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Al Kahrabaa


Naft Al Wasat

halftime (1:1)
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Date Friday 21st June 2019
Time 16:00 CEST
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Al KahrabaaNaft Al Wasat
WON in last 1 Premier League's games.DRAW in last 1 Premier League's games.
NOT LOST in last 12 Premier League's games.NOT LOST in last 4 Premier League's games.

10.League position7.
  7pts.Last five games  6pts.
  11pts.last 5 home/away only  2pts.

2 on Naft Al Wasat

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
27th Dec 20 Iraq - Premier LeagueAl Kahrabaa : Naft Al Wasat 0:1
21st Jun 19 Iraq - Premier LeagueAl Kahrabaa : Naft Al Wasat 2:1
18th Dec 18 Iraq - Premier LeagueNaft Al Wasat : Al Kahrabaa 0:1
31st Mar 18 Iraq - Premier LeagueNaft Al Wasat : Al Kahrabaa 1:1
20th Nov 17 Iraq - Premier LeagueAl Kahrabaa : Naft Al Wasat 3:1
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Al Kahrabaa
Iraq - Premier League 2020/2021
17.4.Al-Qasim1:1Al Kahrabaa
09.4.Al Kahrabaa1:2Zakho
03.4.Amanat Baghdad1:0Al Kahrabaa
21.3.Al Kahrabaa0:0Al Zawraa
16.3.Alsinaat Alkahrabaiya1:0Al Kahrabaa
11.3.Naft Al Junoob2:2Al Kahrabaa
05.3.Al Kahrabaa2:2Al Minaa
01.3.Al Hedood1:1Al Kahrabaa
23.2.Al Kahrabaa0:1Al Quwa Al Jawiya
14.2.Al Talaba3:1Al Kahrabaa
10.2.Al Kahrabaa0:1Al Naft
04.2.Al Shorta0:0Al Kahrabaa
30.1.Al Kahrabaa2:2Erbil
21.1.Al Karkh1:0Al Kahrabaa
16.1.Al Kahrabaa1:0Naft Maysan
06.1.Al Najaf1:1Al Kahrabaa
01.1.Al Semawah1:0Al Kahrabaa
27.12.Al Kahrabaa0:1Naft Al Wasat
22.12.Al Diwaniya0:0Al Kahrabaa
18.12.Al Kahrabaa1:0Al-Qasim
13.12.Zakho1:3Al Kahrabaa
07.12.Al Kahrabaa0:1Amanat Baghdad
02.12.Al Zawraa2:2Al Kahrabaa
27.11.Al Kahrabaa1:1Alsinaat Alkahrabaiya
Naft Al Wasat
Iraq - Premier League 2020/2021
09.4.Naft Al Wasat1:0Al Talaba
02.4.Al Naft0:1Naft Al Wasat
20.3.Naft Al Wasat1:0Al Shorta
16.3.Erbil0:1Naft Al Wasat
09.3.Naft Al Wasat0:0Al Karkh
04.3.Naft Maysan0:1Naft Al Wasat
28.2.Naft Al Wasat0:1Al Najaf
23.2.Al Semawah0:0Naft Al Wasat
14.2.Naft Al Wasat1:1Al Minaa
09.2.Al Diwaniya0:0Naft Al Wasat
05.2.Naft Al Wasat2:3Al-Qasim
31.1.Zakho1:1Naft Al Wasat
21.1.Amanat Baghdad1:1Naft Al Wasat
17.1.Naft Al Wasat0:2Al Zawraa
06.1.Alsinaat Alkahrabaiya1:1Naft Al Wasat
01.1.Naft Al Wasat2:1Naft Al Junoob
27.12.Al Kahrabaa0:1Naft Al Wasat
22.12.Al Hedood1:2Naft Al Wasat
17.12.Naft Al Wasat0:1Al Quwa Al Jawiya
12.12.Al Talaba2:2Naft Al Wasat
07.12.Naft Al Wasat1:0Al Naft
03.12.Al Shorta1:1Naft Al Wasat
28.11.Naft Al Wasat1:0Erbil
24.11.Al Karkh0:1Naft Al Wasat


