kahrabaa game
13.4.Al Quwa Al Jawiya4:2Al NajafMore details about <b>Al Quwa Al Jawiya</b>-Al Najaf game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Al Quwa Al Jawiya362312159:2381
2Al Naft362211361:1777
3Al Shorta362112355:2675
4Al Zawraa372110667:2873
5Naft Al Wasat361911645:2668
6Al Minaa361812640:2466
7Al Talaba3614121051:3854
8Baghdad FC361215926:2151
9Al Najaf3612131141:3849
10Naft Al Junoob368151336:4239
11Naft Maysan368151328:3639
12Al Hedood368141435:4638
13Al Kahrabaa368141424:3638
14Al Bahri37991942:6336
17Al Hussein363141923:5223
18Al Semawah363132026:4722
19Al Karkh363112224:6520
 relegation relegation  

1Al Quwa Al Jawiya21165036:1353
2Al Shorta18152134:1147
3Al Minaa17133127:942
4Al Naft18125133:441
5Al Zawraa21125448:2141
6Naft Al Wasat17114226:1337
7Baghdad FC1996416:1033
8Al Talaba1885526:1429
9Naft Al Junoob1969423:1427
10Naft Maysan1868419:1426
11Al Bahri1873828:3324
13Al Najaf18410421:1922
14Al Hedood1856717:2221
15Al Kahrabaa1739513:1618
16Al Hussein1628610:1814
17Al Semawah1628613:1614
19Al Karkh18261013:2512
1Al Naft18106228:1336
2Al Zawraa1695219:732
3Naft Al Wasat1987419:1331
4Al Quwa Al Jawiya1577123:1028
5Al Shorta18610221:1528
6Al Najaf1883720:1927
7Al Talaba1867525:2425
8Al Minaa1959513:1524
9Al Kahrabaa1955911:2020
10Baghdad FC1739510:1118
11Al Hedood1838718:2417
12Naft Maysan182799:2213
13Al Bahri19261114:3012
14Naft Al Junoob1726913:2812
17Al Hussein20161313:349
19Al Semawah20151413:318
20Al Karkh18151211:408

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Al Zawraa54109:213
2Al Quwa Al Jawiya541011:713
3Al Shorta54018:512
4Al Kahrabaa53206:211
5Al Minaa53206:311
6Al Bahri53116:410
7Naft Al Wasat53118:510
8Al Naft53117:210
9Al Talaba52219:68
10Al Karkh51225:85
12Al Semawah51138:94
13Naft Maysan51134:64
14Al Hedood51136:84
15Al Hussein50322:63
17Naft Al Junoob51045:93
19Baghdad FC50233:62
20Al Najaf50147:111

1Naft Al Wasat550011:415
2Al Quwa Al Jawiya541010:613
3Al Shorta54109:413
4Al Naft540112:112
5Al Minaa53206:311
6Al Semawah52219:58
7Al Zawraa52217:58
8Naft Al Junoob52215:28
9Al Bahri52129:87
10Al Hussein51403:27
11Al Talaba521210:67
13Al Kahrabaa51313:36
15Naft Maysan51225:65
16Baghdad FC51221:25
17Al Hedood51224:55
19Al Karkh50325:73
20Al Najaf50145:91
1Al Zawraa54107:213
2Al Kahrabaa53204:111
3Al Naft53207:211
4Al Shorta52216:58
5Al Quwa Al Jawiya51406:57
6Al Minaa52125:77
7Al Hedood51316:56
8Al Bahri51222:45
9Al Talaba51226:75
10Al Semawah51136:74
11Naft Al Wasat51134:74
12Naft Maysan51134:84
14Al Najaf51135:84
15Al Karkh51044:143
17Baghdad FC50323:53
19Al Hussein50145:141
20Naft Al Junoob50143:101

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