Tunisia - Ligue I


AS Gabes


Ben Guerdane

halftime (2:1)
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Date Sunday 3rd February 2019
Time 14:00 CET
45'   Mohamed Ghoufa
34'   Bahaeddine Sellami
21'   Mohamed Saidi
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AS GabesBen Guerdane
LOST in last 1 Ligue I's games.WON in last 4 Ligue I's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 Ligue I's games.NOT DRAW in last 5 Ligue I's games.

13.League position5.
  4pts.Last five games  12pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.

2 on Ben Guerdane

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
03rd Feb 19 Tunisia - Ligue IAS Gabes : Ben Guerdane 2:1
19th Aug 18 Tunisia - Ligue IBen Guerdane : AS Gabes 2:1
27th Apr 18 Tunisia - Ligue IAS Gabes : Ben Guerdane 0:3
30th Nov 17 Tunisia - Ligue IBen Guerdane : AS Gabes 2:0
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AS Gabes
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Ben Guerdane
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Tunisia - Ligue I Qualification 2017/2018
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Tunisia - Ligue I 2017/2018
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Etoile du Sahel22128233:1744
3CS Sfaxien22128228:1444
4CA Bizertin2287725:2231
5Ben Guerdane2187618:1731
6Club Africain2294919:2031
7US Tataouine2278723:2929
8US Monastir22751026:2526
9Stade Tunisien22751023:2826
10JS Kairouanaise22661016:2324
11Etoile Metlaoui22571016:2322
12CS Hammam-Lif22381112:2117
13AS Gabes22451320:3317
14Stade Gabesien21471014:2216
 relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

2Etoile du Sahel1174022:925
3CS Sfaxien1072114:623
4Ben Guerdane1164111:722
5CA Bizertin1162316:1120
6Club Africain1160511:1118
7US Tataouine1145213:1117
8Etoile Metlaoui114349:915
9AS Gabes1143412:1215
10JS Kairouanaise124358:1115
11Stade Tunisien1143410:1015
12US Monastir1133514:1212
13Stade Gabesien102538:1111
14CS Hammam-Lif112546:911
2CS Sfaxien1256114:821
3Etoile du Sahel1154211:819
4US Monastir1142512:1314
5Club Africain113448:913
6US Tataouine1133510:1812
7Stade Tunisien1132613:1811
8CA Bizertin112549:1111
9Ben Guerdane102357:109
10JS Kairouanaise102358:129
11Stade Gabesien112276:118
12Etoile Metlaoui111467:147
13CS Hammam-Lif111376:126
14AS Gabes110298:212

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Ben Guerdane54014:212
3Etoile du Sahel53206:211
4CS Sfaxien53117:510
5US Monastir53027:49
6JS Kairouanaise52214:38
7US Tataouine52126:87
8Etoile Metlaoui51313:26
9Stade Tunisien52037:66
10Club Africain52034:56
11AS Gabes51135:84
12CS Hammam-Lif50231:42
13Stade Gabesien50143:101
14CA Bizertin50052:90

2Etoile du Sahel541011:413
3Ben Guerdane54014:212
4US Monastir531110:310
5CS Sfaxien53117:510
6Club Africain53024:29
7Etoile Metlaoui52214:28
8AS Gabes52126:57
9JS Kairouanaise52123:47
10Stade Tunisien52127:57
11US Tataouine51315:56
12CS Hammam-Lif51313:36
13Stade Gabesien51224:75
14CA Bizertin51135:74
2US Monastir54018:312
3Etoile du Sahel53116:310
4CS Sfaxien52216:48
5Ben Guerdane51224:65
6JS Kairouanaise51225:55
7Club Africain51223:55
8US Tataouine51134:114
9Etoile Metlaoui50322:53
10Stade Gabesien51042:63
11AS Gabes50143:91
12CA Bizertin50141:71
13Stade Tunisien50053:110
14CS Hammam-Lif50051:60

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