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Al Shorta38278373:2289
2Al Quwa Al Jawiya38259458:2784
3Al Zawraa381714757:4065
4Al Naft381615760:3963
5Naft Maysan381514957:4759
6Al Karkh3815121144:3557
7Naft Al Wasat3811171038:3750
8Amanat Baghdad3812141236:3550
9Al Hedood3812141235:4150
10Al Kahrabaa3810181041:4148
12Al Najaf389171241:4344
13Al Talaba3810141447:5244
14Al Diwaniya389171232:4344
15Naft Al Junoob381191837:5342
16Alsinaat Alkahrabaiya389141530:3841
17Al Minaa388161434:4240
18Al Semawah38892126:5933
19Al Bahri386112139:6629
20Al Hussein385122129:5227
 relegation relegation  

1Al Shorta19153142:1248
2Naft Maysan19126139:2142
3Al Quwa Al Jawiya19115331:1738
5Al Karkh1995523:1732
6Al Naft1995528:1832
7Al Zawraa1988330:1832
8Al Hedood1986523:2130
9Al Minaa19611220:1329
10Naft Al Wasat1976617:1327
11Amanat Baghdad1976617:1627
12Al Diwaniya1968520:2326
13Al Talaba1968527:2426
14Naft Al Junoob1975723:2526
15Al Najaf1966724:2424
16Al Kahrabaa1958619:2023
17Alsinaat Alkahrabaiya1957716:1822
18Al Hussein1948717:2020
19Al Semawah1947813:2019
20Al Bahri1938821:2917
1Al Quwa Al Jawiya19144127:1046
2Al Shorta19125231:1041
3Al Zawraa1996427:2233
4Al Naft19710232:2131
5Al Karkh1967621:1825
6Al Kahrabaa19510422:2125
7Naft Al Wasat19411421:2423
8Amanat Baghdad1958619:1923
9Al Hedood1948712:2020
10Al Najaf19311517:1920
11Alsinaat Alkahrabaiya1947814:2019
12Al Diwaniya1939712:2018
13Al Talaba1946920:2818
14Naft Maysan1938818:2617
15Naft Al Junoob19441114:2816
16Al Semawah19421313:3914
18Al Bahri19331318:3712
19Al Minaa19251214:2911
20Al Hussein19141412:327

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Al Hedood54108:413
2Al Naft532010:611
3Alsinaat Alkahrabaiya52306:49
4Al Bahri53029:89
5Naft Maysan523010:79
6Al Quwa Al Jawiya53027:59
7Al Zawraa522110:78
9Al Diwaniya52125:67
10Al Kahrabaa51406:47
11Al Shorta52124:57
12Al Najaf51408:57
13Al Semawah51314:56
14Naft Al Wasat51317:66
15Al Minaa51223:65
16Al Hussein51136:94
17Amanat Baghdad50325:73
18Naft Al Junoob50233:72
19Al Karkh50141:51
20Al Talaba50143:91

1Al Shorta55009:315
2Naft Maysan541014:813
3Al Naft54108:313
5Al Kahrabaa53209:511
6Amanat Baghdad53119:510
7Al Bahri530210:89
8Al Minaa52306:49
9Alsinaat Alkahrabaiya52216:58
10Naft Al Wasat52216:48
11Al Diwaniya52216:58
12Al Hedood52218:58
13Al Zawraa52126:57
14Al Quwa Al Jawiya52127:67
15Al Hussein51313:36
16Al Najaf51317:56
17Naft Al Junoob51224:65
18Al Talaba51136:114
19Al Semawah50323:63
20Al Karkh50234:82
1Al Quwa Al Jawiya55009:215
2Al Naft532012:711
3Al Hedood53024:59
4Al Zawraa522110:98
5Al Kahrabaa51405:37
6Al Shorta52125:57
7Naft Maysan51317:66
8Al Talaba52036:116
9Alsinaat Alkahrabaiya51225:65
10Al Diwaniya51222:45
11Amanat Baghdad50415:64
12Al Najaf50414:54
13Al Bahri51046:113
14Al Semawah51043:123
15Naft Al Wasat50235:102
16Al Karkh50233:62
18Al Minaa50233:82
19Naft Al Junoob50143:71
20Al Hussein50057:150

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